Are recumbent bikes good exercise?

Hey guys, nowadays there are a lot of debates on whether recumbent bikes are good for exercise. Some people say that this happens because then you are exercising by sitting on this bike, so you are not doing full cardio exercise so you are not taking benefits of the workouts.

On the Othehands, some people argue that there is one bike that they are believes which is the solution to better back and knee pain, is a Recumbent Exercise Bike.

Had you asked yourself this question….

Are recumbent bikes good exercise or not?

If you’re thinking about this question then here is the perfect answer for you. 

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Before we are starting let’s see What actually a recumbent bike means?

What Is a Recumbent Bike?

In simple words, a Recumbent exercise bike is one type of stationary bike which is helping you to do your cardio with low impact while you are setting. 

Generally, this exercise bike comes with recline sizes which make your cardio very comfortable. Even if you are watching Television and such for long hours, also you can take the benefits of recline biking.

Apart from this is one best exercise bikes out of 3 (Upright, Recumbent, Spin), which gives you rehab from bad knee and back problems.

This bike is a very comfortable bike that offers you low-impact cardio exercise like elliptical cross trainers. 

There are many options are available for your exercise like speeding the pedals, upping the resistance, or cycling backward. These features help you to get more challenging workouts so that you take better benefits from them.  

As we knew bikes offer a lot of features and have a good exercise experience and are also very papular, Now the question is whether recumbent bikes are good for exercise.

Let’s find out….

Are recumbent exercise bikes good exercise?

Personally, I think that recumbent bikes are a great way to get a low-impact workout as well as a bad knee and back.

I have a bad back and knees, so the fact that I can still get a good workout without putting too much strain on my joints is a huge plus. I also think that the seated position actually works different muscles than a regular bike, so it’s a good way to mix up your workout routine.

Well, this stationary exercise bike is very easy to use, and for the recline position, you are more enjoyable on this bike, no matter if you are watching TV or setting.

If you’re looking for a low-impact workout that is still effective, I definitely recommend giving a recumbent bike a try.

Is Recumbent Bike Effective?

Well, Yes these recumbent bikes are very effective bikes. But you have to keep remembering that if you are taking these bikes to lose weight within a quick period of time or decide a thought like taking these bikes and doing HITT exercise and burning calories, then I said your choice is wrong. 

If you are thinking like this then you definitely look at the Spin exercise bikes that will be your best choice.

Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

Every exercise bike and exercise type of equipment has benefits and also has cons. To avoid those cons you have to use the bikes properly. This will be a large case that will be discussed later.

According to the research of The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) when you are active meaning you are doing workouts and exercise daily then you avoid diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and some types of cancer from this disease.

So, Here we will discuss what benefits you are getting from a recumbent exercise bike so that you will prevent your health from these serious diseases.

0. You Got Save from the Bad Knee and Backs

When you are using a recumbent exercise bike, congratulate you’re lucky. This bike is one of the bikes which help people to solve their bad back and bad knee problem.

In research When you are using a stationary bike you force the pedals to increase your intensity level, unfortunately, at a point, you burnt your knee.

So to avoid these types of problems you have to use the bike carefully means your body posture will always straighten and your knee is safe. 

1. Heart Health

However, with your regular activity, you can see you are getting better heart health.  When you’re using these bikes, it helps to challenge yourself to archives proper breathing so that you will be decreasing your heart rate.

If you are regularly active on these bikes then you definitely increase or do better your heart health.

2. Increased Muscle Strength

When you are staging using exercise equipment, then your muscle strength will increase with the time when you are decreasing the calories.

In a small research, the researcher shows that after the 8-week let thy will see the changes in the muscles, that use these bikes. And the collusion of the research is that “With training, you will increase your improved strength and power “.

After using a recumbent bike you will increase these muscles’ strength

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Shins
  • Calf muscles
  • Glutes

3. Improved Range Of Motion

Doing regular exercise will improve your flexibility and l functionality. Thus, you can easily move and stretch your body.

This will be happening because you are pedaling, meaning when you are pedaling the cycle, blood will be more flexibility means your blood and oxygen will reach every tissue of the whole body and tissues become more elastic. Which means you increase your motion flexibility.

4. Comfort

From the other two bikes as Upright and spin bikes this recumbent bike is very more comfortable interim of exercise, pedaling, and seating position.

Here you get a more large seat with wide backrest supports, due to the recline position your pedaling will be easier meaning your exercise becomes better.

Unfortunately, this bike can’t offer high-intensity exercise but this bike is offering you mobility challenges. Let’s make it an essay…

Coming to an older person, after a certain period of time the older person’s muscles will not have flexibility, because they don’t active regularly, so the recumbent bikes are one the best and one and only bikes have the mobility changes to getting more flexibility even you are very older.

5. Brain Health And Relaxation

When you’re doing a regular workout then you increase your brain health well as you feel very relaxed. Let’s make it very simple.

When you do workouts or pedaling, the oxygen will mix up with the blood. And your blood will reach every organ even the brain. This function is going on, which means your brain release dopamine which makes you happier.  More exercise means more dopamine and happier.

6. Upscaling Options

Well, upscaling means some advanced features and functions which help you’re getting more intensive workouts.

Unfortunately, the budget recumbent bikes don’t have a pre-workouts function but the high-end is have. Buy which one you can afford.

7. Safety

The recumbent bike is more focused on safety, well this exercise bike is worked on low-impact cardio which prevents you from stressing your joints, lower back, and hips. 

However here you getting a backrest seat option where you rest your back and due to recline position you get less stress on your joint, so you’re safer.

8. Weight Loss

Hower the weight loss is depending upon your age, weight, and gender. 


In the final word, this bike is excellent and has several benefits for your health, and the main thing is that this is a piece of great cardio equipment that you can use at your home.

Few fitness specialists sailed these recumbent bikes are lazy fitness tools, these are which types of trainer whole promise they made a better result with a very quick time. 

But on our analysis, you see that this is the best tool that you can use more safely and rehab from a bad knee and back. Most important thing is that this bike is better for seniors who are looking for a bad knee problem solution.

If you’re looking for a low-impact workout that is still effective, I definitely recommend giving a recumbent bike a try. 

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