Are Recumbent Bikes Good For Weight Loss? Yes (Read Why)

I tried a lot of exercise bikes to lose weight but I am facing some problems like bad knees and back and joint pain. You may also be faced.

So I research a lot, Google, and visit my local nearest shop for the perfect bike for my bad knees & back and maintaining my cardiovascular health & increasing strength.

And finally, I found a perfect exercise bike that solved the problem and fulfilled my requirements. That’s none other that Recumbent Exercise Bikes.

You are still looking for a cardiovascular activity exercise bike for your weight loss? Looking for a bike for your weight loss or daily cardiovascular activities like my requirements?

Then you’re in the right place. Here we are going to see whether recumbent bikes are good for your weight loss or not. If the answer is yes then how you can do that?

are recumbent bikes good for weight loss?

Yes, it is. Recumbent bikes are a great way to help you lose weight on your full body including your stomach, as they provide a low-impact workout that can help you burn calories and tone your body muscles. 

Additionally, recumbent bikes are easy on your joints and your back portion, making them comfortable and a good option for people who are looking to avoid injury. 

However, there is an important thing that you have to remember, there is no perfect type of exercise bike to help you achieve your weight loss goal.  Ultimately, the best way to lose weight with an exercise bike is that you have the make your weight loss routine or plan and you have to stick with that plan and enjoy it.

According to the Harvard Health publish, anyone can lose their full body weight using a stationary bike if they followed a workout plan and stick with that plan.

More about the weight loss on a recumbent exercise bike that we explain below. 

Let’s see them…

Here are a few pictures that help you to understand recumbent bikes are good exercise bikes for weight loss.

Recumbent bike before and after results


Here you can see the picture that shows the before tires on the recumbent bike and the results after using the bikes.

This fact is based on a true story.

My wife Barsha weighs 85kg (Stomach came out and side belly too), and she was worried about her weight. So I suggest she to go the gym and do a HITT trainer for weight loss. After a few days, she feels that pain in their knee as well as in the back picture. After that, I consult with a doctor, and he suggests me to avoid weight loss training on the treadmill, as well as the upright exercise bikes.

After that, she stops to going to the GYM and got demotivated, So I started to research to solve their problem, and thankfully I found the solution. That is the only recumbent exercise bike.

After using 8 weeks of that indoor bike with a proper diet plan now she has successfully lost 27 kg, and now she weighs 58 kg. You can also see the pictures.

Why exercise bikes are good for weight loss?

You may already get this answer.

The answer is very pretty simple, the recumbent exercise bike really efficient and effective, comfortable to use, and burns calories and cardiovascular activities.

The main thing is that this bike operates on low-impact exercise which means here you are safer on your joint and this offer a very comfortable backrest seat that delivers comfortable riding.

There are also pre-program features that help you to do  HIIT training without hurting you. 

As I already told you that I am taking this type of bike because I faced knee and back pain from the other exercise bike. This one is the one cardio bikes that help me rehab from this pain as well as lose my body weight. Not only this also helps me to develop my other body muscles.

So I feel this is the only bike whey you are feels safe and lose weight without any worrying. 

Want to know which muscles are affected by the recumbent bike? Then stay tone with us.

To get your answer properly you have to know about the benefits of the recumbent bike first.

So lets me know about them…

Recumbent bike benefits

You never hurt

Due to the recumbent exercise bike operatee pon low-impact cardio so you never forced the pedals forcefully like other exercise bikes. So that you are safe from the knee pain issue.

No pain in the lower back during exercise

As this bike offers a wide and soft seat as well as backrest support you feel very comfortable and you achieve your goal comfortably.

You can multitask 

You can multitask Because your hands are free here so can read books, use mobiles, etc.

Target muscles

Using this exercise bike you can target more muscles like other exercise bikes. The targets muscles such as the Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Shins, and Calves.

Strengthens Lower Body 

When you are using this exercise bike you got strengthen your lower body like legs.

Weight Loss

This is not surprising, when you use a cardio exercise bike you lose your weight but using this type of stationary bike you lose your weight very less as compared to the spin and upright exercise bikes. 

Cardiovascular Benefits 

This exercise bike is a proffer bike for Cadiocascullar activities so while you using you got these benefits like better Heart Health, control of blood pressure, and You feel happier and motivated.

If you are interested in more about the health benefits of a recumbent exercise bike then you read our older articles.

How to Losing Weight With A Recumbent Bike

After all, knowing about recumbent bikes is a good bike to lose weight, the next is coming How to use the bike to achieve the weight loss goal?

Now on current day, recumbent exercise become very papular for cardiovascular exercise. By doing a cardiovascular activity daily you lose weight significantly. 

This one is a very comfortable exercise bike which notonly helps to lose weight but also helps to build your muscles strengthen, mood changes, motivated, safe from the risk of injuries, etc.

There are 4 factors that you followed to lose your body weight using a recumbent stationary bike.

4 Important Factors to Lose Weight on a Recumbent Bike

Keep reading carefully for weight loss with a recumbent bike.

1. Find the Right Recumbent Bike

The 1st is most important factor that is you have to choose the right exercise bikes for the right person. It means choosing a bike that will use it.

If you choose the right bike for the right person, then the person will take so many advantages such as 

he/she can use the bike very comfortable, 

they will be happy to use it, 

no worry about the injuries etc,

However, choosing the right exercise bikes is also a very competitive task. But do not worry about choosing a bike, here we are adding some factors that help you to choose a perfect bike.

The comfort of the Seat

When you choose a bike, you have to look for seating comfort. It means you buy the bikes for a long period of time and also you invest much more money, so you have one bike which can deliver your comfort. 

The bike has a very soft seat with additional backrest supports, adding comfort to your back posture.

The best way to choose comfort use the bikes practically and feels your comfort and take one of them.

Adjustability Seat

According to, more than 45% of people are shooter height out of the Indian population.   

This means most people are short so they need an exercise bike where their legs reached the pedals easily.

On the other hand, you have to check the bike’s seat height adjustability. Most of Indian people are loves to setting in a higher position. 

Adjust Resistance Level

The modern generation recumbent bikes come with the resistance level adjustment feature, this feature will increase your efficiency level to achieve the weight loss goal.

Training Programs

Your weight loss goal will be easier if you choose recumbent bikes which have a preset workout training program. This will help to save a lot of time and enhance your performance.

Heart Rate Sensor

On the bike, there are a lot of sensors available for tracing your fitness activities but the important sensor is the heart rate sensor, which will help to track your heart rate burning zone. So that you can easily maximum you can exercise.

Adjust the Handlebar

The handlebar will help to control the body posture to the right position and maintain a right back posture while you are cycling. Adjust the handlebar to your comfort level and enjoy your cycling riding.

Adjust & Comfortable Pedals

When buying a bike most people are made mistakes they do lose the pedal size, adjustment, and comfort level. After the seat, this is the second most important factor that you have to look for in achieving comfortable cycling.

2. Right Way to Use an Exercise Bike

Coming to the 2nd factor you have to use the bike in the right way. As you are a beginner you have to learn the right way of using an exercise bike.

There are also a few steps you have to follow them 

  1. Prepare Your Bike For Exercise
  2. Warm-Up Your Full Body Before Your Workout
  3. Make All Necessary Adjustments If you are need
  4. Get  the basic knowledge of The Console
  5. Get Ready To Start
  6. Stated Your Pedaling
  7. Increase Your Speed And Resistance
  8. After 30sec Cool Down

Here is also a video guide you have to see the video and learn.

3. Consistent Exercise Routine

Nowadays most people don’t have the patience after some time doing exercise they notice that there are no massive changes in their weight, so they are demotivated and forget about doing exercise.

This is wrong. When you have stated a goal you have to complete that goal so you have to make a workout plan or consult with a trainer and be consistent with your exercise.

4. Varying Intensity of Sessions

When you are doing your exercise at the same level of resistance every they there are no changes in your calories burned and muscles gained.  So you have to make your changes.

After some days of using an exercise with the same intensity, you have to change your intensity level so you can achieve your goal quickly and see better results.

Most bikes come with 8 levels of resistance but the high end comes with a 32 resistance level. This is a real fitness challenge for your body to lose weight. 


When comes to weight loss you have to do regular exercise.

On the market, there is a lot of low-impact cardio machine available, but the recumbent bike is one of them that delivers you benefits like weight loss, gain in your muscles, deliver comfort, easy exercise, etc. 

Yeah, it is true that recumbent bikes burn fewer calories as compared to the other cardio machine, but trust me it can do that if you push your exercise intensity and efficiency.

When an exercise bike is delivering more cardio output why do you go for another exercise bike? But it is my opinion, yours may differ.

Here we learn that the recumbent bike is a good bike for weight loss as well as the offer other health benefits.

If you want to effective workout to burn calories then you can take a recumbent bike. 

We already published the best recumbent exercise bikes in India so that you can use them in indoor conditions.

If you are having other queries then comment down as soon as possible we reply to your queries.

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