Best Aerofit Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Aerofit Elliptical Cross Trainer is a cardiovascular fitness machine that provides a low-impact workout. It is designed to be used by people who are recovering from injuries and those who need to rehabilitate their joints.

Aerofit is one of the leading and favorite brands in India as well as on amazon. They deliver varieties of high-quality fitness and sports equipment into the markets.

These cross trainers allow you to choose your level of difficulty and provide a comfortable workout so that you can leverage your workout performance. Also, these cross trainers are great for people who are looking for a quiet workout.

The elliptical motion provides a smooth, continuous workout while the adjustable stride length allows users to adjust the intensity of their workout.

We can’t think of any disadvantages with this device at the moment. It seems like it would be a great investment for anyone looking to get in shape or just maintain their fitness level.

Well, we have listed the top 6 Aerofit cross trainer that you can buy online on and stated your journey.

Keep In Mind

Before taking one of them, make sure you check the Buying guide of an Elliptical Cross Trainer and their different types & Benefits.

Before seeing the best list let’s clear some doubts, such as …

Why You Choose Aerofit Brands?

This is a trustable fitness and sports brand where it has built trust since the year 2008. But the parent company M/S. Sachdev Sports Co. is established in 1928 by the Shri Ram Ratan.

The Aerofit brand offers quality, strong, unique, and durable fitness GYM equipment, and sports products at very affordable prices.

If you look at the brand’s Vision They Say “Build the relationship with the customer To provide quality services that exceed the expectations.”

Aerofit is one of the fastest-growing brands in India as compared to the other brands in this sector. This Aerofit becomes to brand in India because it focused on expansion, Opening Sales, Outlets across India, and Easily accessible services in every tier location.

One Final word that I want to say, If you are buying this brand’s cross trainer then you never heritages of your investments.

Key Features That You are Looking On A Aerofit Elliptical Cross Trainers

Following are some key features that you are expecting from a Branded Cross Trainer.

Make sure you keep this in your mind before buying an Elliptical fitness machines

Computer Console Features

Every fitness equipment has come with a display console which helps to display the measures by the sensors such as Your speed, how much your covered distance, your pulse, and the time that you spend.

If the fitness machine has operated in electrics then the console area has some hotkeys means quick keys to access the machine all features such as start, stop, increase & decrease machines speed, etc.

Heart Rate Sensor

The heart rate sensor helps to measure your heart pulse and whether you overcome the heart zone, which means when you are doing your full-body cardio there was a maximum heart pulse, if you increase your speed then your pulse will be increased and you’re tired so you and your body need rest.

You have to control your heat rates by checking them every time. Generally, the heart rate sensor is on the handrails.

How you can measure Pulse?

Nothing is hard to do, simply you just rest your hand on the handrails for a few seconds then the sensor will automatically calculate your pulse rate and send it to the Display and you are able to see your heart rate.

Adjustable seats

Adjustable feature gives your comfort, where if a person is very tall or shot then he or she needs to up or down the seat position,

However, the Aerofit elliptical trainers come with ergonomically, simple, and minimalistic designed adjustable seats, where you can adjust your seat upto 8 levels in both horizontal and vertical directions as per the user requirements.

Large Pedals

As well as the seat also you should need comfort for your feet, so you need a large and nonslip pedal. 

 When you a buying a cross-trainer makes sure you check whether the pedal of the machine has large and non-slip features with adjustable straps. This helps you from injuries and offers your feet comfort.


The Aerofit elliptical cross trainers come with 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty depends upon the price and the model variation. 

If your equipment becomes faulty after purchase, then you can easily replace to the new one by claiming your warranty.


Check whether your flywheels are quiet & safe or not while buying them. And also check whether this machine has magnetics resistance features or not. 

In my opinion take a magnetics resistance machine, here the risk of injury chances is very low.

List of Best Aerofit Elliptical Cross Trainer

Following are list of the top 6 best elliptical cross trainers by the Aerofit brands.

Aerofit Af 601 Es

Aerofit Elliptical Cross Trainer HF94

Aerofit AF 606E

Aerofit AF 249EL

Aerofit AF 600 ES 

Aerofit AF 244EL

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