Best Curved Treadmill In India 2022

Are you looking for the best curved treadmill in India? Then you are landed in the right place. 

After the COVID pandemic, people stay alert, they want to do their cardio exercise in indoor conditions. Well, in this case, you have to own the best manual treadmills.

A good treadmill will decide what will be the result and of course, it depends on how much you affect your health.

Now, these days the Curved treadmills have become very popular among the athletes and serious runners, and serious workout people, they searching to mix up their running routines.

As you know, a regular treadmill comes with a flat running surface design, some are motorized but not like curved treadmills, curved treadmills have curved running surfaces and they are non-motorized, so that’s why your feet control everything here you can adjust your speed and stride.

In addition, curved treadmills also offer several other benefits, especially in preventing injuries and joints and improving them. You can check all the benefits of a curved treadmill in our older post.

Why did you choose the curved treadmill?

You don’t need to need any reason to choose a treadmill for your health. But yes buying an expensive treadmill is creating much more questions on your mind. 

Well, the curved treadmill offers several benefits for your health that we discussed in the following section.

Curved Treadmill Benefits

  • A curved treadmill offers to burn more calories.
  • More muscle groups are activated.
  • Reduce the impact on joints.
  • Helps improve running form.
  • Improves posture by activating the core.
  • Best for HIIT.
  • Does not consume electricity.
  • MOre Safer Than an electric treadmills
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Goes last longer
  • You can set them up anywhere
  • Better for running than a Flat treadmill

Unless you buy this treadmill you can’t take these benefits.

If you are parched on a curved treadmill then you will take several health benefits, in addition, you will get great home gym health machines. You just make sure to check all the buying criteria that you are required for your exercise.

List Of Best Curved Treadmills In India For Home Use

Best Curved TreadmillPrice
1. Cockatoo Racer-1Check Price
2. AFTON Gymost FreelanderCheck Price
3. Let’s Play® LP-HSPEEDCheck Price
4. Let’s Play® LP-R01+Check Price

The 4 Best Curved Treadmills In 2022 To Buy Online – Reviews

1. Cockatoo Racer-1: Best for Intense Training

Cockatoo Racer-1 Commercial Curved Treadmill

The Cockatoo is amazon’s most popular brand till the current day. This brand is very popular and promised means they deliver high quality and durable quality products across India.

Well, the Cockatoo Racer 1 is a motorless commercial treadmill that is specially designed for high-intensity interval training.

As you have seen this is a non-motorized treadmill which means all the things are in your control means you can control your speed and exercise.

Racer 1 is a very comfortable treadmill which has gives a wider running space of 67 x 17.5 dimensions, if you compare this area to a regular treadmill then you see this is a wider area.

The treadmill is packed with a steel material that I very durable and the design is also very minimalistic and stylish. If you see the treadmill, there is an LCD which is measure and reads all your HITT activities like speed, heart rate, pulse, and distance.

As we spell about the quality of materials, I won’t say this treadmill also has a long-lasting belt that is made with PVC.

The more money this product takes, the more it gives a longer warranty. It means here the brand gives a 2-year of belt warranty, 1 year of scree, and 10 years of frame warranty.

In Summary, I wanna say this treadmill is Best for Intense Training.


  • Best for HITT exercise
  • Wide running area
  • 3 operational running mode
  • Sliding & Gravity tech mode
  • Haddle upto 194Kg
  • Free Installation


  • Price

2. AFTON Gymost Freelander: Best for Saving Space

AFTON Gymost Freelander

This curved treadmill is bulky if compared to another flat surface treadmill. 

The Afton Gymnast Freelander Is the best brand treadmill theft has delivered a durable problem but yeah this one is very expensive, if you can’t afford it then go for the following 2 curved treadmills.

Are you thinking why curved treadmill are so expensive? Here is the answer just check out.

With 200kg of the highest user capacity, this treadmill can offer you 22km/hr of maximum speed. For a better HUTT  training, there has a 4 magnetics resistance are available, which is enough to reach your goals. 

There is a 1600 x 480 mm of wide running surface so you can be running and walking very comfortably.

Here you can measure your speed, time, calories, watt, and level with the help of 5 inch LCD that is on the handlebars.


  • Motorized
  • 200Kg of Max Weight capacity
  • 4 level Magnetics resistance
  • Wider running area
  • 22km/h of max speed


  • Price

3. Let’s Play LP-HSPEED: Best Mid-Range Treadmill

Let's Play LP-HSPEED Non-Motorized Curve Treadmill

If you are looking for the best curved treadmill which is affordable at around 1lakhs  then this Let’s Play LP-HSPEED is the best option for you.

With Rs. 89,000 this delivers all the specs that you need for your high-intensity training workouts. 

As this is a semi-commercial treadmill it will be the best treadmill, you can use this both for commercial or GYm and Home use purposes.

The Let’s Play LP-HSPEED comes with a unique design and sturdy & durable materials. Well, here the design will encourage you to run on the surface. 

Here you will gate a 5-inch small digital display that will measure and display your activities records and progress.

In conclusion, if you have a low budget and looking for the best home gym curved treadmill then this will be perfect for you.

This is a HITT training machine so here you will get 4 resistance level that you can adjust based on your health and gets the advantage to burn more calories. 


  • Alegent Simple Design
  • Gear Mode
  • Quiet
  • Great and Smooth running Experience
  • Lightweight product
  • Zero-Maintenance
  • Affordable


  • None

4. Let’s Play LP-R01+

Let's Play LP-R01+ Non-Motorized Curve Treadmill

In our final list we have another Let’s play brand treadmill, trust me you will be surprised with this treadmill, just.

If you are looking to buy a curved treadmill with a budget of 50000 then the Let’s Play® LP-R01+ is for you.

Well, this LP R01 treadmill solves the folding handler problem, if you are hunting for a folding mechanism treadmill this one is for you.

With the zero maintenance cost, you will get a very affable durable unique design treadmill, and of course, you get a great exercise experience.

It can hold up to 140kg of maximum user weight capacity if you have more than that then you can go with the Cockatoo Racer-1 treadmill, it has 200kg of max.

This has a  wide running area to run and walk comfortably. The belt is made with PVC and is a high-quality material that goes up to 2 years.

Here you get a small LCD which is in size 5 inches, so I suggest you wear a fitness tracker to measure your heart rate. Quickly


  • Cheap In Price
  • Unique Simple Design
  • Foldable Handler
  • Quiet and Smooth Running
  • Resistance system


  • Due to Cheap price having 140kg os max user capacity


Can you walk on a curved treadmill?

Yes, of course, you can. Treadmills are made for both running and walking.

How many calories can you burn on a curved treadmill?

These curved treadmills are designed for HITT exercise which will burn 30% more calories compared to the regular treadmill.

How much you will burn depends on your height, intensity, and the duration of your exercise. In general, you can burn 100-300 calories in 1 hour on the curved treadmill.

Can I buy these online even though they are large?

Yes, you can buy them on

Are curved treadmills better than flat ones?

Yes, of course, Quick weight loss means high intensive workout which is one offered by the curved treadmill.

Are there any health restrictions for using curved treadmills?

No, there are no health restrictions but I will suggest that if you have any types of injuries then start slow.

Is a curved treadmill worth it?

Yes, of course, here you can burn more than 30% calories as compared to other traditional treadmills. And Also here you will get quick results.


These all are the 4 best curved treadmills that you can buy from the Indian market.

Daily cardio with a treadmill is a great option to fit, lose weight and stay productive but also you are ready to pay the price.

Well, the curved treadmill is energy-saving which is a great option and also helps to reduce stress and impact on joints.

In summary, if you are asking me which treadmill is best for you, Then I word cargo in two types: first one high price and second one cheap price. On the High price segment the Cockatoo Racer-1 is the best and the second case Let’s Play LP-R01+ is very cheap.

And the last suggestion is that check the buying factor before taking a treadmill which will save your productive time.

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