Best Elliptical Cross Trainer Brand In India 2022

Are you looking for the Best Elliptical Cross Trainer Brand In India? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we give you the best cross trainer for home use.

The elliptical cross trainer is the best fitness equipment, where you can use for low-impact cardio workouts and full-body workouts. 

Also, this Elliptical cycle helps to lose weight and get a fit and healthy body.

In this covid situation, fitness is most important for people of every age. These elliptical cross trainers help you.

To fit, there are two options: go to the gym or do cardio indoors. In this situation, you can’t go to the gym. So the best option is to work out at home. 

So here we are listing the top 5 best Best Elliptical Cross Trainers in India. So without wasting time, start our reviews.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to pick one then check out our Buying Guide and FAQ section to get more knowledge.

List of Top 5 Best Elliptical Cross Trainer Brand In India 2022

1. WELCARE WC6020 Elliptical Cross TrainerCHECK PRICE
2. PowerMax Fitness EH-200CHECK PRICE
3. Reach Orbitrek Exercise Cycle and Cross TrainerCHECK PRICE
4. Afton FX-50 Elliptical TrainerCHECK PRICE
5. Aerofit AF 601 ES Elliptical Cross TrainerCHECK PRICE
6. Sole SE25E Steel Elliptical Cross TrainerCHECK PRICE

Review Of Best Elliptical Cross Trainer For Home Use In India 2022

1.WELCARE WC6020 Elliptical Cross Trainer

WELCARE WC6020 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6044

  • 5 kg 2-way flywheel
  • Hand pulse tracker
  • 8 level manual magnetic tension
  • 90kg max user weight
  • Very Leight Weight
  • Hand pulse Sensor

Here we are going to review the welcare elliptical cross trainer wc6044.

This welcare wc6044 is our 1 first listed elliptical cross trainer which has a max weight holding capacity which is 90kg.  This cross trainer is used to get perfect biceps, Chest muscles, Abdominal muscles, elbow joint, haunch, and knee joint.

The welcare wc6044 elliptical trainer has an excellent build quality while it has a build with high-quality steel.

Build and Design Quality

If you look at the design there are very simple and minimalistic looks. It has a very comfortable soft cushion seat where you can set the seat at your comfortable position.

The pedals are made up of plastics. With a wide pedal, you can enjoy your exercise very smoothly and comfortably. If your height is 5.6 feet you can easily fit in this machine.

The Handle is well designed and the handle grips are the perfect fit for your hand grips and also you find a pulse sensor on the handlebar.

To make it compatible and portable this Welcare wc6044 has transport wheels, so you can set your elliptical machine in your comfortable place at home.

Magnetic Resistance

It uses a magnetic resistance where it has 8 levels of magnetic levels which is manual. Here this has 3 modes that help to get an effective workout. 

In 1-3 levels, you use for casual exercise, 4-6 levels are used to get a perfect strength, and 7-8 levels resistance mode is used to build a perfect body. reading these 3 modes are made a perfect workout cardio exercise.


Also, it has used a two-way rotation flywheel one is used to increase the workout speed momentum and the second is used to boost and enhance your workout.


It has an excellent and strong 16-inches LCD display that has monitored the calories, distance, speed, heat, heart rate, and display on the monitor.

Should I Buy it?

This welcare wc6044 elliptical cross trainer is the best elliptical cross trainer for home use.  Also, this trainer is available only at an affordable price is under 20000. So you can use it for weight loss and get a fit body in 2022 at an affordable price. This is a perfect exercise machine in India for home use.


  • Best For Home Use
  • Low Noise Produce
  • Big Very comfortable Pedals
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Two Way Rotation Flywheels
  • Easy to install
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Low weight Flywheels

2.PowerMax Fitness EH-200

PowerMax Fitness EH-200 

PowerMax Fitness EH-200 Steel EH-200 Orbitrek Exercise Cycle

  • It offers full-body, low impact, and cardiovascular workout
  • The Motion Handlebars gives an upper and lower-body workout
  • Available Foreword and reverse Fan Wheels
  • Excellent Stability
  • Pads feel natural walk
  • The elliptical trainers provide micro-adjust controls and the resistance controller

This is our 2nd listed elliptical cross trainer machine which is a perfect cardiovascular workout machine that you can use indoors. This is the best elliptical cross trainer machine in the Indian Market.

This Powermax Fitness EH-200 has 100 kG of weighting capacity, This is perfect for medium adults. Sorry guys if you are above 100 Kg, you can’t use it.


It has used a fan wheel- chain driven resistance, it gives a little bit of noise. Where it has a resistance knob that helps to control the Micro-Adjustable Tension And Resistance of the cross trainers equipment.

Also, this has a two-way crank system that makes your workout Smooth and quiet.


Where look at the seat, they are very comfortable and support vertical as well as horizontal adjustment. It makes your workout comfortable and easy. And the pedals are also comfortable and anti-slip wide pedals.

It has a high-quality steel handlebar which is perfect for your feet and gives a comfortable cardio workout. 


And the LCD console panels help to scan and display your workout progress such as Your workout time, speed, distance, how many calories you burn, and a heart rate scanner. It allows your work to be effective.


Here this Powermax cross trainer brand gives a 1-year of manufacturer warranty.

Should I take it?

We can say this is a Multi-function Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike, it has included all the cardio exercise for your fitness workout. When talking about this elliptical machine price it is available for under 1000 which is the best elliptical trainers in India 2022.


  • Excellent Build and design quality
  • Motion handler is a perfect fit to hand
  • Pedals feel natural moves
  • It has 2 Way fan wheels
  • Anti-slip Pedals


  • Produces Noise
  • Assemble is Hard for beginners

3.Reach Orbitrek Exercise Cycle and Cross Trainer

Reach Orbitrek Exercise Cycle and Cross Trainer

Reach Orbitrek Exercise Cycle and Cross Trainer

  • Max Weight 100 kg
  • 8 Level Resistance Level
  • It has Non-slip pedals and foam handle grips.
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 59 inches

This Reach Orbitrek is the best cross trainer for home as well as an exercise cycle, so you can take these two cardio workout exercise benefits. Which has a 100Kg holding weight capacity. This is enough for medium-weight adults.

One of the best cardio brands in India is Reach. By the brand, One of the best workout cross trainers is to reach orbitrek exercise cycle and cross-trainer. 


The seat is perfectly designed for a comfortable purpose, where it has a soft foam cushion that gives smooth riding. And you can only adjust the seat height vertically.

The pedals are made with plastic materials, which support the anti-slip. While you use this you can feel you are walking on the surface. 

The motion handler was built with premium material steals. On the handler bars, it uses foam 


These elliptical cross trainers use a belt-driven system and a flywheel wheel, it improves the pedaling (Because it is an exercise cycle), and makes your riding workout effective. This produces noise while riding.

It has a resistance knob to adjust the tension level. Different persons use different workout routines, so the tension level is also adjusted according to their routine.


However, this comes with 4 wheels to make your transport easy.


The LCD helps to measure the speed, calories, time, distance.


Here this Reach Orbitrek comes with a 1-year warranty.

Should I buy it?

Overall this is the best elliptical cross trainer for home use in India 2022, It is available at a very cheap price of under 10000. This elliptical cycle has enough weight capacity as well as the best pedaling techniques. We can say this is the best elliptical cross trainer in India.


  • Support Beginners to an advanced resistance level
  • 8  resistance level
  • 1-year warranty
  • Dual Trainer mode
  • Cheap Price


  • No Heart rate sensor
  • Anti Shake Resistance
  • Produce Noise on Pedaling

4.Afton FX-50 Elliptical Trainer

Afton FX-50 Elliptical Trainer

Afton FX-50 Elliptical Trainer

  • It has a Stride Length of 14
  • The weight of the flywheel is 10KG
  • The Console is smart and functional
  • 8 level of magnetic resistance

Afton is one of the best fitness brands in India. One of Afton’s best fitness equipment is the Afton fx-50 elliptical trainer. 

This is our 4th listed best elliptical cross trainer in India. It has the capacity to hold 120kg of weight.

Design and Build Quality

It comes with a well ergonomic design where it uses high-quality steel on the body frame. The pedals are made with plastics and support anti-slip. The pedals give a natural feel.

Where moves to the motion handler are well designed and use foam material for non-slip and perfect to your handle so that users can use it more comfortably. The handlebar uses a pulse sensor that sensing the heart rate of the trainer and displays it on the LCD.


Here this has used magnetic resistance, With an 8 level manual magnetic resistance level it gives a smooth-riding, you set the resistance level manually. This is an entry-level Best elliptical cross trainer in India 2022.

Smart Console

This Afton fx-50 has a smart and functional console. The LCD display console helps to measure Scan, speed, dist, time cal, RPM, THR, pulse, body fat, recovery, calendar, clock, temp, and display.


Sorry guys there is no wheel and no seat.


It comes with a 1-year of manufacturer warranty.

Should I buy It?

Yes, This is the best elliptical cross trainer machine for home use in India 2022 available at an affordable price. The smart and quality accessories make it premium.


  • Has Anti Shake Resistance
  • Excellent quality
  • Work quietly without noise


  • No seat
  • No wheels
  • Heavy-weight cross trainer machine

5.Aerofit AF 601 ES Elliptical Cross Trainer

Aerofit AF 601 ES Elliptical Cross Trainer

Aerofit AF 601 ES Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • The Flywheel weight of 5 Kg
  • It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • The seat support s8 level of vertical adjustment
  • 100 kg of max weighing capacity
  • Excellent silent poly-V belt-driven system
  • Self-balanced extra-wide pedals

Aerofit introduced a top high-quality fitness machine which is Aerofit AF 601 ES Elliptical Cross Trainer. This is perfectly suitable for home use. Aerofit is the cross trainer brand in India.

Here we are going to cover Aerofit AF 601 ES reviews in detail.

Design & Build Quality

If you’re looking for a safer and comfortable workout then this  Aerofit AF 601 ES is perfect it has a weight capacity of 100kg. Which is enough for a mid-range weight adult.

It comes ergonomically designed and the body is made up of metals. 

It uses a soft and well-designed seat that supports both horizontal as well as vertical adjustment. An extra-wide pedal gives a self-balanced and the pedals are the perfect fit for your feet.

The U-designed motion handlebar is the perfect fit in your hand and the handle use foam for anti-slip. The handlebar uses a pulse sensor to measure the heart rate.


This Aerofit elliptical trainer uses magnetic resistance and an adjustable knob. While here you can adjust 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

For Beginners, is details including so many pre-programmed workouts. This is one of the best fitness Elliptical cycles for home use in India.


For portability it has gives 4 wheels to make tour equipment transport is easy.


It is powered by a battery which consumes 1.5 volts and 2 A of power.

Smart Console

The smart LCD console monitor and displays time, speed, distance, odometer, pulse, and calories.


Here the Brand Aerofit gives a 1-year of product warranty.

Should I buy it?

If you are looking for the best elliptical cross trainer in India under 25000 then you should buy it. It has included all the features which you want like a smart console, best comfortability, pre-programmed features for beginners.


  • Premium build and design quality
  • Provides effective workout for beginners to advanced 
  • Quiet and silent workout
  • Self-balanced wider pedals


  • Nothing


Thank you …… you are here and reading these reviews

Here above, we cover all the best cross-trainer brands reviews, I hope you will find your best elliptical cross-trainer machines.

These fitness machines give an effective workout for your lower body, upper body, and full body. This is available in the Indian market for both home and gym.

In my personal opinion, my choice is WELCARE WC6020, and the Aerofit AF 601 are the two best cross trainers for home. To know why we picked these two elliptical cross trainers, check out the above in detail. 

After all, if you have any queries then contact us, we are answering all your queries.

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