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Staying fit, healthy, and losing weight is very important to and you have to maintain it. The perfect way is that do daily around 30 minutes of cardio workouts like cycling riding, and biking, really you will get and see a big advantage after a couple of weeks. 

Our myth is the best brand exercise bikes can give perfect cardio exercise, but this is not correct, also a non-brand exercise cycle can give the best cardio riding workout.

The brand exercise bikes are varying in their features, quality, price, and comfortability.

Here we are talking about the best brand exercise bikes along with their types and also covering reviews of some of those brands’ best bikes, which are available in India in 2022. 

If you are a beginner the please read out our buying guide and FAQ to get the knowledge that feels you are an expert buyer, So that you can choose a better exercise brands bike.

So without losing your valuable time jump to our main topic.

What is the best exercise bike brands in India 2022

Following are the top best exercise cycle/bike brands, which are available in the Indian markets.

  • Reach Air Bikes
  • Cockatoo Exercise Cycle
  • Cardio Max home gym bikes
  • Healthex exercise bike for weight lose
  • Fitness World bikes
  • Kamachi Elliptical Bike 
  • Fitkit bike for home use

Also, Scroll down and have a look at these well-known brands’ well-known bikes.

What are the different types of Exercise Cycle/Air Bikes?

In the Indian market, there are basically 3 types of bikes available are 

  1. Upright Exercise Bikes

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2. Recumbent Exercise Bikes

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  1. Spinning Exercise Bike

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We later discuss what is this bike on the buying guides, lets now see What are the Best Exercise Cycles in India for home use.

What are Best Exercise Cycle In India 2022(Home Use)

Following are the top 5 best exercise bikes available in the Indian Market.

Best Exercise BikePrice
1. Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart SerieCheck Price
2. Fitkit FK717 (14lbs Flywheel)Check Price
3. FITNESS WORLD – Eazy Bike for Home and GymCheck Price
4. Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise CycleCheck Price
5. Cockatoo AB06 Stainless-Steel Check Price

Top 5 Best exercise Cycle brands in India

Cockatoo CUB-01

Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike for Home Gym,Upright Bike


  • It has a great Smart 6 inch LCD Monitor
  • This is very lightweight of 3 kg
  • It comes with 100 kg of holding weight capacity
  • Also has a 1 PC crank and operate with a One-way bearing
  • The Brake system is magnetic
  • It operates with magnetic resistance technology.
  • The seat comes with a vertical adjustable.


  • Magnetic Resistance System
  • It has a Smart 6 inch  Monitor
  • The seat is very Comfortable
  • Value for Price
  • 2 years of warranty


  • No Heartrate Sensor

This Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series is the best cycle in India for home use, this has comes from the brand Cockatoo, which is an upright cycle. This has the maximum weight capacity is 100Kg.

Here we are going to cover the cockatoo cub-01 review. Stay tone for that.

Design & Build Quality

This cycle is basically designed for comfortable exercise purposes and it is very compact, the seat is very soft and with support adjustable so that you can adjust the height accordingly to your seating comfort.

This exercise machine has to uses high-quality material which is steel, which is long-lasting and durable.

For portability it has includes 4 wheels that make it easy to transport from one place to another.

Operating Technology

It operates on magnetic resistance that runs quiet and silent. With an adjusting resistance knob, the cardio workout is made easy. Also, you can increase and decrease the resistance level, where you can do only 8 levels.

The magnetic brake system allows to you suddenly stop during the workout section or in riding.

Monitor Display

It uses a very high-quality 6 inch LCD monitor, which tracks all your activities such as speed, distance, time, calories and etc. Sorry guys there is no pulse sensor.


It has come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and the installation is free services.

Fitkit FK717 (14lbs Flywheel) 

Fitkit FK717 (14lbs Flywheel) with Free Diet Plan,Trainer & Installation Services Spinner Exercise Bike


  • Max User Weight 110 Kg
  • Use Belt driven Technology
  • The Flywheel weight is 5 kg
  • Use a high-quality Steel Material on the Frame
  • Also has an Adjustable Seat, Adjustable Pedal Strap, and Adjustable Handlebar
  • Use Fitpluse eco System.


  • Free Diet Plan
  • Use Fitplus ecosystem
  • 5 levels of resistance
  • Modern design
  • Very comfortable


  • 6 Months of Warranty

One of the best brand exercise cycles is Fitkit fk717, this has some cool and amazing features. One of them is a fit-plus ecosystem. which include really cool features are Connect and control all the activities and also track them, trainer video for motivation, diet tracking, and also doctor consultation.

This has come with 100kg of maximum weight capacity. Also, this has some cool features, stay tone for the cool fitkit fk717 spinner exercise bike review.

Design & Build quality

The design and the build quality are really amazing and very durable. This is a very modern designed cycle for heavy exercise workouts.

This is designed forgives a perfect and comfortable cardio exercise, the seat is ercorgonic well designers use soft cushions and support both horizontal and vertical adjustments. You just set according to your comfortable position.

And look at the handlebar as the perfect fit, support anti-slip whereas also the pedals are supported anti-slip and wider.


It runs very silently even it uses the belt-driven system resistance. This spinner bike has a 6 kg flywheel that offers excellent momentum for your workouts. Along with this also supports 5 multi-levels of resistance. This price level needs more resistance level. I wish the brand will give more resistance levels on the next level.

Display Console

Here the display console is amazing and tracking real-time data such as distance, speed, time, calories, and heart rate. 

Fitplus Ecosystem

This fitness cycle has comes with a fitness diet plan, this is a home-based play made by an expert fitness coach as well as comes Fitpluse app will help to as a personal trainer and motivate you to do a workout daily. It has included diet tracking, trainer videos doctor consultant service, and app connectivity ( for sync display the real-time workout).


Here the brand gives only 6 months of manufacturer warranty which is not good.

Should I buy It?

This is a perfect spinner exercise bike for home use. It includes cool features and As well is very lightweight and has max weighting capacity.


FITNESS WORLD - Eazy Bike for Home and Gym


  • For smooth running use magnetic resistance
  • For comtible it use Foladable and adjuatable seat
  • Foldable & Ergonomic X-Frame
  • Sturdy & Solid Construction


  • Zizac design wery Comapatible
  • Foladable and adjuatable seat
  • 8 levels of tension control
  • Makes easy transport
  • No Noise Produce
  • Value of money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth Running


  • Nothing

This is a well-known fitness brand of bikes available in the Indian Market. It has come with 100 kg of weight capacity as well as supports multi-level magnetic resistance.

This is an upright exercise bike, easy and perfect for a home gym. Here we are cover details on fitness world bikes.

Design and Build Quality

The design is simple minimalistic with a zigzag shape. The body frame is of good quality. This easy bike is upgraded your fitness level.  This bike is designed basis on compatibility.

The seat uses a soft cushion and an ergonomic design. Also o this has a foldable cushioned backrest which makes it compatible. And the adjustable pedals are amazing feel good.

Also, the handlebar is well designed perfect fit for my hand and the bar has built-in a pulse sensor.


For a challenging and customizable workout, It has used magnetic resistance, which supports  8 levels of customizable tension control according to your performance level.

Display Console

It has a large digital LCD display console and has fixed functionality such as tracking your speed, distance, time, calories burned and monitoring your pulse rate.


For a mode of better easy transport, it uses 4 wheels so that you can take these exercise bikes to a comfortable exercise place.


Here the brand Fitness World gives 1 year of manufacturer warranty.

Sparnod Fitness SAB-05

Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle


  • The Motion handlebar is excellent
  • It uses Air Resistance and Belt Tension
  • This has a Tension controller knob to adjust belt tension
  • Digital Smart display console
  • Use High-quality material.


  • Motion Arms gives a perfect exercise
  • Very comfortable and adjustable seat
  • The riding experience is excellent
  • Perfect bikes for heavy exercises
  • Easy t assemble 
  • Value of Money


  • Max user height is 6 feet if you are above then may be facing some issue on your ride.

The Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 is one of the best stationary bikes which is perfect for home gym. Here the max holding capacity is 100 kg, which is perfect for mid-weight adults.

Build & Design Quality

This stationary bike comes with a vertical adjustment soft cushioned seat along with a backrest. The seat is designed to give very comfortable and also has a wide pedal with an adjustable strap that perfectly fits your feet.

The movie bar is very excellent, it uses soft cushions material in the grips part, You love the ride it gives a very impressive ride.


This air bike uses a fan-based resistance, yeah it produces a little bit of noise, but the overall riding experience is excellent. This has a resistance knob to adjust the tension level of the exercise.


It has a smart digital display console along with a mobile holder for entertainment purposes.

The LCD display console is helping to monitor your real-time activities and display such as your time speed distance and calories and heart rate.


Normally this also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Should I buy it?

Really this is an amazing exercise bike, I brought this bike a few months ago on amazon, and really I love this bike, and my worth it. If you are looking for a good exercise bike then I recommend this exercise bike.

Cockatoo AB06 Stainless-Steel

Cockatoo AB06 Stainless-Steel Indian Exercise Bike for Home Gym


  • Soft seat with Support both vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Dual Action mode moving system
  • This is the best cross-training exercise machine
  • Use a belt-driven System with 4 levels of resistance knobs
  • The LCD display console tracks your real-time exercise activities.
  • It can hold a max weight of 120KG.
  • Perfect for home use.


  • The seat is very comfortable
  • Value for Price
  • Use Dual-action system
  • Easy to install
  • 1-year warranty
  •  ISO 9001: 2015


  • The frame quality does not good.

This Cockatoo Ab06 is one of the best cross trainers which gives a dual-mode exercise training and upgrade and boost your exercise training.

Here we are going to reviews the best exercise bike bands cycle Cockatoo AB06.

Design and Build Quality

This cycle comes well-designed and is perfect for full-body workouts. And the seat is well designed and very comfortable to seat, also you can adjust the seat height according to your comfort, yeah there is no backrest but this has amazing motion arms which give you dual-mode exercise training. The handlebar grips are used foam to perfectly fit your hand and be comfortable.

It uses high-quality Stainless-Steel on the body frame, but if you look at the quality doesn’t well.


With a stationary handle lock it boost your exercise level, it helps to stop your exercise side at any time when you activate it.

This comes with a belt-driven system that runs silently but produces a little bit of noise, along with this it uses a resistance knob to adjust your exercise intensity.


The pedal is very good quality, wider with adjustable straps, and supports anti-slip for secure riding.


With a4 wheels it allows you to take easily this exercise bike from one place to another ideal exercise place in your home.

Display console

The digital display console is amazing and makes faster your exercise and motivates you. This helps to monitor your daily workout real-time progress.


Here the well-known Indian Cockatoo gives a 1-year manufacturer warranty and free installation.


Finally, We reached our end of the article, I hope you read the full article and now you are self-sufficient to make a decision on which one is suitable for you and which one is not. According to our team’s opinion, we like all the models but Cockatoo CUB-01 and Fitkit FK717 we like the most.

You can comment us your personal choice in the comment section.

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