Best Gaming Headphones Under 3000 In India 2022

In 2022 the gaming platform is growing up as like going to Mars. To go mars, the rocket is most essential, same as To playing Game, headphones are most essential.

Yeah, I know how important headphones are? So here we are listing the top 5 best gaming headphones under 3000.

To play a difficult game like call of duty, PUBG and etc you need to hear the relay of that match, so you need good and best headphones( Check wired vs wireless) with high-quality 7.1 sound headphones.

Don’t worry about finding the best one. Here we are here to help you.

Here in the following section, we have 5 best high quality, best user experienced gaming headphones with mic both for the PC and for your mobile phone and also included wired and wireless. 

This article will help you to find the best gaming headphones which are under 3000. 

So further wasting time let’s jump to our list product review and find out the top 5 gaming headsets in India 2022.

Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones under 3000 India

Gaming Headphones Price
1. Cosmic Byte GS410 Check Price
2. EKSA E3000 Wired Check Price
3.Corsair HS35 Stereo Check Price
4. Zebronic Zeb-OrionRGB Check Price
5. Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USBCheck Price

What is the Best Gaming Headset Under 3000 in India?

1. Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones

Cosmic Byte GS410

 Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones


  • Good audio quality
  • Avoid audio  latency
  • Value of money
  • Feel Real Gaming Experience

While coming to the gaming HeadphoneS brand the names come first of the Cosmic Byte. This brand always delivers the best high-quality and reliable product to the gaming market.

Where the Cosmic Byte GS410 comes with a smart inline audio remote controller and adjustable head pad which makes a more reliable customized shape.

This can you use for both listing music and for gaming purposes. And it comes in two variant colors one blue another is black edition.

Yeah, I know you have a question …

Are cosmic byte headphones good for gaming?

Yes, this is specially designed for gaming purposes.

When talking about the sound technology it has 7.1 surrounds deep bass that gives an amusing environment.

This gaming headphone is both for pc as well as mobile phone, and the most interesting fact is it is the best cheapest gaming headset under 3000 in the Indian Markets.

With a 3.5 jack gamers can avoid the delay issue of the gameplay. With reliable and flexible microphones that capture the high-quality sound and get noiseless audio of the team member.


  • Good audio quality
  • Avoid audio  latency
  • Value of money
  • Feel Real Gaming Experience


  • Wired headset
  • Doesn’t have any memory foam
  • No RGB lights

2. EKSA E3000 Wired Gaming Headset

EKSA E3000

EKSA E3000 Wired Gaming Headset


  • multi-platform supported
  • cool design
  • -microphone
  • super comfortable for gaming.

We got lots of queries that you only choose high-end headphones and a lot of need budget-friendly headphones which price range between 2k-3k. we always listen to our readers and again here with the exciting and sound beast with a price range of 3000.

When the price range set 3000 EkSA E3000 wired gaming comes to everyone’s mind but some don’t know why ..?

Let’s find out why...

EKSA E3000 in this price range gives lots of features like surround sound, a noise-canceling mic, LED lights and multiplatform supported, and many more features which can only a premium segment can provide.


EKSA E3000 headphone has a 50mm neodymium driver. Professional gamers need all things which make them pro like three-dimensional sound effects, all kinds of real sounds in-game, a higher sense of hearing, footsteps, friction across the grass, and gunshots of the enemy.

Also comes with a sound adjuster high, low and medium…

Microphones come with noise cancellation and anti-static which prevent the static electricity sound and it is also adjustable quick mute and also volume adjusts without affecting your games.

This is multi-platform supported like PC, MOBILE, Ps4, and many more devices.

In Shortly we say this is the best gaming headphones under 3000 in India 2022


  • multi-platform supported
  • cool design
  • microphone
  • super comfortable for gaming.
  • noise cancellation


  • Wired headset.
  • not working Xbox one without an adapter

3. Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming

Corsair HS35 Stereo

Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headphones


  • Memory Foam
  • Certified By Discord
  • High-quality audio
  • Accuracy

Basically, this is an American manufacturer they have an Indian sub-brand and outsource their product. 

While talking about the Corsair HS35 this model of the gaming headphone is multi-platform compatibility such as PC, mobile, Playstation and Nintendo Switch, etc.

With a 50mm custom-tuned neodymium audio speaker driver gives a 99.9% of the audio accuracy of the gameplay.

this has an on-ear volume adjustable controller while you adjust the volume without stopping your gameplay.

Most important is this is certified by Discord for real crystal communication and for the high-quality wide range of accuracy sound.

This Corsair HS35 has comes with 4 variants Balck, Red, Carbon, and blue,m and it doesn’t have any RGB lights.

With a memory foam gamer fell the real-world gaming experiences.

Where the overall sound is great and the microphone gives accurate audio without delaying the gameplay.

Where most of the gaming headphones come with weights but the Corsair HS35 a lightweight with 320 grams.

We are personally recommended to you this is good for you if you are looking for the best gaming under 3000 else if having more budgets to invest your pro gaming equipment then you read once the gaming headphone under 10000 article.


  • Memory Foam
  • Certified By Discord
  • High-quality audio
  • Accuracy


  • No RGB light
  • No Noise-canceling Technology

4. Zebronic Zeb-Orion RGB

Zebronic Zeb-Orion

Zebronic Zeb-OrionRGB Gaming Headset


  • Lightweight
  • Surround sound 
  • RGB lights

Zebronic Zeb -Orion in this price range comes with lots of features which we previous headphones provided.

Zebronic Zeb comes with simulated 7.1 surround sound which provides a gamer real gaming experience.

Lightweight design with suspension headband feels good when you wear this and metallic ear cap with RGB light provides pro gamer feel.

Material and the foam are really good  for comfortable wearing for gaming


  • Lightweight
  • Surround sound 
  • RGB lights


  • Bass does not meet the expectation

5. Redgear Cosmo 7.1

Redgear Cosmo 7.1

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Wired Gaming Headphones


  • Sound Quality Good
  • Deliver accuracy
  • Multi-platform come build
  • Having Memory foam

The Redgear always gives a luxurious high-quality product. While here we review the Redgear Cosmo 7.1 wired version. Stay tuned for the update.

Is Redgear Cosmo 7.1 good?

The Cosmo comes with a 7.1  virtual surround sound that delivers a high-quality sound and gives an accuracy of gameplay. 

The 7.1 hardware engine delivers a fantastic consistency, while in a warzone. The sound quality is good.

With the noise-canceling, the Redgear Cosmo gives a stable connection to the gameplay.

While talking about listening to music on youtube the sound is impressive and too much. Even while we play 5D audio also gives a good result. That means you can use this both for gaming and listening to music purposes.

When you buy this headset the company gives a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Yeah, this has no Memory foam. But when you see the other features like sound and quality microphone, hardware and the build quality you impress on this product.

This gaming ear headset comes in two variants: black and white. Also, this has an RGB light that gives an outstanding look. 

Are Redgear headphones good?

Yes, of course, We recommend that if you are spending a little money on these headphones then you can take this. 

To carry the pros these are the best gaming headphones under 3000 in India 2022. If you see the cons, not user-friendly customization software and not huge repairing shops.


  • Sound Quality Good
  • Deliver accuracy
  • Multi-platform come build
  • Having Memory foam


  • Not user-Friendly customization Software
  • USB connector

FAQ of Best Gaming Headset Under 3000 Rupees

Q1. Which Headphones is Best Under 3000?

1. Cosmic Byte GS400
2. EKSA E3000 Wired Headset
3. Corsair HS35 Stereo Headset
4. Zebronics ZEB-Orion 40mm Headset
5. Readgear Cosmo 7.1 Headphone

Q2. What kind of headphone is best for gaming?

Gaming headphones are gaming headphones, these are different from normal headphones. Gaming headphones have 7.12 surround sound, noise cancellation, microphones, high-quality audio, and no delay audio, wear comfort. Some of the best gaming headphones manufacturers in India are Cosmic, Redgear, HyperX, Razer, JBL and etc.

Q3. What headsets do Pro gamers use in 2022?

1. Cosmic Byte GS410 Wired Gaming Headset
2. EKSA E3000 Wired headphone
3. Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headphone
4. Zebronics ZEB-Orion
5. Redgear Cosmo wired gaming headset

Q4. What is different between Gaming and Normal Headphones?

The main difference is that gaming headphone having the microphone and the advance 7.1 surround sound and Memory foam but the normal headphone doesn’t have this thing.

Where normal headphone having lower audio channel but the gaming headphones has the high channel bitrate.

The gaming headphone is specially designed for the gaming purpose to deliver high-quality audio with no delay.

Q5. Is 7.1 better for Gaming?

Yes of course.
The 7.1 audio engine delivers outstanding stereo sound quality, which is specially designed for the gaming world.

Q6. What are the cheap gaming Headset under 3000?

Under 3000 means you are searching for low budgets headphones, In this price segment some headphones having cons. But don’t worry we have the best headset under 3000 are
1. Cosmic byte GS410
2. EKSA E3000 Wired Headset
3. Corsair HS35
4. RedGear Cosmo
5. HyperX Cloud Stinger


Thanks to you.

Reading this article.

I hope to list all the above gaming headphones that are satisfying you, And you have found out the best one. 

The best way to find the best one is wearing comfort and the sound quality, build quality, and microphones. You always focus on durability, flexibility, less weight.

If you follow those things then you definitely find your best gaming headphone in India.

If your budget is too bit much under 5000 then you read this article to choose the gaming headset under 5000.

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