Best Treadmill For 120 Kg Person In India 2022

Are you looking for the best treadmill for 120kg person, then here is the right place you have come.

Maintaining your health is not easy as you think. 120kg! (considered under the heavyweight category) this is not normal weight. Please be serious Now. You have to be conscious about your health and do regular exercise.

I know you will also say that who will wake up early and go to the gym. Well, don’t worry we are a listed treadmill you can use at your home. Just you have to manage your time for your healthy life or diseases free life.

As part of that, now to a big problem is that how will I choose the best treadmill for 120 kg user weight person?

Yash, I know it’s a difficult task to do in the Indian market in 2022. There are many factors that you have to consider such as Motor HP, Speed, Weight Capacity, Incline mode, etc.

No worries here it is easy to do for you by selecting a perfect home use treadmills that fulfill your fitness requirements. Here we listed the top 9 best treadmill which has a user weight capacity of 120kg and above.

If you have more than 120kg weight then you can go with the best treadmill for 150kg user Weight.

Here big question is coming out

How do you decide which treadmill you should buy if your weight is 120 kg?

On the market, there are a lot of different types of treadmills available with different functionality like different weighting capacity, Different motors, Programs, Features and etc. But You have to buy according to your budget and requirement.


Keep remembers always you have to take a treadmill which has extra 20kg weight captivity from your weight but it varies for different purposes.

Let’s assume you have a weight of 120kg but you taking a treadmill for walking/ jogging purposes then the treadmill must have a ‘Maximum user weight capacity of 130 Kg (10 Kg extra), and for running purposes, it has a max weight capacity of 140kg (20kg Extra).

Which is the best treadmill for 120 kg in India?

Here we have both the best manual treadmills and motorized treadmills.

Name of the TreadmillInclineMax SpeedPrice
1. MAXPRO PTA46015 levels of automatic incline16 km/hCheck Price
2. Durafit Strong – 2.5 HP3-Level Manual Incline14 km/hCheck Price
3. Cockatoo CTM-1013 levels of manual inclination14.8 km/hrCheck Price
4. PowerMax Fitness TAM-2253-Level Manual Incline14 km/hrCheck Price
5. Sparnod Fitness STH-6003-Level Manual Incline__________Check Price
6. Co-Maxx by Acme 2 HP3-Level Manual Incline12 km/hCheck Price
7. AmazonBasics – 2HP15 levels of automatic incline18 km/hrCheck Price
8. PowerMax Fitness MFT-4103-Level Manual Incline__________Check Price

Which treadmill is best for 120 kg person?

Now here we check all the details about the treadmills and review them such as their feature, functionality, having how much weight capacity, Speed, incline, and price, and also compare them with others.

Let’s start with list no 1.



On our first list, we have the Indian best brands products that are Wellcare Maxpro PTA 460. Well, this Maxpro PTA 460 has a powerful motor that comes with a 2.5HP of base and 5HP pear power and with having auto incline features. This is a stunning feature.

This treadmill is a complete home gym treadmill that has efficiency and can fulfill your requirements.

With a large running deck, it is comfortable for running, jogging, and walking. This comes with an oil auto lubricant system. 

Here you can make your workout more varied and effective with its 0-15% auto incline mode. While coming to the user weight capacity it can handle up to 130kg, Which means a 120kg person can easily use this.

On the other side, it can give up to 16 Km/h max speed, So that you can easily burn more calories.

It is a Space Saver & Labor Saver Designtreadmill and has movable features. Well, its hydraulic foldable design is very convenient for transportation, cleaning, and storage.

While exercising you can enjoy it audio built-in features or you can use AUX/USB connection. With a 5-inch blue LCD display, it can monitor and track all your fitness records. 

To improve cardiovascular fitness, boost your health, and burn fat it has built-in 12 pre-set programs. These are very easy-to-use exercises.


  • Max 130kg user weight
  • Auto 1-15% incline mode
  • Free Installation
  • Auto oil lubricant
  • Flexible mobility and space saver
  • Dual spring shock absorption
  • Powerful 5HP motor
  • MP3 System


  • Nothing yet

2. Durafit Strong – 2.5 HP

Durafit Strong - 2.5 HP
Durafit Strong – 2.5 HP

If you are looking for a Home Cardio treadmill that has a minimum of 120kg then the Durafit Strong is perfect


With a 4HP peak power and manual incline system, it is powerful enough and allows even a heavy person to

work out effectively.

At the Rs 29,999 price the Durafit product a great features and use alloy steel on the body for more

durable build quality.

Well, its running belt is wide enough 1100*400 mm with 1.4mm of the thickness of the running belt. It has 3 levels of manual inclination and a speed range of 1.0 to 14 km/hr and an In-built Suspension. 

For easy mobility, it has attached wheels as well as attached a hydraulic foldable system for space-saving after completing your sessions.

Also, there is available a music system for entertainment and has a 5-inch LCD display Where you can easily control all the e12 pre-set workouts programs and other workout activities or performances.

In case you need to suddenly stop the streaming at the running state then there is an Emergency stop key that will help you to stop the machine.

The brand Durafit gives door-step warrant of this product such as 3 years of motor, 1 year of product, and 5 years of frame warranty.


This treadmill can huddle 120kg while walking condition if you are planning to buy for running then goes for others because has only 90kg capacity for running.


  • Emergency Stop Key
  • Door Step Warranty
  • Max 120kg user weight
  • 24 preset programs
  • Free Installation
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction


  • No Auto Incline Feature
  • Up to 14 Km Speed Only

3. Cockatoo CTM-101

Cockatoo CTM-101
Cockatoo CTM-101

Our third recommendation on the list is a very papular brands product Cockatoo CTM-101. Whenever it comes to the treadmill at home use then the first product name that comes to my mouth is Cockatoo CTM-101.

Under the budget of 30k, this treadmill is a good one for a 120kg person. It is a DC motorized treadmill for home use, which has 2.5 HP – 5 HP Peak motor power. Without any noise, you use this treadmill,

Dues to this brand use Stainless-Steel on the body frame the is very sturdy and high durability for a long period of time.

Well, this has a manual 3-level incline mode you can adjust according to your fitness requirements. It has a Super shock Reducing Function. 

The treadmill has a foldable and movable design by using the Easy fold design lock and of course, has a soft drop system for treadmill safety.

Well, this product has given a maximum of 14.8km/h os speed and it can hold up to 120kg of user weight. It hight recommend this treadmill is not for running because it can hold 90kg maximum for running. So you have to keep in mind. But don’t worry if you are a family man who is not so heavy, and only intention of walking purpose you can take this.

It has a 5-inch Programmable LCD display that can monitor your workout routine and progress and other activities.


  • Easy Interface for home use
  • Free Installation
  • 3 Year motor Warranty
  • Value for money
  • High capable motor
  • Super shock Reducing Function
  • Steel crowns roller For reducing belt noise
  • Wide Running surface.


  • Up to 14 Km Speed Only
  • No Auto Incline

4. PowerMax Fitness TAM-225 

PowerMax Fitness TAM-225
PowerMax Fitness TAM-225

In the fitness and health care market, Powermax is a very papular brand in India 2022 because of its high durability and quality of the product and the user experience. On the market there are a lot of other brands are available but this is the only brand that can satisfy you by fulfilling your requirements,

The Powermax fitness TAM 225 is a semi-lubrication motorized treadmill that has a high toques motor capable of 2HP to 4HP max power. It uses Semi-Auto Lubrication for easy maintenance of the treadmill.

The treadmill has a very interesting design like easy folding and unfolding because it uses the Hydraulic soft drop system and of course easy transportability by the wheels. You can simply put it in any corner of your home after use.

It gives a top speed of 14km/h and having of 120kg of user capacity. Well, this is enough speed for daily use. On the other side, it has 3 levels of manual incline mode, which you adjust with your requirements. 

This treadmill has 5 inches LCD blue screen display that helps to measure Time, Speed, Distance, Heart rate, and Calories. Also, it has an inbuilt audio system as well as AUX & AUD input.

Here highly recommended you have to use a Voltage stabilizer for avoiding damage to the treadmill while the power fluctuation. 

Here the brand gives us a Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, And 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.


  • Hydraulic fold drop system for effortless folding/unfolding
  • Mobile/ tablet holder for ease
  • Semi-auto lubrication for easy maintenance
  • Large running surface
  • Wheels for smooth mobility
  • 4/pcs Absorptions absorption-patent
  • 4HP AC Motor


  • Nothing Yet

5. Sparnod Fitness STH-600

Sparnod Fitness STH-600
Sparnod Fitness STH-600

In this best treadmill for 120kg person list, we had added another world-renowned brand called Sparnod. It gives a top-notch performance as well as the best services across the world.  Under Rs 15000 you can be considered this treadmill to burn fats.

Well, this is not an electric treadmill, all are here is manually done. It has a safe and secure running surface with anti-friction although it has support upto 120kg max weight. 

For your better workout such as burning more calories, walking, etc it has 3 manual incline mode, You adjusts to your requirements.

This treadmill has a muti functionality such as Jogger, Stepper, Twister, and Push up Bar or you can say it is a 4 in 1 multi functionality treadmill.

Also, it has an LCD display that can measure all your workout progress, also here you can Create Goal-Specific Workouts.

Here the brand gives a Lifetime Frame Warranty and 1-Year parts and labor warranty. 

This treadmill is lightweight and comes with a foldable and movable design. This product has only 37Kg So you can put it anywhere in your home.


  • 4-1 multifunction
  • 3 INcline Mode
  • Power Saving
  • Value for Money Product
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for Home use


  • Non-Electric

6. Co-Maxx by Acme 3.5 HP

Co-Maxx by Acme 3.5 HP
Co-Maxx by Acme 3.5 HP

Next, we have on list Co-Maxx by Acme this is another best treadmill for 120kg user weight.

Co-Maxx is a foldable DC motorized multi-function treadmill for home use that comes with an LCD screen and manual incline mode. This looks like the best choice for your home workout.

This Co-Maxx treadmill is also built with alloy steel which means it is very strong and a have a very long period of durability.

As compared to the other listed treadmill this treadmill gives a very lesser amount of speed 12km/hr. But the weight is almost the same 120kh max.

If you purchase this product then the brand Acme gives a free diet plan based on your current health condition.

Well, this treadmill is different from another treadmill because it has a bigger 11x16cm LCD screen with a blue backlight which can help you to measure your track record such as speed, calories, heart rate Time, etc.

Unfortunately, this treadmill has not installed aby music system but has a water bottle stand on the frame.

Here the brand Acme gives a 1-year Motor warranty and a 1-year Parts & Labour warranty. Well, that does not satisfy me. What about your just comment down below.


  • Multifunctionality Treadmill
  • 12 Preset Programs
  • Large LCD Display
  • Foldable and Movable mechanism
  • Free Diet Plan
  • Free Installation


  • 12 km/hr of speed
  • No shock Absorvation
  • Warranty

7. AmazonBasics 

AmazonBasics 4HP
AmazonBasics 4HP

We had another papular treadmill brand called Amazon basics. As you amazon deals with verified best products in the market. 

The Amazon Basic treadmill is a unique design treadmill and has luxurious functions and features.

Well, the DC motor has 2HP of minimum and 4HP of maximum power, which can give upto 18km/hr of top speed. If you are a fast runner this treadmill is recommended to you.

It comes with a 15% of auto incline mode and 24 pre-set programs which can differ on your use case. It supports 120kg of max user weight.

This has come with a hydraulic folding system for easy storage and wheels for movement. It enhanced your portability.

It has a 5-inch LCD display, the interface is very easy to use. The console is helps to measure calories, time, distance, speed, and heart rate.

As per the site, they only provide free installation service in the cities, if you are not is cities then you may face problems.


  • Wide Running surface with 3 ply belt
  • Use for High-intensity cardio training
  • 24 predefined programs
  • 15% auto incline mode
  • max speed of 18km/hr.


  • Installation provided in select cities only

8. PowerMax Fitness MFT-410

PowerMax Fitness MFT-410
PowerMax Fitness MFT-410

On our list, We have another non-electric treadmill which is PowerMax Fitness MFT-410. This PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 treadmill is a manual multifunctional treadmill, which you can use for your different exercises.

If you had looking for a budget-friendly treadmill which had 120kg of weighting capacity then this Fitness MFT 410 is suitable for you. Under Rs13000 this gives a study and durability product quality. 

Well for your institutional workout the brand gives you 3 manual incline modes and 4 target-based modes with the support of 120kg.

The treadmill design had both foldable, wheels and a manual lock system. It means you can also store it in a small area.

As I already told you this is a multifunctionality treadmill where you can do Jogger, Stepper, Twister, and Push up Bar exercises.

Also here the brand gives a Lifetime frame warranty and 1-year parts and labor warranty.


  • 4-1 treadmill
  • 4 Target based modes
  • Five Window LCD Display
  • Foldable with manual lock


  • Non-motorized treadmill
  • Noise
  • Heart rate sensors on the handrail

Conclusion: Best Treadmill For 120kg User Weight

Here are all the top 9 best treadmills for 120kg person details features. Well, all the treadmills are highly featured with all the workout needs. We hope you will get your best. 

Choosing the right treadmill for your personal use, family is a little tricky if you don’t have some technical information about a treadmill. You will be much harder.

Well, there are a bunch of best treadmills with different brands we added to our list and reviewed. Now you have to choose your budgets treadmill in India which can support 120kg user weight according to your requirement.

Well in my opinion I loved the two MAXPRO PTA460 and Durafit Strong motorized treadmills.

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