Best Treadmill For Bad Knees

Are you hunting to buy the Best Treadmill for Bad Knees? Well, congratulations you are in the right place. 

Are you suffering from a bad knee, arthritis, and Joint pain? If you then don’t go anywhere. There is an all-in-one solution the treadmill. 

In this article, we are adding the top 5 best shock absorption treadmills available on the Indian Market.

With a bad knee, arthritis, and Joint pain, if you are doing exercise on the treadmill, is very painful, however, if that treadmill has shock-absorbing features and a well-cushioned belt, then your exercise will become easy and painless.

I want to say something before investing a lot of money on a treadmill for bad knees, you have to know which treadmill is the best in the market.

So further westing lot more time lets drive into our topic.

List Of The 6 Best Shock Absorption Treadmill

The treadmills are based on the listed different budget categories, So make sure you check all decide which one is for you.

Best Treadmill For Bad KneesPrice
1. SPARNOD FITNESS STH-4000Check Price
2. PowerMax Fitness® TDA-100Check Price
3. Sparnod Fitness STC-4250Check Price
4. Durafit Panther 5.5HPCheck Price
5. Durafit Rigor  6 HPCheck Price

06 Best Treadmills For Bad Knees


Sparnod fitness STH-4000
Sparnod fitness STH-4000

On our first list, we have added the best brand treadmill in India called Sparnod. Let me tell you some things this brand is a non-Indian brand, it is a Dubai brand where they toke all the operations globally.

Well, this is a foldable as well as compact treadmill where it has a hydraulic foldable mechanism so that you can save the area of your workout room. 

This machine is very easy to set up or installation at anywhere in your home, all it happened because of its wheels which allows the machine movable.

The Sparnod fitness STH-4000 is coupled with a very quiet DC motor which can have 2.25HP of base and 4.5HP of peak power. Well, the power is enough to give a 16km/h max speed with having 120kg of user weight.

Here you excellent cardio benefits by walking with  12 preset programs and 15% of auto incline mode.

For a bad knee, this is a perfect machine that gives premium comfort and more safety because it has features with an 8 level of shock absorption and an anti-slip running belt that helps to absorb all the shock and reduced the noise.

The running surface is also wide enough so you can safely walk and do your workout without any pain.

With a budget under 40000, the treadmill gives a lifetime frame warranty, 3 years of motor warranty, and 1 year of part and other labor warranty. The warranty starts from the day you buy the item.

They care about all comfort and entertainment, so they have included an audio system as well as support AUX and USB. Also, you can track all your record and activities with the help of 5 inch LCD display.


  • Free installation services
  • 8 levels of shock absorption
  • Compact, foldable, Sturdy design
  • Quick incline and quick Speed keys


  • This doesn’t offer app support or a larger display.

2. PowerMax Fitness® TDA-100

PowerMax Fitness TDA-100
PowerMax Fitness TDA-100

The PowerMax Fitness® TDA-100 treadmill has been included in our list of top-ranking beast treadmills for bad knees by taking with the bits of help of the customer feedback. As the customer loves this product hope you also love this.

Yeah, I knew you have faced your knee problem but this treadmill will make all your problems solve. The treadmill has dual spring shock absorption and 2 layers of running board system which helps to reduce all the shock and gives your more comfort and safety to your joint and also relife.

As beautiful as the treadmill looks as so is its soft drop hydraulic system design. Folding and unloading are very simple as the treadmill steps up and is installed anywhere.

Well, it has boosted your efficiency with the help of  6 levels of manual incline mode and 12 preset workout programs.

With a 49.6″ x 16.9″ running area, you will be very comfortable walking and running. Also, you can see your heart rate and other workout activities with the help of the digital display.

You can get up to 14.8km/hr of max speed by its 4HP DC motor. It is very quiet and delivers an Intensive workout at your comfortable speed.

The product has 3 years of motor warranty, a lifetime frame warranty, and 1year of parts and labor warranty.


  • Free Installation
  • Very Useful For Bad Kness peoples
  • Delivering extra safety and Comfort
  • Durable and sturdy materials
  • Dual shock spring absorption


  • Manual incline mode
  • No audio system

3. Sparnod Fitness STC-4250

Sparnod Fitness STC-4250
Sparnod Fitness STC-4250

Like the brand, Sparnod is famous in India also it works also famous. On our list, this is our second topmost treadmill which is delivering excellent indoor service for a bad knee such as protecting them from shock impact.

Well, the Sparnod fitness STC-250 is the Best Semi-Commercial Treadmill having soft track cushioning and a hydraulic soft drop foldable design. Well, features are essential to save your home gym storage. Also, the wheels are important to take away from one area to another.

The treadmill gives the best experience due to its innovative user-friendly interface design. The 5-inch LCD helps to calculate and track all the actives and display them. For quick access to speed and incline, it has a shortcut quick access key on the display.

Here you can burn more calories with the help of 3 levels of manual incline mode. The treadmill is coupled with a 4HP of AC motor which takes 110kg of weight and gives a 14.8km /h of maximum speed. Well, the number is large.

As you are coming here to bring this treadmill, it has an 8 spring-based shock absorption where it absorbs all the force of running and makes them stress less so that your joint or knee will be safe.

If you brought this treadmill then you can take the advantage of bad knee pain problems and also take Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, and 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty advantages.


  • Free Installation
  • Inbuilt Audio system
  • 8 spring shock absorption
  • Quick speed control keys on hadler


  • Manual incline mode

4. Durafit Panther 5.5HP

Durafit Panther 5.5 HP
Durafit Panther 5.5 HP

This Durafit panther offers a dual spring shock absorption which will help for low impact on the knee while you are walking or running. 

Well has a speed range of 1-18 km/hr that allows you to do slow walking and jogging. The Quick access of the speed and incline on the handler gives a professional workout experience.

As the treadmill looks stylish, the same thing the design has. It has a very soft drop hydraulic stem and wheels so that you can easily take the treadmill and go anywhere for setup.

It has a 5.5HP  DC motor which is very quiet and efficient to handle a 130kg weight the user. The 18 levels auto incline and the 12 preset programs boost your efficiency and the emergency key gives you more safety.

Well, here the brand offers doorstep free installation and 3 years of motor warranty, 1 year of Louber and parts, and 5 years of frame warranty.


  • 18 level Auto Incline
  • Dual spring Shock absorption
  • Quick speed and inclines controller on the handle
  • Music system
  • Having the target set mode


  • 5-year frame warranty instated of lifetime

5. Durafit Rigor  6 HP

Durafit Rigor 6 HP
Durafit Rigor 6 HP

Well, this Durafit Rigor is a very special and different treadmill from the other listed treadmills. It has the advanced shock absorption technology called Gel Cushion Technology which gives more comfort by reducing the force impact and increasing the shock absorption.

This Duarfir Riger is a heavy-duty home use treadmill that comes with a stylish & foldable design and is sturdy construction by using high-quality steel on the frame.

It is preloaded with 99 preset workout programs, a music system, and 22 levels of auto incline mode. 

With a 6 HP of DC motor, it gives 1-22kmph of the highest speed range and supports upto 150kg max user weight while walking. As the calculation, the treadmill can support 120kg of max user weight while running.

To make your cardio excise comfortable and easier it has quick access to incline and speed on the interface section and has a safety key.

This 6 HP motor has newly developed with the Copper-Mesh Core Technology that delivers higher performance than ever with low noise and low electricity.

The Rigor has 1-year Door-Step Warranty on parts, 3 years Door-Step Warranty on Motor & 5 years of Frame Warranty.


  • Gel Cushion Technology
  • 22 level of auto incline mode
  • 99 preset program
  • Consume low electricity
  • Make low noise
  • Very stylish design


  • Price

Verdict: Best Treadmills For Arthritis, Bad Knees, and Bad joints

Well, this is all about the best low-impact workout treadmills for your bad knees.

If you have a good treadmill it may be helpful to lose your weight very fast but at that, if you are suffering from bad knees, Joint problems then the best brand treadmill can’t be helped if that can’t have a spring shock absorption.

Out of the 5 best I loved the Sparnod Fitness STC-4250 is a good one with a budget, if you have more budget then you can go with Durafit Rigor  6 HP which has more advanced features.

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