Best Treadmill Under 40000 For Home Use In India

Are you searching for the best treadmill under 40000 for your home gym? Then here you are landed in the best place where you find the best treadmills in India.

Treadmills have become essential in our daily use life because we are becoming lazy to do our exercise, so our health has become either heavyweight or fat belly, etc.

So running and walking is a great option to recover our health in a fitness condition, before you outside running just look out what are the cons to running outside. So Using a treadmill at your home is the best and cheaper option.

You spent a lot of money so that you would have to need them which include auto incline and auto lubrication and shock absorption etc. If you are still confused then check the treadmill buying guide list, it will help to make your decision quicker.

Well, here we are listing the top 5 best treadmills listed that are coming around 35000-40000 that you can use for your running, jogging, and walking at your home.

And Of course, we spent a lot of time selecting, after researching 100 of the treadmills we found the top 5 best home gym treadmills. The selection process is based on the features, brands, extra features, running pad, folding mechanism, and shock absorption

Okay, before the time ends, let’s go and see a treadmill for under 40k INR.

Which is the best treadmill under Rs. 40000 for running?

Here, we are going to review all the 5 best treadmills and in conclusion, we told you our favorite. Have your presence and keep reading. 

1. MAXPRO PTM405M Multipurpose Folding Treadmill


On our first treadmill is the best brand called WellCare. They deliver the best durable, sturdy, and high-quality fitness equipment. 

The MxPro PTM405M is a multipurpose treadmill where you can do waist, Glute & Hip massage with dumbbells, running, and sit-ups. You are so lucky that within the budget of 40000 you got different exercise features in one treadmill. Just comment on which features you are most liked.

This is a motorized treadmill that has a base of 2HP and a peak of 4HP power. Here the power source is DC, it’s recommended you use a stabilizer for it. Within 2-4 HP the treadmill delivers a max speed of 14km/h. Based on your exercise training you select the speed.

Unfortunately, this has a3 level manual incline mode. For a 110kg of user, this level-intensive workout is perfect. Well, there are 12 preset programs.

Speaking about the design, it is stylish and sturdy and has a great saving design. This is the best folding treadmill which has a hydraulic foldable mechanism and wheel so that you save a lot of space in your home after using this.

Talking about the console and display, there are a small 5-inch LCD and manual keys where you can control your speed, ON and OFF.

No worry about the entertainment in has a includes the built-in speaker and having the USB and AUX input.

However, it has a large 1150 X 420mm running surface, which is okay for your comfortable running. The belt is designed to reduce the suck. 


  • App Sync features
  • Shock Absorption
  • Cheaper with Multifunctionality
  • Free Installation
  • Easy assemble
  • Quiet Operation
  • After-sales services are Good


  • The running area is Ok
  • Manual Incline

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