Best Treadmills For Home Use in India 2022

Thinking about your health is a good idea, Many people don’t pay attention to themselves. It is essential to stay fit and healthy. Here you can do one thing is different types of Home Exercise. Here is the best way to buy the best treadmills for your home use.

I have in mind that everyone will have to give some time for their health, which can help great blood circulation in your body, gain muscle and bone strength, weight loss, improve joint flexibility, and help increase energy and stamina.

If you have so much tension that you will have to go to the gym somewhere far away from home, then you have nothing to worry about. Simple you can use the Best treadmill for home use. Which will allow you to do various exercises.

Here we listed a lot of treadmills that you can see, later you can buy them from Let’s see which are the best treadmills for home use in India available in the market.

What are the best treadmills for home use?

Home TreadmillsPrice
1. Fitkit FT100 Fitness Check Price
2. MAXPRO PTM405Check Price
3. PowerMax Fitness TDM-9x SeriesCheck Price
4. Durafit Panther 5.5 HPCheck Price
5. Cockatoo CTM-101 Check Price
6. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09Check Price
7. Sparnod fitness STH-4200Check Price

If your budget is low then you can move toward the best manual treadmills for your home gym.

Things to Know Before You Bring a Home Treadmill

When choosing a treadmill for your home, a few things that you have to keep in your mind following factors, which will help you to choose a good machine that meets all the fitness requirements for both you and your family.

A convenient size for space-saving

Well, this factor is the most important thing while taking treadmill for home use purpose. So you have to take a treadmill that has a foldable mechanism So that you can fold your treadmill after using them and save your home space.

Having powerful motors to handle heavy Weight Person

It is necessary to meet all your family member requirement, Suppose one of your family members has more weight, then you have to take a more horsepower machine. So that can run smoothly for a long period.

Different workout programs 

Another thing that you consider is your machine has all the different workout or training programs. The best way to find out comparing different Home Treadmills.

List of Best Treadmills For Home Use In India

1. Fitkit FT100 Fitness

Fitkit FT100 Series
Fitkit FT100 Series

The Fitkit FT100 Series is a motorized treadmill which has comes with a 3.25HP max horsepower.  While it supports 110kg of max user weight capacity. Unfortunately, it is equipped with a 3 level of manual inclination.

If you need a treadmill that can lift up to 150kg user capacity then you have to check the Best Treadmill 150kg User Weight India.

Well, this is a very papular brand and also this model is very papular also. However, it offers a speed of 1km/h to 14km/h. It is enough speed for beginner to advanced level users. If you need more power then you can look to the Fitkit FT200 Series.

Coming to the mechanism it has a hydraulic foldable mechanism which can help to save your home space. Also, the 4 Wheels help with transportation. 

Well, there are only 12 pre-set exercise programs available, for regular exercise this is ok. If you are looking for a treadmill that has a massager, this is for you. 

If you are a beginner then this treadmill is for you because it has a 1-year free Live workout session from OneFitPlus Studio & and you can Earn Healthcoins, for future use.

It comes with 1 Year on Motor warranty and Manufacturing Defect and 3 Year Frame Warranty.

It has a large LCD display and user-friendly software. Most interesting is that users can use all features with Alexa voice commands. This is very cool.


  • Powerful Motor
  • Value For Money
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Speaker quality need Improve



On our next list is MAXPRO PTM405, it is a perfect home workout and exercise treadmill machine that comes from the well-known brand Welcare.

It is a DC motorized machine that offers a base horsepower of 2HP and max is 4HP. At with it gives upto  14km/h max speed. According to your strength, you use the speed. Well also this Maxpro PTM405 has a max 110Kg of max user capacity. 

Well, here the Wellcare brand gives you a free diet, Fitness, and weight loss training program with a free diet plan and 1-1 video conference with the trainer.

 Most interesting is that you can check all your real-time health updates on your mobile phones with their FITSHow app. 

It uses A multi-layered running belt to reduce sudden shocks. There is enough space for your running 1150 X 420mm so that you can run comfortably. For you are exercise and health it gives 12 pre-set programs & H1-H3 Programs for workouts. To burn more calories, and build more muscle it has 3 levels of adjustable manual incline.

Also, this treadmill is easy to relocate because it has 4 wheels and a  soft drop mechanism which helps save storage and a hassle-free unfolding.

Including all the sensors and a large LCD display treadmill looks awesome and has a user-friendly interface. For entertainment and enhanced workout purposes, it has AUX, an Mp3 player, and a USB feature.

It comes with 1-year parts, a 1-year motor, and a lifetime frame warranty. 


  • 4HP Noiseless peak motor
  • 110 Kgs. max user weight
  • 12 Level auto incline
  • Multi-layered running belt
  • Soft drop hydraulic system


  • Price

3. PowerMax Fitness TDM-9x Series

PowerMax Fitness TDM-9x Series
PowerMax Fitness TDM-9x Series

The PowerMax Fitness TDM-9x is a compact and lightweight DC motorized treadmill which is powered by a 3.5 horsepower motor.

It offers a maximum of 100kg of user capacity. As compared to the above 2 home use treadmills this has a less user capacity. Well, this is a budget treadmill under 20000.

Well, this power max home use treadmill in India is used for space-saving purposes, While it has a foldable mechanism with a manual locking system for extra safety. And for movement or transporting use the wheels. 

Unfortunately, there is no incline feature, So you have to manage without him.

It uses a 5.5mm LCD display and some optional keys for easy use. 

For better running, it has a 5-Layer Anti-Skid running belt with grass texture for decreasing the risk of shock.

Well, this has only 10km/h of max speed While others have 16km/h.  Rathe than it also has the 12 pre-set workout program.


  • Energy-saving motor
  • Running track is comfortable
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Extra safety feature
  • Lightweight Machine


  • Does not provide an incline feature
  • Does not provide an inbuilt voltage stabilizer

4. Durafit Panther 5.5 HP 

Durafit Panther 5.5 HP
Durafit Panther 5.5 HP

As we are known Durafit has a well-known brand in India because of its sturdy, stable, and strong design and function.

On our list, this treadmill has 18 auto incline modes, So here you can do the heavy workouts. Also, it has a max horsepower of 5.5HP and a max speed of 18km/h. Not only that but also this has the highest user capacity of 130kg. 

With a 1330*460 mm wide running surface you work out very comfortably and with there is a Spring Suspension Technology for additional Shock-Absorption. 

It has a 6.5mm large LCD display with function keys. But here you find some extra features like an Emergency stop key with a smooth stop system. Which is a great feature. Also for boost-up workouts, it has a music system embedded.

This Durabfit panther has a hydraulic foldable system and wheels are helps to store it in a small space. This one is a good treadmill for home use purposes.


  • 5.5 HP Peak Output
  • Better Shock-Absorption
  • Ezee-Fold Hydraulic System
  • Spring Suspension Technology
  • Auto Incline Feature
  • 130kg Max Capacity
  • 180km/hr Max Speed


  • Makes a little noise
  • Cost

5. Cockatoo CTM-101 

Cockatoo CTM-101
Cockatoo CTM-101

If you are looking for a home use treadmill that supports a heavyweight person and heaving so many varieties of workout features, then here it is the Cockatoo CTM-101. Great news for big families or those friends who will buy this 130kg max capacity treadmill.

If you are having a more weight person then you have to look for a 150kg user weight treadmill. It handles 2 types of weight such as while running 90kg and Walking 120kg.

It has a powerful DC motor that carries 5 Horsepower, and a max speed of 14.8 Km/h. Well, this is enough power to give a smooth ride to a person weighing upto 120kg. 

On the Durafit panther, you see that the home treadmill has auto incline mode but the machine has a 3 manual incline mode that is efficient for daily use.

All the features you need are there such as a big 5mm LCD, Music features, Bottle holder, tablet holder, heart monitoring, etc. Besides this, it has 12 different pre-set workout programs that help for a beginner level. 

Apart from this, this treadmill comes with wheels and a hydraulic foldable system for moving and folding.

This Cockatoo CTM-101 offers a 3-year motor warranty, 1-year parts warranty & lifetime frame warranty


  • On-spot servicing available
  • Portable and foldable
  • Belt thickness 1.4mm
  • Transportation wheels for easy moving and storage
  • On-console USB Port for charging personal devices
  • 3-level manual incline for customizing workouts
  • Built-in BMI calculator for better tracking of BMI


  • Consume more electricity
  • Average speaker output

6. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09

Lifelong FitPro LLTM09
Lifelong FitPro LLTM09

The Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 has a wide range of surface of 1100 (L) x 395 (W) mm so that the workout or You can do your job comfortably.

Here the surface deck comes with 8 rubber pads so that it can better work while shock absorption. On the other side, it has 100kg of user weight. 

With a maximum capacity of the speed of 12km/hr, and with 2.5 HP Peak motor power, you get a better workout experience. Without any worry of maintenance, you can use this Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, and 1-Year Parts & Labour Warranty.

This machine is easily movable and foldable because it has a hydraulic system and wheels. To push your workout it has embedded a UX and USB inputs with speakers, you can enjoy your favorite songs, podcast, etc.

The Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 has 12 pre-set programs for your better exercise experience. 


  • Rubber pads for shock absorption
  • 90 degrees foldable design
  • 12 preset workouts
  • Free installation assistance


  • Low Max speed capacity
  • Limited incline options

7. Sparnod fitness STH-4200

Sparnod fitness STH-4200
Sparnod fitness STH-4200

On our final list, we have the Sparnod fitness STH-4200 home use treadmill. The Sparnod fitness STH-4200 motorized Treadmill with a 4.5 HP peak DC motor gives both efficiency and the highest speed possible.

It takes less electricity consumption, gives durability, and has a speed range of 1-14 km/hr. Here all types of users can take the advantage. 

Well, this machine has designed such a space-saving foldable design, which has a double spring shock absorption, a Hydraulic lift system, and transport wheels.

With the auto incline mode, you get 5 workout benefits Cardiovascular fitness, Muscle Building, Fatburnning, Increase overall stamina, and Reduced Injury risk.

On the other side, it has a 3-inch LCD display attached with an easy use console and functional keys. It has only 12 preset programs. Also, you can enjoy your favorite songs.


  • Auto Incline Mode
  • Double Spring Shock Absorption
  • Wide Running Area
  • 125kg Max User Weight
  • Three years warranty on motor
  • Consume Less Electricity


  • Price

Conclusion: Best Home UseTreadmills in 2022

Now we are seen all of the best treadmills for home use in India, Now it’s your turn to pick your good one as per your requirement and buy that one.

In my opinion, I would like to suggest PowerMax Fitness TDM-9x Series, well this one is a perfect machine, if you interact to know more about him just go back and check all the specs and compare them to other home workout treadmills.

Ensure that you are careful to read all of the pros and cons of the best treadmill in India and the specs so that you can select the best one.

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