The Ultimate Buying Guide Of An Exercise Bike

If you’re looking for a fitness cardio machine that will help you to get fit, lose weight and improve your overall health without going outside or to the gym, then an exercise bike or cycle is a great piece of fitness equipment to consider your home. But choosing an Exercise bike is not easy.

However, if you are looking in the Indian health and fitness markets, there are a lot of different brands with different types of exercise cycles available with different features at different price ranges. After you are seeing a variety of options you might be confused. Which one to pick up for your home gym.

So, Don’t worry, here we are giving you the buying guide tips on buying the best exercise bike that’s right for you and also perfect for your workout at home.

Following are the quick tips for 

How to buy the best exercise bike for home use

Here are the quick tips on how you can select an exercise bike.

  • Determine your budgets
  • Consider your fitness goal
  • Decide which types of bike you want to be based on your fitness goal
  • Choose the best features

Well, all the features we are discussed in brief in the latter. 

Now let’s see some other interesting things about the Exercise Cycles.

What is a Stationary bike/ Exercise Cycle?

An exercise bike is a piece of cardio exercise equipment that is used for indoor cycling. Yeah, you thought right, the exercise is almost exactly same as the a bicycle. The exercise cycle has the same saddle, pedals, and handlebars. 

The exercise bike is called a Stationary bike / Exercise cycle that you can use to get a great workout at your own home. 

Well, a stationary bike is a type of cardio exercise machine like the Treadmill and Elliptical cross-trainer

Exercise bikes are a great option to invest if you are doing targeted cardio exercises like HIIT. You can also use for to increase body fitness and weight loss and can take training for a cycling event. 

Overall the exercise bike or stationary bike is used for physical therapy because this offer low-impact workouts, and effective cardiovascular exercise, and also it is safe for your health.

What Are the Different Types of Exercise Bikes?

Just coming out from the introduction, on the health and fitness market there 4 types of bikes are available

  1. Upright Bike
  2. Recumbent Bike
  3. Spinning Bike
  4. Mini or Portable Bike

Let’s discuss each of them… 

Upright bike 

As the named suggestion this bike’s seating position is on the upper side, Basically, these bikes are used for a full-body workout, although you can use this bike for only lower body workouts, I wanna suggest you if you’re buying this type of exercise bike then you should use the full-body workout.

In this type bikes come with moving handles, also you got an option to make the handles constant position.

The key thing is that these types of bikes offer you Foldable options for saving storage in your workout room.

Recumbent bike 

This bike is part of indoor cycling which is offer you a seating option. Here the exercise is happening seating on the seat.

This type of bike is only forced on people who have joint problems and back or knee pains.

The Recumbent bikes are the fastest-growing bikes on the market at an affordable price.

The bikes are offered you comfortable and supportive seat and backrest supports, as well as these bikes, offer lower body workouts with less strain on the joints.

Spinning bike

If you are looking for a high-intensity workout then you have to choose the spinning bikes. These types of bikes are for serious athletes, HITT training purposes only. 

These bikes are forced on full-body workouts, as well as on your shoulders, abs, calves, thighs, and hips. Usually, these bikes are found in the training center or the gym. These bikes’ prices are a little high as compared to the other types of bikes.

Here you feel you are on the racing on a road bike while you are cycling. 

Mini or Portable Bike

Coming to the final types, Mini or portable bikes are also called as Under desk exercise bikes. It is smaller in size. 

These are very simple exercise bikes only coming with the pedal, which helps to burn calories.

These bikes are specially used for lower body workouts. These bikes are used by the people who do not have a lot more time or taking the extra challenges to bunning extra calories…

This means this is a multitasking bike means you can do the other thing while you are exercising. 

These types of bikes do not have any seats for seating and handles. You can be doing exercise anywhere at any time.

Why Buy an Exercise Bike?

Now the question is why you should buy an exercise bike for your home gym?

The answer is very simple, these are available in the market at an affordable price, and are very user-friendly.

And the second thing is that these are offered indoor cycling you can exercise at your home without going outside with the polluted air.

Also, there are some other reasons to buy an exercise bike is that it offers a lot of health benefits like losing weight, full-body workout, HITT training, recovery from injuries, joint and knee pain better blood circulation, and maintaining the cholesterol level and another thing is that you can check the running statistics very easy way.

Following are some important factors showing you should buy an Exercise bike

  • You are saved from the Paulated Air
  • No want to the gooing outside so you are risk-free
  • You can exercise at any time
  • Your whole family can exercise 
  • You can save a lot of Money
  • Exercising in private
  • User Friendly 
  • All-weather & anytime you can use

Of course, there are several other health benefits that can motivate you to buy a stationary cycle for your home.

What are the Exercise Bikes Health Benefits? 

If you are buying an Exercise bike then this one is a good investment for our health, this indoor bike offer lot of health benefits to our body. 

Like the Treadmill and Elliptical cardio machine, the Exercise bikes are offered plenty of advantages. 

Following are the some befits and reasons to buy an indoor exercise bike for your home

  • Weight loss and Improve your cardio fitness
  • Exercise Bikes can simulate cycling uphill
  • Full-Body Workouts
  • HITT training
  • Low impact workout
  • Relief from back, knee & joint pain
  • Target multiple muscles
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Increase the cardiovascular 
  • It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
  • It strengthens and tones muscles

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