Gaming Headset vs Normal Headphones: Which is Better?

Guys did you ever think about the gaming headset vs normal headphones (earphones & over-ear headphones) and Why gamers use proper gaming headphones instead of using normal headphones?

Also, both categories of headphones deliver the sound but what makes them different.

Don’t worry guys here we are come for your and clear all your confusion such as…

Question is on your mind

  • How much difference between gaming headphones vs normal headphones?
  • What would be better for you if you are a normal user with a little bit of a gamer?
  • What would be better for you if you are a Professional Gamer?
  • Can you use regular headphones for gaming?

What’s the difference between gaming headphones and normal headphones?

Are you an audiophile or a Gamer?

Then you must know about the difference between headphones and headsets. These are far different from the sky and earth. 

That’s why we are here. As we promise above, here we explain the complete and brief details about them.

The gaming experience comes when the sound is out, which gives only gaming headsets.

Gaming headsets are a type of headphones where that are properly designed for gaming purposes and come with some extra gaming features.

When it comes to the normal headphones, Don’t have any extra features like gaming headsets, these are only for the purpose of listening to music or movies, etc.

While the regular headphones come off, in that category the studio headphones come. These headphones are the type of audio equipment used especially for studio recordings by singers and artists. We cover these topics in the latter.

Come back to our main topics. 

Here we discuss some factors that describe the difference between a gaming headset and regular headphones.

1. Comfort
2. Microphone
3. Surround sound
4. Portability
5. Design
6. Sound customization
7. Noise Cancellation and Noise Isolation

1. Comfort

A boy use a laptop with wear heaphones for long hours with very comfortability

How much time did you spend with your headphones or headset?

2h, 3h, 5h, 10h….?

If we are talking about me, I spent 4-6 hours a day gaming with my Logitech G 633S gaming headset. It gives me more comfort. 

In case regular headphones do not give the perfect compatibility while you use them for such a long time. After a few hours, you may feel your ears are in pain.

But the gaming headsets use very premium soft memory cups, use searchable pads and head straps to offer superior sound quality and comfort.

In the case of regular headphones, they use cheap materials on the ear cups and most head straps are plastic, so they don’t give more comfort.

If you want good regular headphones then you should go with boAt Rockerz 510 & Philips TAPH805BK( premium ) are 2 best over-ear headphones, and deliver you the best comfortability.

The turning point is that you have to choose headphones or a headset that delivers you maximum comfort for a long duration.

So, while you are buying headphones or headsets, you keep in mind the comfort factors such as cup materials (kinds of cotton, synthetics or leather).

2. Microphones


As you all the modern games are given an inbuilt chat system, where one player can talk with the other player or her team members. So, the Gaming headphones come with a mic and headset in one place.

When it comes to the normal headphones, you have to buy a separate mic. Because they are the only purpose for listening to music, so they don’t come with a mic, only the headsets.

However, at the same amount of price you pay, you have got a different product which has a lot of cons( If you buy for gaming purposes).

If you are a gamer then you have to go with the gaming headset otherwise you can buy regular music headphones or you can take the earbuds.

3. Surround sound 

Surround sound which specifies the headset and headphones sound quality or feels on audio which is occurring all around you.

Regular headphones do not give realistic surround sounds. They give normal stereo sound.

But in gaming headsets Surround sound play the main role. He is responsible to gives realistic, lifelike, & Virtual sounds.

In the gaming headsets, they offer a 5.1, & 7.1 surround sound and  Dolby, DTS-X, for listening to the where and which site your enemy is coming from.

The current headphones or earphones are using the APT-X technology designed and developed by Qualcomm, Which delivers you a premium quality sound experience. So that you can enjoy your games and music.

This technology is only used for wireless headphones or earphones. if you want this technology then you take the Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro.

The sound quality is an important factor on headphones or headsets. So you have to check out the quality of the sound while you are buying.

4. Portability

Also, it is another important factor, especially if you’re a traveler. It defines whether your headset or headphones are designed on the basis of foldable mechanisms or not.

The modern headphones and headsets are designed on these mechanisms so that you can easily pack them into your backpack.

5. Design

Design is the best factor, which gives an impressively attractive & cool look to you.

The gaming headphones, it has a unique design which is covered with RGB lights with good colour patterns, a separate design with a mic, and also these are heavier than regular headphones.

Where normal headphones come with a simple design, normal colour patterns and lighter, you can go anywhere wearing them.

This factor depends on you which you have to choose based on your work.

6. Sound Customization

In gaming headphones, there are features that can control your gaming sound, so the gaming headset brand gives its own sound driver. So that you can get better audio quality.

Where most normal headphones come with customization options because these are only for music and movies.

7. Noise Cancellation and Noise Isolation

Noise Cancellation and Noise Isolation process of a headsets and headphones

Both gaming headsets and music headphones come with the best. It offers, in gaming you can listen to the footstep, Enemy coming and gun reloading sounds, and in regular headphones, it helps concentrate on your music or movies or call without listening to the outside barriers.

Now the question is coming… 

Can I Use Normal Headphones for Gaming?

Yes, you can use normal headphones for your gaming, but but but… they can’t offer you better gaming feelings.

As you know gaming headphones are specially designed for gaming so that they can make your gaming better and comfortable.

Congratulations, In the Indian gaming market of gaming headphones brands such as Hyper-x, Alienware, Redgear, SteelSeries are offering the most affordable headset with the best comfortability.

Also, we had listed the best gaming headset based on the price under 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10k and 20k. You can check.

Should I buy a gaming headset or normal headphones for single-player gaming?

As I already told you gaming headsets are deliver the best gaming experience, it doesn’t matter whether you are playing single-player gaming or multiplayer gaming.

Can I use music headphones for gaming?

As I already told you that music headphones are only used in the studio, these headphones do not have the features of gaming headphones.

Should I go for wired headphones or wireless headphones?

It depends upon your purpose of buying. If your purpose for gaming is then recommended you should go with wired headphones because these operate on analogue signals so they offer the best quality sound where Bluetooth has a little bit of delay.

In the case of music, here the choice is dependent upon your use case like if you are travelling then you have to go with wired headphones, in this no worry about changing, 

Otherwise, you can take the wireless headphones, of course, the wireless headphones deliver a high-quality sound. But in my personal opinion earbuds are the best option.

Are gaming headphones good for music production?

No, these are not suitable for music production because they do not have mix and master tune features.

What are some good headphones available in India for gaming and music?

Here we give you some best headphones both for gaming and listening to music purposes with different price levels. (Also you can check out our best headphones list where we categories wired and wireless).

For Gaming For Music
1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core1. JBL Tune 750BTNC
2. Logitech G3352. Sony WHCH700N
3. SteelSeries Arctis 13. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO
4. Logitech G 3314. Sennheiser HD 458 BT
5. Alienware Stereo 310H

Final Word About The Gaming Headset vs Normal Headphones

Okay, these above 7 factors define the gaming headset vs headphones. Hope this will make your decision better when you choose one.

Except for these 7 factors, there are also a lot of other factors that you consider, that are already discussed in our headphones buying guide articles. You also check it.

The main point is that you have to choose headphones or a headset based on your purpose because each headphone or headset is designed for a specific task to give a better performance in their own field.

If you want headphones for your gaming then you have to buy a gaming headset and so on.

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