How To Fix A Treadmill Belt That Is Folded: In 7 Easy Steps

Are you really sad because your treadmill belt has folded and worried about how to fix the treadmill belt? Well don’t worry here we are, there are 7 easy steps that you are followed to fix them.

On No! what happened to my best friend. You must be worrying about your fitness partner. Because you have been using this treadmill for a long time and suddenly the belt of the treadmill is folded.

Fixing this problem of folded, wrinkled, or creased belt is very easy, you think that is very difficult but in actuality, it is not. You just need a directing to do it.

Well, the problem is very normal, you can do this, if you are thinking to speak to a mechanic, they will take thousand of changer to a little bit of problem which is very more, we can afford them. 

So do not think about mechanics you just do it by yourself. You just need a direction on how to do this. You just follow this 7 steps and are done.

Before moving on to the 7 steps let’s know why this problem is happing?

What is the cause that the treadmill belts folding?

If you know the cause of the problem, and why it is happening then the repairing will be easier.

The treadmill is a piece of fitness equipment or machine where you just do your exercise every day. Well, in the universe all machines have a basic operating principle also the treadmill has ie. there a roller which helped to move the belt speed and slow accordingly to the basis of requirements.

However, when you are running on the treadmill and increase your speed then between the belt and roller, friction is created. Well, it is normal as science. Because when two materials are moving together there’s is a force is generated that is called friction.

Because of the more friction, there is more chance that it will be destroyed. 

But in the case of the treadmill, the belt started shifting slightly under your feet. Well, this may be created rippling, creases, or folds on your treadmill belt.

So your belt needs maintenance to maintain a good condition. You can do this on a weekly or monthly basis. Better if you do it once a week.

Can I Fix the Folded Treadmill Belt?

Of course, you can do that, here you just need to identify, what is the problem if the fold bet cause is the belt is folding, creases or ripples then you remove the older belt and replace them with a new one.

However, the problems created if you are using the treadmill may cause ti the other part of the treadmill, others may be damaged or broken.

It will be better if we replace the treadmill belt with a new one then all is ok. You have to do it by yourself. Don’t worry we guide you.

What are the tools required for repairing the treadmill belt?

You are not a mechanic, Who agave all the repairing tools. So our first job is to identify all the tools that are used in the repairing process.

Following are the tools listed that you can collect in your local market or you can buy them online.

Tools Are Used In Repairing Treadmill

  • A flathead, star, or Philips screwdriver
  • An Allen wrench (typically included with the purchase on your machine).
  • Safety gloves.
  • A replacement treadmill belt.
  • Plenty of patience

How to fix a treadmill belt that is folded: In 7 steps

Are to ready to fix the treadmill? Now you are going to do some technical stuff so make sure you follow the safety percussion. Wearing the gloves before outing your hand into the machine, is for safety.

Following are the 7 steps that you have to follow to fix the machine. 

7 Steps To Fix The Treadmill Belt

  • Identify the Problem Side
  • Remove the Motor Cover
  • Find the Rear roller Bolts
  • Adjust the roller
  • Remove the roller
  • Check the Tracking
  • Reassemble the treadmill

Step1- Identify the Problem Side

Our first job is our safety, so wear gloves, and cut the power of the treadmill machine. And the second job Finding the problem with the belt means which side is flooded or which side is more shifting.

Step2- Remove the Motor Cover

The second step is that unscrew all of the front side blots using the screwdriver. And remove the motor cover and place it aside.

Step3- Find the Rear roller Bolts

Next is that identify the bolt of the roller that in are in the rear position of the treadmill.

Step4- Adjust the roller

Here you use the Allen Wrench to lose the roller bolts, if you are seeing the Allen key is missing or lost, go to your nearest hardware shop and take the right size key and come back to your best friend.

Now you put them and screw them in anticlockwise. Make sure you are not overtight the screw otherwise it may cause to the electric motor.

Step5- Remove the roller

If the rolled has damaged or created more problems then remove it and replace them. If you are not replaced it may create the same problem in just 1 or 2 weeks or it can be reducing the machine services life.

How to repair a treadmill belt might be a critical task for you are thinking but if you follow the right instruction it will be a very easy process.

Find the loosened part of the roller then lift off the roller and put the new belt over the roller after you put back the roller in the machine and screw them properly.

Step6- Check the Tracking

Before reassembling the treadmill make sure you check whether all the sensors are connected.

Before reassembling the treadmill make sure you check whether all the sensors connecting wires and the running tracks are ok or not. May chance during the operation we make some mistakes. If ok then move on to the next step.

How to check the Tracking deck?

Well, first you need to start the machine put the low speed, and look at the belt, if it works properly then move to high speed and check if all is ok then move on.

Step7- Reassemble the treadmill

Well now all your job is done, now you assemble the machine and screw them.

How do you maintain your treadmill belt?

Every treadmill user should have to maintain their treadmill on a regular basis. If you don’t take time when the product is needed then it causes problems. If they care then, the treadmill offers a longer service life span.

As you know, Whatever product we use in our regular life, all those products need to be maintained otherwise they can all break or cause problems. So proper maintenance is very important. 

How long do treadmill belts last?

I want to inform you that if you maintain your treadmill service life increasing as long as the motor, belt, etc increase their service life. If you properly maintain a treadmill belt then it can go up to 2 Years and a motor up to 10 years.

Well, the big question is how do we do that?

It is very simple To maintain your product you do a very simple task that takes a very short time.

Tools Are Used In Repairing Treadmill

  • You have to schedule your cleaning every week (The platform and Belt)
  • After That, you use the lubricants between the belt and rollers every 2-3 months
  • If you are a heavy user who does a very intensive workout then you have to do maintenance in a very short period of time.
  • Center the belt if needed
  • Check Whether your belt is tight or overtight

When did I know my treadmill belts were damaged?

As we are discussing the fixing of the treadmill belt, here you have to know how you can know that your belt is worn out?

Before you and the treadmill go to injuries and damage you have to when your bet is damaged, otherwise, both of you suffer from serious body injuries. So it is very important to look up the time.

  • You have to just look up the running surface area and run your hand in here. If your hand has a very smooth surface then the belt needs to change. Well in a very smooth area more friction is generated which allows you to fall down while running or walking.
  • And also look at the belt edges if the edges are coming out then show it is damaged you have to replace the belt.

If your treadmill belt has a warranty then claim the warrant from the manufacturer and the newest one.

Folded Treadmill Belt Fix, Replace & Adjust


How do I fix my treadmill belt on one side?

To fix your one-sided treadmill belt you have to use a hex key. If your belt moves on the left side then using the hex key turn the left side adjusting the bolt clockwise and the right side moves anticlockwise.
In the process you have to in ¼ ration, after that, you check whether your belt is in the center or not. If not then look at the belt check which side has moved and repeated the same process.
Note that if your belt is moved to the right side then you have to turn clockwise of the right adjusting bolt.

Can you overtighten a treadmill belt?

No, you never turn the belt bolt overtighten, it causes problems both for you and your treadmill or you may be injured

How do you know if the treadmill belt is too tight?

Checking if the belt is lifted up or not to the treadmill user means the user has to move on or not, if not or very hard to move on then it indicates the treadmill belt is too tight.

How long do treadmill belts last?

In general, the treadmill belt is lasting 8 months to 1 year but if you can do proper maintenance then it can last up to 2 years. This is amazing.

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