Is 30 Minutes On A Treadmill Enough To Lose Weight?

Are you looking for the answer are 30 minutes on a treadmill is enough to lose weight? If yeas then you are in the right place.

Treadmills are the great exercise equipment that you can use for weight loss and walking in the gym or home gym. Now treadmills are easily accessible everywhere such as companies and workplaces, which is great.

But here is the question is it enough to do a workout on the treadmill for 30 minutes to lose my body weight?

Well, the simple answer is yes. You can do this if you follow a proper diet plan and exercise on a routine based.

If you doing at least 30 minutes of workouts you can burn 300-500 calories, well, it depends on your age, weight, gender, and height.

In the current days, treadmills are getting very papular because these are affordable and the second thing is this is the best equipment that you have become healthy and also you get a lot of other benefits.

Well let’s some of the benefits that you are getting while you are using the treadmill every day.

Benefits of Using the Treadmill Everyday

Okay, let’s see what are the benefits that you are getting.

  1. Reduce Risk Of Heart Attack
  2. Manage Your Weight Better
  3. Maintain a blood Cholesterol Levels
  4. Low diabetes risks
  5. Active your brain and Motivate You
  6. Having Stronger Bones
  7. Catch runners high
  8. Decrease Injuries changes such as knee and joint problem
  9. IMprove your body flexibility

Well if want to know details about the benefits of using a treadmill then you can check our post.

Ok, now let’s see is it possible to lose weight if you are doing 30 minutes of workout every day.

Is 30 Minutes a Day on Treadmill Enough to Lose Weight?

Don’t you have time to exercise? Then you must look at this research paper.

According to the Florida State University research says that if you exercise every day it will increase your life span. Well, they research around 50 countries with 15,000 people.

You can lose weight if you are doing 30 minutes every day. At the end of the result, you will see the result will be unbelievable. This same is also happening to me.

2 years ago I was 120kg, bulky or heavy you can say, I was joined in my local gym center, I go to the center when I am free. Unfortunately, there is no personal coach, it’s my bad luck, But I am doing my exercise. After 1 month I am worried. After all, I didn’t lose my weight, just 2 kg in 1 month because I was not following any diet plan and exercising when I am free.

After that, I lot of research and then put my saving to buy the best home use treadmill. After I panned all my diet plans with my coach and set a routine-based exercise time. Whatever happens, I had to do the exercise in the committed time.

You won’t believe after 1 month I see my result I am in 78Kg with a perfect body shape and good looking.

Well, the main thing is that if you have to commit to improving health and doing 30 Minutes of exercise with your treadmill you may do running or walking.

It’s recommended that you take advice from your trainer. Because different person ar are having different weight, height.

How many steps in 30 mins walk?

Well, if you’re walking on the treadmill then you walking on steps thats good for your health and decrease your sugar and blood pleasure levels.

How much does walking for 30 minutes burn?

Well if you are walking on the treadmill for minutes you lose about – calories. The loss of calories is depending on your weight.

When you do exercise you have to target your self such as you run non-stop for 30 minutes or losing 2-5% of calories. So you can try an intensive workout.

Are you want to lose some extra calories then you can try the following steps

  1. Do some HILLS(Hight Intensive level Workout)
  2. Add Short Interval
  3. Reverse Your Usual Route

How Many Calories Will I Burn in 30 Minutes on a Treadmill?

Weight Intensity Level (30-minutes)Calories Burned
150-160lbsMedium 6mp (10-minute mile)375
160-170lbsMedium 6mp (10-minute mile)400
180-190lbsMedium 6mp (10-minute mile)420
190-200lbsMedium 6mp (10-minute mile)445
200-210lbsMedium 6mp (10-minute mile)465
210-220lbsMedium 6mp (10-minute mile)490
220 plusMedium 6mp (10-minute mile)525

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