Manual Vs Motorized Treadmill: The Truth About Difference

Have you planning to buy a treadmill for maintaining fitness health, then before you go to buy a treadmill make sure you read this article on the Manual Vs Motorized treadmill. Because based on the different health and uses (Heavy Weight of 150Kg, 120Kg or Slim Fit, Used For Only Walking) different treadmills are used. 

Generally in the Indian market, there are two types of treadmills available one is Manual treadmills and the other is Motorized or electric treadmills.

Both treadmills are different from each other where one treadmill is operate with electrics no man force is required to run in the other case human effort is most important to run the machine.

Well, treadmills are having its pros and cons but one most important common thing is that they both give an effective and compatible workout. 

You may be buying the treadmill for home use purposes or running purposes, in this case, you may be confused about which treadmill is best for you?

Don’t worry here we are, In this article, we are giving you compressive details about the differences between manual treadmills and electric treadmills so that you can make your decision very quickly which is best for you and also recommended you some best budgets treadmill in India.

What is Manual Treadmill?

What is Manual Treadmill
What is Manual Treadmill

As the name suggests the Manual Treadmill is a treadmill where a human force her feet on the desk, and then the belt of the manual treadmill started moving. This circle or workout or moves will continue until the human wants to rest.

Generally, a Manual treadmill has two types of flat surfaces one is a flat surface and the other is a curved surface. For Burn faster calories best suggestion is to go with the curved surface manual treadmill. A curved non-motorized treadmill has burned 30% extra calories as compared to a flat surface non-motorized treadmill.

As the Name suggests manual treadmill, here required more energy (Physical power) to run it. So that you can burn more calories by efforting yourself. 

Here you have all the control of the treadmill such as speed, start, stop, etc. 

In my suggestion, if you are wanting very intense workouts then this non-motorized treadmill is best for you. 

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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Manual Treadmill

As you have known in the universe every product has its advantage and disadvantages, same as that the manual treadmill also has.

In the categories of the middle-class family and people behind the purpose of home use, they always need an affordable, good product (having all required features), Portable from a well-known brand. Perhaps they have a choice Manual treadmill. 

Well, these are portable, affordable, don’t require electricity, and are good products. In the following section, we describe briefly a non-motorized treadmills pros factor.

Manual Treadmill Pros

  1. Non-Electrics

You can see here the name of the Manual / non-motorized treadmill which means this machine doesn’t require an AC or DC motor, which means you can save a lot of electricity and its bills. In the reverse, you can use the bills payment on health.

  1. Flat-belt manual treadmills are less expensive:

On the Market flat surface manual treadmill are very less expensive, their cost around 8000-25000, whereas the curved manual treadmill is 1.5lakh starting price.

  1. Increased safety

IN the motorized treadmill the belt is running continuously until you stoped, suppose you fall during the time while you workout you can’t stop that, you can stop if that machine has an emergency stop button. But in the case of a manual treadmill, all the factors like your speed are within your control, or in case you felt down you can easily stop the machine.

  1. Compact Design

The best option for a manual treadmill is these are very compact design, which means you can install it anywhere in your home after use you can easily fold than to save extra space, or you can move the treadmill to install another area.

  1. High-intensity interval workouts:

Well generally athletes have used very high intensive workouts, that can give a curved treadmill. 

  1. Suitable for lower body workouts

As I already told you before the manual treadmill are require more physical muscle power, which means you have to run the machine using your feet. So that you can easily lose weight.

Manual Treadmill Cons

Here we are going to tell you all the drawbacks of a manual treadmill. These drawbacks are specially for a runner

  1. Limited features

Well, the non-motorized treadmill doesn’t have so many features as electric treadmills. For example, manual treadmills don’t have Workout variation, Pre-programmed workouts. Here only focused on the losing fats.

2. Difficult to change Incline

You can set your incline mode on the flat surface treadmills. Once you started your exercise workout, if you want to change your incline you need to stop the machine and set another incline, and then started again.

Well, every time you need to change your incline you have to stop the machine, which is very irritating to do.

3. Muscle and joint stress

As I told you before this cardio equipment requires a lot of physical power, for doing this for a long period your body needs to rest.

4. Less sturdy

In general, these machines are cheap, and the body material is less durable. Make sure while you buy you must check the user’s weight capacity.

5. Speed only stays constant with effort

As you know before the manual treadmill is woked when your conscious effort the deck of the treadmill, forcing continuously it’s too hard.

If you are not effort more your speed will slow which means your weight loss goal will not be complete.

What is Electric/ Motorized Treadmill?

What is Electric Motorized Treadmill
What is Electric Motorized Treadmill

A motorized treadmill or electric treadmill is a very papular modern treadmill that has an electric motor to run the treadmill. Well, these are expensive treadmills most people can’t effort it.

These treadmills are totally different from the manual treadmill, here you don’t need any physical energy to turn them on. Here simple you just press the button the machine will be started and for running you have to set your running speed and the for exercise set your incline mode and preset programs.

Well, this treadmill is very papular in the current days because it has advanced features like LCD display, Preset workout programs, advanced incline modes, shock observation, Hydolick foldable system, more weighting capacity, etc.

These electric treadmills are very speed because they use high-power DC or AC motors.

Following are some factors which are decided electrics treadmill are great and bad.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Electric/Motorized Treadmill

Electric/Motorized Treadmill Pros

Well, these factors are going to decide the motorized are very great machine for a workout.

So without wasting time let’s discuss the factors.

  1. Here You get a More Comfortable Ride

Well, motorized treadmills are usually designed with great comfortability which includes shock absorption and additional cushioning on the running deck, of course, the running area is wide, these factors make you more comfortable.


Highly recommended if you have an ankle, knee, or hip problem then you must prefer an electric treadmill.

  1. You can adjust your incline and speed mode While running

As I told you in the above section the manual treadmill is had the problem adjusting the incline mode while running, but in the electric treadmill case, the problem is solved.

Because these treadmills are having advanced features, so you can change your incline using the digital controller. At the same time, you increase your speed.

  1. Advanced Features

Well, these are very modern treadmills which means they have some special features which make them different from the manual treadmill. The special feature like Inbuilt FAN, music system, LCD, Preset workouts, Emergency stops, and so on.

  1. This Machine is best for longer workout sessions

In the case of the non-motorized treadmill, you can work out for a very short period of time because there you face knee and foot pain issues. But here you can run or jogging for a very long period of time because here you only effort for a workout not for moves the belt.

  1. Use Very Durability Materials

As I told you these machines are expensive, which means here the brand wants to main the brand quality. So in the categories of motorized treadmills, all products have very sturdy materials.

Electric/Motorized Treadmill Cons

On the Other side, the motorized treadmill also has disadvantages. Following are the factors

  1. You Must have electricity

Well as these are motorized treadmills, without electricity the treadmill is nothing. Also, the treadmill is required high voltage, the voltage will be different based on the motor power.

  1. Lack of Safety

As on the manual treadmills, you can stop the machine as you want but here you can’t, it is possible if the machine has an emergency stop button. If the machine doesn’t have it’s more dangerous because the motor will be rotating, and had more chance you may fall.

  1. Bulky 

Dues to electricity there is a heavy machine because it has a high-power motor which is usually very bulky. 

  1. Regular Mantaince

Well for need comfortable riding you have to check all the function of the machines are properly worked or not.

  1. Cost

Because it has a more advanced feature that doesn’t have a manual treadmill so these are costly. 

Differences Between Electric and Manual Treadmills

Factors Which Makes Difference Manual & Motorized Treadmill
Factors Which Makes Difference Manual & Motorized Treadmill

Before you don’t know which treadmill is best you can’t determine which gone be the best option for you.

So, here we are tackling some factors of both sides of manual and electric treadmills and comparing them to determine the difference.

Make sure before you are going to buy a treadmill if you had any confusion about which types of treadmill you have to buy jut look at this following faction you can easily figure out which type is perfect for you.

Build Quality

Well if you are investing a lot of money on the treadmill then you have to want a good quality product. Suppose you less sturdy materials it may not goes for longer periods.

On the other side if you haven’t had much more money to buy an expensive (Motorized treadmill) then you can go with the manual treadmill. 

If you have the misconception that non-motorized treadmills are cheap it means these are the bad product.

Safety features

Our second important factor is safety. Well, this is very important in our life very important, we can’t take any risk. So make sure you check the safety features of both manual and motorized treadmills have or not.

Well, in my opinion, is Manual the best because here you can control all the things such as speed, you can stop at any time.


Well, both treadmills are best in their cost, because one gives a very advanced feature where the other one is not. Make sure you have your budgets, based on your budgets you select the best treadmill.


Although manual treadmills had not any special or advanced features like Preset workout programs, Shock observation, and Hydraulic systems. Etc.


Well in the case of compactibility both treadmills have a space-saving design, a folding system ( Where one has a normal folding mechanism other one has a hydraulic folding system), and wheels for easy mobility.

Workout Impact

As I already told you that manual treadmills are used for an intensive workout but while used after some time you need rest because you do all the things manually.

So my recommendation is you take that type of treadmill which take-off joint issue.

Final Word: Motorized Treadmill Vs Manual; What’s Better?

Well, both treadmill manual and motorized treadmill are has wons pros and cons. However one has more features, more comfortability, etc other has not.

But both treadmills are given great cardio workout sessions. Well, it depends upon you what is your requirement.

Well, manual treadmills are cost-saving and electricity-saving. But it is not for everyone.

If you want some advanced workout with different pre-set workout programs you take a motorized treadmill.


Which Treadmill Is Better For Running Manual Or Electric?

The motorized treadmill is a more effective treadmill for running as compared to the manual treadmill because it has stable performance and sturdy construction where as the non-motorized treadmill is best for lower body parts.

Are manual treadmills better than motorized treadmills?

Well, flat surface manual treadmills are the best treadmill in case of quick weight loss and walking, and for any intensive workout, you can use the curved surface treadmill. Whereas Motorized is also a great feature.

Which treadmill would you recommend for home use?

If you have to plan but a treadmill within a budget then you take a manual treadmill, if you had ready to invest a lot of many and want lot more advanced features then you take motorized treadmill for your home gym.

Can you lose weight with a manual treadmill?

Well, manual treadmills are the greatest option for losing your body weight. In a single word, we can say this exercise machine is a low-cost weight loss machine.

Generally, these machines are taken by those who are in budgets.

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