7 Perfect Recumbent Exercise Bike For Short People In 2022

Are you have short legs and looking for recumbent bikes? Then this article is for you. Here we are going to see the top 7 best recumbent exercise bike for short people.

If you are short, then you know finding a good recumbent bike is usually very difficult today which is comfortable for riding.

Well, In the fitness market there are a bunch of exercise bikes available for all that are not comfortable for everyone. When coming to a specific category like the bike for short legs people or short people then there is a perfect bike is for your perfect Recumbent Bike For Short seniors People.

Recumbent bikes are one the best exercise bikes which offer a safe, low-impact cardio exercise. One of the best features that I love is that even if you are seating you can do your exercise. Also, the recumbent bikes are good for a senior person who wants to do quite hard exercises.

In the Indian Health and Fitness Markets, there are so different exercise bike brands available with different types. 

I had a question for you Had you faced difficulty finding an exercise bike for you? 

If you have then comet down below.

When you are decided to buy a short-person recumbent bike then, there are some key features that you should keep in mind. Notonly this help to find good quality bikes but it also saves your time and money.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Range and Inseam Distance
  • Distance to Controls
  • Height of Media/Book Rack
  • Placement of Pulse Sensors
  • Height of Frame
  • Handlebars and Seat Fully Adjustable

Okay, let’s jump to our topic…..

Best Recumbent Bike for Short People

Recumbent Bike for Short PeopleBuy Now
1. Durafit Glider bikeCheck On Amazon
2. Kobo RB-1 MagneticCheck On Amazon
3. COSCO FITNESS CEB-240RCheck On Amazon
4. Aerofit AF 662 RCheck On Amazon
5. Viva Fitness KH-724Check On Amazon
6. COSCO FITNESS CEB 70 RCheck On Amazon

Recumbent Exercise Bike for Short People (Our Review)

Budget Priced Recumbent Bike (under 25000)

1. Durafit Glider bike indoor cycling bike

Durafit Glider bike

On the forest list, we have the Durafit Glider Bike, a premium design exercise bike for short legs. This bike notonly have premium features but also the price is very budget.

The bike has all the sessional features which are needed for a short person such as adjustable distance with seat and handler adjustments.  According to your comfort, you adjust your seat. 

This Durafit recumbent bike is Stable and Strong and can handle up to 100kg of user weight. 

Speaking about the consultation quality, very good construction quality. The product frame is built with stainless steel which is very sturdy.

After that, if you face any problem or issue with your exercise bike contact the manufacturer and replace it. Here you get a 6 months Labour Warranty and 1-year Door-Step Warranty on parts and a Lifetime Frame Warranty. So no worry about the damage or issue.

With the 5 kg flywheel, it comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance both are helping you to get fit.

Also here you get some special features like the display module which will help you measure your Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, ODO & Pulse sensor. With your exercise, you can enjoy movies and songs.


  • Study Construction
  • Easy Adjustment Seat
  • Body Fat Analysis Feature
  • Bi-directional pedaling
  • User weight capacity: 100kg
  • Tablet and Bottle Holder
  • Value for money
  • Smooth riding


  • Not compatible with fitness apps

2. Kobo RB-1 Magnetic

Kobo RB-1 Magnetic

On the second list we added the Kobo RB-1, it is a magnetics manual recumbent exercise bike for short legs people. 

With the budget cost, the brand Kobo offers an impressive set of features based on your need.

From the Kobo brands, this recumbent bike is of good quality in both frame and construction. It’s sturdy and stable during exercise. You have a good experience on these bikes.

Talking about the design, it looks very premium with the black color. You make like this color. The seats are very comfortable and adjustable in both height and angle and are economically well good design.

 As I told you the Kobo is designed for this bike with your requirements means here you can adjust your seat according to your comfort.  The bike comes with 7 positions adjustable system. Even a taller person(over 5 feet ) can use this bike very comfortably at Home.

The bike Experience is very smoother with the 5kg flywheels. Its 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance and the 2-way rotation help to get hander workouts. 

Coming to the pedals and handlebars, the pedals are comfortable and adjustable as well as the handles bar had a pulse sensor which helps to measure your pulse during the exercise.

In addition, it had an LCD screen and a tablet holder so you can entertainment while exercising.


  • Assemble is very easy
  • Flywheel is smooth
  • 2-way rotation
  • Seat adjustability
  • Preset Workout Programs


  • No smart Features



There is another exercise bike that I recommend COSCO fitness CEB-240R. It is an Indian exercise bike that is based on the Dehli only focusing on fitness equipment and sports accessories.

If you look at the bikes the bikes look high-end premium and too short for exercise bike. The CEB-240R comes with a unique design and wider seat support adjustability. 

Well, this is a manual exercise bike that has 4kg of flywheels that rotates in forward and backward directions. On the other hand, the bike has an LCD display which will help you track all your fitness activities. 

The bike is specially designed for a short person also if you are facing any knee injuries then you can use this bike without any problem.


  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation.
  • Meter and Hand pulse sensor
  • Suitable for Short people 6 feet


  • 1-year warranty

High-End Recumbent Bike

Now coming to the little bit of higher price short leg recumbent exercise bikes.

4. Viva Fitness KH-724

Viva Fitness KH-724

In the high-end recumbent bikes, we listed the Viva Fitness KH-724 exercise bikes. The short-leg bike comes from the Viva Fitness brands which a good health and fitness brands in India.

If you need a bike then this recumbent bike is perfect for you because it has loaded with all the features that your need for your exercise like wheels for easy movement, adjustability features, preset workout programs, and also supports 110kg of maximum user capacity.

Usually, the bikes weigh 41 kilos which are heavier, so the Viva gives 2 wheels so that you can move or take this bike from one place to another.

The build quality is awesome, the handler has a heart rate sensor in build and is foam coated which protect you from sleepy.

When you are riding on this bike you never complain, because the brand Viva is completely focused on your comfortability.

Apart from this, the bikes have magnetic resistance with 8 levels of tension and 6 kg of flywheels. With all the complete systems you got an extremely high-quality exercise experience.


  • Very effective and easy to use
  • Wheels Features for easy transport
  • Adjustable seat
  • Ahsyatbele pedals
  • The safe and stable exercise machine


  • Assemble is a little bit difficult
  • Littlebit of heavier

5. COSCO FITNESS CEB 70 R upright exercise bike


We had listed another COSCO brand bike that is CEB 70R. Also these 70R recumbent bikes.

This bike is one of the best recumbent bike for someone under 5 feet.

The CEB 70R is stand out on the market because of its unique styles, entertainment, and comfort features.

If you look at the bikes the bike has a wider backrest supporter which helps the exerciser to get rest. As well as it has a comfortable handler and pedals. The pedals are adjustable so you rest your leg very comfortable.

Also the Indian fitness brand COSCO takes care of safety, the pedal has a good build strap that holds feet comfortably for a longer period of time without any falling during high-speed exercise.

On the other hand, it has a feature that ie, it has a 6-inch of LCD monitor which helps to measure and display the user exercise progress data on the display.

Through the sensor, the display can display the distance, time, calories, heart rate, and other cardio information.


  • Good Build Quality and Design
  • Heart rate On the Handler
  • Cheap recumbent bike.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Fits most users up to 6’6’’ tall.
  • Easy to transport and move around


  • Customer support



On the last list, we listed the HERCULES FITNESS exercise bike which is one of my favorite recumbent exercise bikes that I used in my apartments.

Only only do I recommend this bike but also the Amazon potential buyer recommends this bike is a very good bike that offers an excellent workout experience in Home Gym.

In the best exercise bike for seniors article, we recommended this bike you can check that article if you need it for any of your family senior members.

Of the 6 listed exercise bikes, this bike has the maximum user weight support capacity which is 130kg. 

The bike is fully manual and operates with the magnetics system. No worry about the compatibility because it offers both height and angle seat adjustability as well the pedals also support an adjustability strap.

Apart from that, you get a  single windows display vehicle that helps you to get data on your fitness such as time, distance, heart rate, calories, and speed.

These Recumbent Bikes is the best bikes for Short Legs person who are hunting for the best and most comfortable recumbent exercise bikes for short females in India 2022.


  • Premium design and build quality
  • Transport wheels
  • Smooth riding
  • Adjustable seat
  • 130kg of max user support
  • Suitable for people up to 6’6 and below heigh peoples


  • Manual Indoor Cycles
  • No Bluetooth Connectivity

What are Recumbent Bikes?

A recumbent exercise bike is one type of cardio fitness exercise equipment that offers cardio and full workout exercise with a comfortable setting position and backrest supports.

These types of bikes are a special type of exercise bike which is perfect for seniors, short people, and who are suffering from any injuries or back pains problem. 

Also, there are special categories of people who have used these bikes whose are want less hard cardio exercise.

Leave all of them, and come back to our main topic…

Had you ever thought that why the recumbent exercise bikes are recumbent for the shot legs people and the senior?

Here are the answers…

Why are recumbent bikes good for short people?

The simple answer is that these bikes offer seat angels adjustability which is needed for short people to adjust them with their comfortability.

How to choose the best recumbent bike for short people?

In 2022, The Indian health and fitness market is very competitive, a lot of brands are doing to war to capture the major markets, so they build a lot of different exercise bikes and deliver them to the markets and terrier target audience. 

Choosing the best quality bikes is more changing!

So, Now the question is how you can choose a good quality recumbent bike for you?

Don’t worry the Top10gadgets.in the team is here we are always helping you to get your best and quality product at a cheap price.

Within a very short period of time, the task is very difficult, but there is one way to save time. That are now the key features or factors of your exercise bike that we are discussing in the following section.

What feature you should look for when you are buying a Recumbent bike for short-leg people?

Following are the few main key factor that you have to look for while buying an exercise bike for short legs person.

1. Weight capacity

Weight capacity is one of the major factors in exercise bikes, Different peoples have different weight capacities, so before buying a bike you knew your weight, and based upon your weight you have to choose a 20kg extra capacity bike. 

2. Placement of Pulse Sensors

Pulse sensor or heart rate monitoring sensor is also having a main role in workouts. During the workout, you have to check your heart rate, so that not go cross your max level. 

So before taking it, you have to look at whether the bike has the pulse sensor on the handler or not.

3. Height of Frame & Durability

After that, you also have a look at the build quality and the durability of the bikes. The best way to check is to test the bikes at the lowest and the max speed.

4. Handlebars and Seat and backrest are Fully Adjustable

For a short person, comfortability is more important. Because theory has short legs, the leg should reach out to the pedals. Also when you test the bikes you knew your comfortability.

These are all the essential factors that you looked for. Also, there are a lot of other factors that you are looking for. You can check them in our complete details about the exercise bikes article.


Here we see the best 6 recumbent bikes which are perfect for the short person. In the current competitive markets finding the best quality bikes is a more changing task. 

But you don’t worry because we worked for you and after a lot of research we listed the top 6 exercise bike in the both biggest and high-end price categories segments.

If I talk about the 6  exercise bikes all are very well and also very comfortable to exercise at your home. If you want to buy then pick up one out of 6 it is right for you.

If I talk about myself, my recommendation is that HERCULES FITNESS. I picked up this bike is, I used this bike it is very comfortable and also had all the needed features that I needed.

Okay, it’s my choice, which one is yours lets comment down below.

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