Symphony hicool i 31-liter air cooler with remote [Expert Review]

symphony hicool i 31-liter air cooler with remote

symphony hicool i 31-litre air cooler with remote


  • 31 Liter Water Tank
  • Ice Chamber
  • Honeycomb Pad
  • Multistage Air Purifications
  • Caster Wheels
  • Water Level Indicators
  • Low Power Consumption

In India Top 10 air cooler section Symphony always holds its position because of its high-quality product and performance. In this summer season if you are wondering to buy the best high-quality air cooler symphony hicool i 31-liter air cooler with remote must-have in your list definitely.

Symphony hicool I since its launch date it satisfies millions of peoples in India, based on data on various e-Commerce platforms.

This symphony hicool i is a popular and best personal air cooler which has trusted value for 4 years, so the company Symphony doesn’t change this model.

Here we cover all the details about the hicool 32litre air cooler and the specifications and the functions. So without losing time lets us see the Symphony hicool i 31-litre review. 

Symphony hicool i 31-litre air cooler review in India 2021

Following the key factor of the Symphony hicool i, read carefully this review key factors will help to make the decision to buy this unique air cooler or not.


  • Value for Money
  • I pure technology with a multi-stage filter
  • System Restore Function
  • SMPS Technology
  • Auto shut off Timmer
  • Ice chamber
  • Empty tank Alarm
  • Water level indicator
  • Low power consumption
  • Dura-pump Technology
  • Durability
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Remote Control
  • Inverter Capable


  • Very Little noise as compared to other
  • Best Product but for a small room
  • 2 Swings
  • Average Quality

Design & Build Quality:

Generally, the personal air cooler is designed basically on lightweight portability, so all the air cooler uses a plastic body. 

Also, this symphony hicool i personal air cooler is made up of Plastic, so this is a lightweight air cooler that has 9 kg of weight. As compared to the other symphony personal air cooler this hicool is very lightweight.

As we know this is a portable personal air cooler, as a point of portability this hicool i 31 comes with 4 caster wheels so that you can easily move anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Taking Coverage Space:

As this is a personal  air cooler this will cover 50 cubic meters of your room


Where in the Indian markets air cooler is comes with a white cooler, also this has.

Power consumption:

This air cooler has consumed low power as compared to the other air cooler in the market. Where this has taken 185 watts of power and the fan operational voltage is 230 V/50 Hz. 

Nowadays all electronic product comes with inverter compatibility, You are lucky, also this has to support inverter power so that you can save a lot of electricity.


It is named cool, which means that this has come with a large water tank that can able to store up to 31 liters of water.  It is a personal desert air cooler so you are using cooling for long hours without any tension of water fill.

You can fill the water in the backside, there is a cap, you should open it and fill the water. It takes such a little time as compared to the symphonies of other model air coolers.

Air Blower:

The blower is good and powerful and has a good air throw distance, so you can enjoy the cool air. To run a blower you need a ventilator which means you can open your windows on your homes so that this can give much more cooling air.

it is normal that the cooler is run with water,  if you don’t give validation then the room humidity will be increased.

Ice chamber:

The side section has a water or ice chamber fill. you need to open the cover and then fill, the 31-liter tank. 

Water Level Indicator:

On the front side, it has the water level indicator, you can see and control the water level.

Also, it has a discharge section on the backside, if the water level is overloaded then this will help to discharge the water level.

Display User Control Panel:

On the upper side is button control, which includes power, fan, cool, empty tank alarm, swings, timer, a sensor to use remotely, fan indicator, cooling indicator, power, swing, and timmer indicator.

It has 3 fan indicators which indicate the fan is on low, medium, and high. 


It has come with 2-way swings. You can do left-to-right swings with a switch but the up-to-down swing does manually. Whereas in the market other air cooler has 4 wings. This is one of the cons of this hicool i air coolers.

Auto Shut Off Feature:

Where this is to use an SMPs technology which helps to automatically shuts-off the cooler during frequent voltage fluctuations. Ans also has a timmer option to set the timing to short of where it has 1, 2, and 4 hours for automatically stopping.

Symphony Cooler Remote control:

Nowadays time to play with technology. Where this air cooler has both a button controller as well as a remote controller, The remote quality is good, you can control all the features which have this air cooler display such as power, swings, timer, and fan but does not have any indicators on the remote.


Use this hicool I filter is very good. This hicool I use the multistage filtering system which is power by i-pure technology. This filtering technology commonly used by every air cooler. 

Symphony Hicool Cooling Pad:

Where If you want cooling air just press the cool button and it air cooler pump will be run and give cooling through the water. This air cooler use dura pump technology which gives a long-lasting 

On the backside, this has all the filters, a 1 st dust filter and comes with wide honeycomb pads, Which gives long-life durability, It is easily removable, you can easily wash it.

Advanced Feature:

One the feature which makes this air cooler different from others. It has System Restore Function features. You can use the previous set setting while you return to this air cooler any time. 

What My Choice:

Really this system restore function feature is very cool, Because of this feature I love this. Basically, I am a lazy person, I am irritated to do the same setting repeatedly. So I buy this Symphony hicool i air cooler.


Normally air cooler brand gives 1 year of manufacture defect warranty. Also, this has.

Symphony hicool I Air Cooler Remote control Price:

As the last, we talking about the Symphony hicool i 31 litre air cooler Remote control Price is under budget. This is an under 10000 budget personal air cooler.


No need for any maintenance, general you have to do only the air filter wash twice a week and clean the fan.


So guys this is the model Symphony hicool I, I hope you like it and get all your valuable knowledge. And find what you want from this.

I hope this knowledge of information will help to buy this.

In my opinion, I love this System Restore Function features, SMPS technology, Auto Short off Timmer, very lightweight, Simply outlook modern design, and the touchable control panel

Here we give all the product relate home appearance, kitchen and headphones gadgets reviews if you love then stay connect with us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to clean symphony hicool i air cooler?

There is no need for any maintenance, only you have to clean the air filter twice a week and clean the fan. So that you will get fresh cooling air every day.

 To clean your symphony hicool i air cooler just follow the instruction

1. First, you have a screwdriver and take it and open the 2 screws (which are in the top section) of the air filter ie. is in on the backside of the air cooler. 
2. And secondly, remove the air filter from the air cooler, 
3. After that you remove the main air filter, to open it you just tap the 2 clams on both sections on the top side, 
4. And finally, just wash the dust through a vacuum or other.
5. To clean the fan, same as the above instruction as it is.

How to fill water in Symphony HiCool air cooler?

This is a simple and easy process. Follow the instruction to fill water.

1. First, you take the water to fill the tank
2. Open the tank cover to fill 
3. And fill up the water into the tank 
4. Also, check the water level indicator whether the tank full or not.

How do you put ice in a symphony air cooler?

To put ice into the air cooler same as fill up water.
1. First, you take the ice to fill the tank
2. Open the tank cover to fill 
3. And fill up the ice into the tank 

Which symphony cooler is best for a room?

As we talking about in the above section this symphony hicool i air cooler with remote is the best air cooler for the room, personal use, study and you can use it indoor and outdoor.

Can symphony hicool i air cooler works well without damage to the product even having no water in it?

Yes, this air cooler automatically switches off the cooling pump when the water tank of the air cooler is empty. And the notification light in the display user panel of water will be bling up continuously. So that this air cooler works well without any damage.

Why it is called HI – COOL?

This is Hicool because this symphony model gives a very high cooling air as compared to others. It has a cooing controller switch on the user panel, while you on this button the pump will be run automatically to give a very cool air. This is a cool feature in this symphony hicool i model.

what is the difference between diet cooler and this one?

The main difference is that the symphony hicool i work on Dry And Humid weather, whether the diet cooler is normally used.

Will the Humid controller help to reduce humidity?

Yes, this air cooler will helps to reduce the humidity of 50 below.

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