Are you serious about your health? If yes, then checkout our new article that will help you to make the decision to buy a perfect and Best Full Body massage Chair in India 2021. It may save your qualities time and so much money.

Nowadays health is most important for a human being. After work all day, Our body needs rest and to relax. To get this a perfect way is take a l massage. 

Where you can go to a massage spa, but this takes a lot of quality time and money. The better solution is one-time investment to get the best full body massage chair machines.

To find out the best massage chair in India is too much difficult for you, But don’t worry, Here We are, Out will expert will give the best hand best full body massage chair reviews or you can checkout out Buying Guide, which will help you to pick up a perfect one in Indian market 2021.

Apart from that, in addition, we have listed our top 5 best full body massage chairs in India, below. We will pick the best top-brand massage chair in the Indian market in 2021.

Without wasting your quality time let’s start.

List of  TOp 5 Best Full Body Massage Chair In India

  • JSB MZ21 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair for Home CHECK PRICE
  • JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office CHECK PRICE
  • Bodyfriend BFK-9090 Chair (Leather, Brown) CHECK PRICE
  • JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home Full Massage CHECK PRICE
  • Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair CHECK PRICE

JSB MZ21 4DBadge Text

  • 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity with SL Track Massage
  • Multiple Controls 
  • Promotes blood circulation

JSB Mz16

  • 5 Auto Modes
  • Two Modes Memory
  • Zero Gravity Massage 

Bodyfriend BFK-9090

  • Multiple Air Bags in all parts of the chair
  • Zero gravity Heavy Duty Chair
  • 4D Technology Automatic Body Scan

Full Body Electric Shiatsu

  • 7 Massage Modes
  • Smart body scan technology
  • 100% tested before leaving the factory.

Robotouch Urban

  • Zero Gravity Float feeling
  • Speed adjustable
  • Multiple position massage
  • Air pressure intensity adjustable

Buying Guide: Best Full Massage Chair in India

Pick up the best massage chair is too difficult in the big Indian market. The full-body massage chairs are luxurious, so before you buy a massage chair, you should check the following factors. 

The following Buying guide will help you to pick up a chair without any problem, wasting quality time and money.

1. Chair Size and Space

What is your Chair Size Requirement for a massage chair?

Generally the massage chair heavy and weighs, so it takes a lot of space in your home or office area.

Normally massage chairs are taking 18-24 inches clearance, SO that before you should check once the product description.

Nowadays some massage chair manufacturer delivers chair with included space-saving technology.

2. Weight

How Much Does the Massage Chair Weight?

Normal massage chairs have around 20kg weight but in the case of heavy massage chairs, there are around 45-140kgs weights.

3. Roller Tracks

Which Roller Track you should to Choose?

Mainly massage machines have 2 types of roller one is S track and another is L track.

While the S track roller moves in the shapes of S on your back but L track rollers are movies up and down.

Most of the massage chair has S track rollers.

4. Massage Styles

Massage chairs come up with 5 massage styles as Tapping, Kneading, Shiatsu, Rolling, and Advanced Styles. Each and every massage comes with different massage chairs.

5. Types of Massage Chairs

In the Indian market, there are 5 types of massage chair available, is Zero Gravity, Recline, Full Body, Ottoman, and Chair/Seat Pad.

As you know in this article we give a detailed review of the best full-body massage chair in India 2021.

6. Coverage

Massage coverage means, how much body part massages by the massage chair. So, What Parts of the Body Does it Massage?

It includes the Head, Foot, Nake, Hip, and ARM Massager.

Please attention…

You should look for a massage chair that has full body massage coverage, so you can get the full body part massage.

7. Recall/Memory

This will helps to store which types of massage are favorite, and your massage speed. This setting helps save quality times.

8. Height Range

Normally the massage chair is 6 feet or above. You should choose according to your requirement.

9. Customer Reviews

Before you buy, must check the previous buying customer review, this will help you to find a quality, durability, and best product.

I recommended you take always a minimum of a 4-star rating massage chair.

10. Massage Intensity

The massage intensity gives you pressure and intensity according to your body requirement. The intensity of the massage chair depends upon the motor. It varies on the different brands.

Best Full Body Massage Chair Reviews

1.JSB MZ21 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair for Home


JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Stress Relief With Soft Rollers Music Bluetooth

  • Wireless Remote Controller 
  • Voice recognition
  • Neck to Foot Massagers with Back Heating Pad
  • 79 air bags and soft rollers
  • Auto mode Rhythm

Whereas  You talking about the full body massage chair  in the Indian market the first name comes with the JSB mZ21, it is the highest rated product on the amazon review section.

What is a 4D massage chair?

It is a luxurious 4D deluxe massage chair made by the JSB healthcare. The 4D technology can help to adjust speed as well as the 4D L-track rollers provide deep tissue massage to the massager.

In other words the JSB  MZ21 full body massage chair machine offers the ultimate destination to relieve your body stress.

It has nearly 70+ air bags and a soft L track roller that will destress yourself. Also it has included a back heating pad, helps to massage your backbone.

What is a zero gravity massage chair?

The Zero gravity massage chair provides a better massaging experience. From the 6 categories massage chair style ,The JSB MZ21 is one of them, It is a full body massage chair.

This massage chair machine has also included some special technology features such as Voice recognition,Quick access remote, Wireless remote and bluetooth for music, Gives feel like a real modern world without any stress.

Here you can easily adjust your footer height, it’s an auto mode. Also you can change your shoulder height as your comfort.

Control Panel

The JSB MZ21 4D best full body massage chair reviews India 2021 comes with both automatic and manual customize control panel. While you can fit an automatic timer to shut off the massage session.


Whereas the JSB MZ21 4Ds 4th auto mode is rhythm, which is a soothing mode involving soft massaging strokes and airbag massage to relieve muscle ache, you may also try this mode.

Available Colour

You don’t have much more option, here this MZ21 4D comes with 2 different colours one is Grey black and second one is Coffee Brown.


This massage doesn’t have cons, it means this is the best full body massage chair machine in India 2021. If you are looking for a  luxurious best massage chair, You should take it.


  • 4D Technology with L Track roller
  • Smart features 
  • Wireless Remote Controller 
  • Voice recognition
  • Neck to Foot Massagers with Back Heating Pad
  • 79 air bags and soft rollers
  • Auto mode Rhythm
  • Best High-end full body massage chair in India


  • Nothing

2. JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office

JSB Mz16

JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair

  • Luxury 3D Space Saving Design
  • 5 Auto Modes
  • Zero Gravity Massage 

JSB Health care is one of the largest and also trusted Full Body Massage Chair manufacturing brands in India which provides its services last 35 years.

Now JSB introduces its newest product JSB Mz16 Fully body massage chair which comes with lots of new features and a 3D Space-Saving Design.

JSB Mz16 Made in this way you can use it for both office and Home Use with minimum space required. This would the best for you if you want to relieve pain from back pain, joint pain, and other simulating disorders.

We Place JSB Mz16 number 1 position on our list after comparing several points with other massage chairs in this price segment.

The massage chair has a unique urban class design and shapes to match the interiors of your living room. This full-body relaxation chair is specially designed to save space in your living room bedroom or gym. Unlike traditional massage chairs, it requires just three fingers face from the wall to recline also it is available in two color variants black and red.

The zero-gravity massage whereby your feet are above your heart and your spine is under minimal stress as per scientific research in the past this is an ideal position for stress relief.

Mz16 we must say a complete full body massage chair comes with Six positions Type like Kneading plus tapping, shiatsu, tapping  knocking kneading and airbag Compress.

Features :

  • JSB provides 22 airbags
  • You Experience Zero gravity massage
  • Designed in this way you get Full body massage facility
  • In this price segment, you will get all premium features.


  • Soothing Heat
  • Foot Rollers more Effective
  • Luxury 3D Space Saving Design


  • No brochure is provided
  • Not suitable for commercial purposes.

3. Bodyfriend BFK-9090 Chair (Leather, Brown)


Bodyfriend BFK-9090 Chair (Leather, Brown)

  • 4D Technology Automatic Body Scan to suit different height persons
  • Zero gravity Heavy Duty Chair
  • 50 airbags in all parts of the chair.
  • Bluetooth Music Play 
  •  Multiple options for head massage

Bodyfriend BFK-9090 is a 4D massage chair manufactured by the reputed company INDOBEST HEALTH and packer by Bodyfriend, which is growing it’s popularity for quality and unique product with awesome design and customer support.

In This Price Segment other companies don’t provide the Head Massage, but Bodyfriend Provide multiple options for Head massage which make this product different and unique from others.

BKF-9090 Comes with various positions of massaging like shiatsu kneading. Flapping, knocking, simultaneous kneading, and flapping. You can manually massage your upper part of the body with three options, fixed, partial, and overall massage, with five levels of speed adjustable in the state of flapping, shiatsu, and knocking.

  • 4D Technology Automatic Body Scan to suit different height persons
  • Zero gravity Heavy Duty Chair
  • 50 airbags in all parts of the chair.
  • Bluetooth Music Play 
  •  Multiple options for head massage


  • Complete body massage chair from head to feet.
  • Deeper massage as compared to others
  • Head massage Option Available
  • Bluetooth music system.


  • No option to stop the back massage

4.JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home Full Body Pain & Stress Relief


JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home

  • Multiple airbags that cover the entire body
  • Extendable footrest
  • Foot roller
  • Thermal therapy on the back
  • Compact design
  • Zero Gravity Experience

While talking about the best massage machine, the First name comes to JSB, this is the leading massage chair manufacturer and supplier in India.

The manufacture delivers a lot of massage chairs into the Indian market, But JSB MZ30 is one of the best full-body massage chair in India 2021. 

This is the best massage machine for good blood circulation, pain relief, and much more. To know all the details stay tune…

 Here we give JSB MZ30 the best full body massage chair reviews in detail.

Rollers and Airbags

The JSB MZ30 massage chair has desiccated 8 rollers on the upper body of the machine to gives relaxation to our neck and back.

Also, this has come with customizable rollers that you can adjust the foot roller as your comfort fit.

Further this, also it has several airbags to give more comfort to your shoulder, arms, Muscle, Calves, and feet.

Power Consumption

Electric Power is most important for a massage chair, without any power it is just like a sofa.

The JSB MZ30 consumes 120w with 240V electricity. According to the JSB statement, This MZ30 takes more power than the MZ models.

Wired Remote Control

In modern days manufacture use Morden technology, But the MZ30 come with a wired remote controller, where you can control the massage chair features, it is easy to use for any age people.

3D Massage Technology

The JSB MZ is a 3-dimensional massage chair, where a modern massage chair comes with 4D. 

The 3D technology help to adjust the massage presser intensity of the massager.

 It also gives accurate body scans and decides more comprehensive massage or not.

Yoga Stretch

One of the best features of JSB MZ30 is Yoga Stretch, It is a programmed yoga sequence for pulling and pushing. Its stretch feature is amazing and flexible, its main benefits are weight loss and improve body flexibility.


The MZ30 included 3 auto mode massaging features designed for specific areas, like back & Nake massage, and for the home and office areas.

Zero Gravity Experience

Although every massage chair has a Zero-gravity feature, it achieves a better, easy relaxtion

This feature gives the feel like, you have a weens fly in the sky.


This is a multi-featured massage chair like lack of exercise, extreme stress, and lack of flexibility result in developing body pain. It this perfect for home and for your office area massaging. In another word, we say this is the best full-body massage chair in India 2021.


  • Full Body Relaxation Technique
  • Automatic Feature
  • 14 massage roller
  • Multiple airbags that cover the entire body
  • Extendable footrest
  • Foot roller
  • Thermal therapy on the back
  • Compact design
  • Zero Gravity Experience


  • Very Few Auto Modes
  • Not Perfect fit for long legs people

5. Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Robo Touch Urban

RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

  • ne button recline
  • Multiple position massage
  • Convenient storage box

The robotouch full body massage chair is our 4th lister product of Top 5 best body massage chair in india. The Robo Touch Urban chair Also a Premium and stylish massage chair in this segment and also comes with various massage moad like kneading, flipping,kneading ,shiatsu, knocking etc.

The manufacturer provides its services all over India and the customer support is pretty good . All products come with one on site warranty .

Zero gravity Floating Feeling Uses NASA technology to release the pressure of the whole body. 

You can adjust its speed slow, middle and strong at different speeds for different massage feelings.

All over the chair 20 pieces of airbags are provided by the company and 3 levels of air pressure intensity adjustable, relaxing feelings for shoulders to feet.

The use of Robo touch urban is very simple. You only plug and use the massage chair, when the power goes it automatically changes its position to normal position.

It is a complete package you body massage chair in this price range


  • Zero gravity Floating Feeling Uses NASA technology
  • One button recline
  • Multiple position massage
  • Convenient storage box


  • No explicit mode for foot massage


Thank You …. For reading this  reviews and buying guide.

Forget about the doctor, Now you have a perfect solution to deals with your stress, body pain, and anxiety. The solution is the best full-body massage chair machine.

Yeah, These are luxurious massage chairs, but also this massage chair can help you to maintain your health fit.

This is your one-time investment, so before you tacking the decision to buy the best massage chair in India please research on that massage chair.

If you don’t have enough time just check our best-listed product in the about section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are massage chairs worth the money?

Yes, the massage chair is a good one-time investment for health. The massage chair is very expensive, but trust me this will give you relationally, de-stressed your body, and relieve your back pain. Massage chairs make your life super easy.

Which brand of massage chair is the best?

In my personal opinion Brand doesn’t matter, it’s your mindset, Best brand means the best product. You always take products with their functionality, features, durability with the quality of product, and some other factors.

But some massage chair brands in India are always producing the best quality products, as customer requirements. So here are JSB, Bodyfriend, RoboTouch, kasmoCare, and Captolife.

What is the best full body massage chair?

JSB MZ21 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair for Home
JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office
Bodyfriend BFK-9090 Chair (Leather, Brown)
JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home Full Massage
Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

How much does a full body massage chair cost?

Actually, massage chairs are luxurious, the price range of the best full body massage chair in India starts from 10000. This high-end product gives much more features.

Is it bad to use a massage chair too much?

Yes, this is bad, to use too much time is not good for your body. It can be damage some of our tissue.

Is a massage chair good for health?

Yes, of course, The best massage chair can reduce your stress, body pain, and also back pain, improve blood circulation, muscle recovery. But these are too expensive, I suggested if you have money then go for it.

How do I choose a massage chair?

You always consider 7 buying factors to choose the best massage machine are feature, Location to carry to your home, Price, Durability, Warranty, customer reviews, Our expert review. Also, you can check our Buying guide

What is the difference between 3D and 4D massage chairs?

Where talking about the 4D it has some additional features ie. it can automatically control the roller and rotate as possible as. But in the 3D case, it tracked your body and so more.

How does a massage chair work?

The working of a full body massage chair varies to the chair type – it can be a Vibrating chair or Roller massage chair or airbag massage chair.

Vibrating Massage Chairs:
Massage chairs come with motors for vibrations, which can be made happy.

Roller Massage Chairs
It comes with rollers that are aligned behind the lining of the chair.

Airbag massage chair.
These are the most advanced massage chairs  of all come with expandable airbags inside the cushion

Is a massage chair bad?

No, it is good for your health. It can reduce your muscle pain to relaxation
In the case of pregnancy leady, don’t use a massage chair it’s bad for your and your child’s health.

How long should I sit on a massage chair?

You should sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Do massage chairs actually work?

A good massage chair will help to relax your muscles and flow blood to your back area. 

Further, it works with some medical benefits such as improving immunity response, muscle recovery, and managing hypertension.

Can I use a massage chair every day?

Yes, you can use a massage chair every day for 15-20 minutes, Do not use this much more time, It can damage your body.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

Generally, it consumes 200-300 watt of electricity. It depends upon the power consumption technology of the massage roller. If a massage chair has much more rollers then that chair consumes more electricity.

Are Human Touch massage chairs good?

Yes, these are good, But in my opinion, you should go for an automatic massage chair 2021.

Does health insurance cover massage chairs?

Yes, Most of the insurance companies cover.

Is it safe to use a massage chair while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, it is not safe, massage chair manufacture are do not take permission for a pregnant lady to sit. It can effects her back could cause premature labor.

Is a massage chair a good investment?

Yes, for maintaining your good health, it is the perfect investment. The massage chairs can decrease 95% of your health problem.