Treadmill Lubrication: A Complete Guide

Are you looking to increase your treadmill lifespan and avoid the heating of the engine issue? Then You are coming to the right place. Here we cover When your treadmill needs lubrication and How you can do that yourself.

Treadmills are a piece of fitness equipment that helps you to do cardio workouts and get you health in a fitness condition both in-home and gym. 

These fitness machines provide a wide range of purposes, that’s including cardio exercise and fat burning, helping people achieve their fitness goals.

As this is your fitness friend that you are used to in your day-to-day life you need to take care or regular maintenance of your best friends.  

However, maintaining the treadmill is very easy, and has different ways to do that, but here we have come to the solution of lubrication of a treadmill.

So come back and lets what is the meaning of a lubricant for a treadmill.

What Do You Mean By Lubrication On The Treadmill

Treadmill Lubrication is an important process of maintenance of your treadmill to reduce the engine or motor heating issue, risk of danger/injuries, and increase the treadmill life.

The lubrication happens in which part is mostly used like the treadmill trackpad and the roller. In this position you do your exercise running, walking, and jogging every time, your belt is movements which makes friction between the belt and the roller.

If the friction is increasing then the risk of danger will increase for both you and your treadmill.

So the treadmill requires regular maintenance to avoid the friction that you can only do by using some lubricant oils between the roller and the treadmill belts.

Well, applying the Treadmill lubricant reduces friction between the treadmill belt and the roller of the motor, which is significantly extending track life, keeps the motor running cool, and decreases the chance of risk or danger.

Lubricating a treadmill is quite very easy and doesn’t require a lot of time, this will take only 10-15mintus. Then all set.

However, all the treadmills don’t require frequent lubrication, so we recommended you should consult your treadmill manual or you can contact some local dealers.

This is all about the what is means of lubrication but how do we know that my treadmill needs lubrication.

Okay, let’s see… 

Indications / Determining Your Treadmill Needs Lubrication

Now it’s time to identify the sign of lubrication that needs a treadmill.

Following are a few signs that are indicated your treadmill need lubrication.

1. When Your Treadmill Belt Starts Sticking

When you are doing your irregular workout you may be facing your treadmill belt is started sleeping, this happens because of the friction in an increase between the belt and roller which reduced the belt’s smooth movements and load to the motor.

If you are using the lubricate on the treadmill then you and your treadmill will not get struggled 

2. When Your Treadmill Makes a Loud Noise

If you are wanting your treadmill life longer then you need proper maintenance is very important. If your treadmill sounds noisy then it alarms you that your treadmill needs lubrication.

The treadmill makes loud noise because when the friction increases then motor stress will be increased, to rotate the roller he is suffering, so it sounds crips noise.

3. After a Training Session

If you are not maintaining your treadmill regularly or do it once a month, after a training section and you folded and store it. It may be because of the above two signs.

This is important that when your workout treadmill is completed, you can put the lubricant oil on the treadmill on a regular period. This will be the best time to do lubrication because your treadmill must need rest at least 12 hours after lubrication.

5. Before Starting Workouts on a Brand New Treadmill

Well, you are buying a brand new best treadmill under your budget, you are not putting any lubricate and use them, after a few time then machines started noise and the belt goes to slow, etc. 

This cause happens because the treadmill is already stored in the store without lubrication. To avoid this you have to use it before you started your workout section.

6. Depending on the Frequency of Usage

If you re frequently used your treadmill, then this is necessary to use lubricate otherwise it generates more fiction that requires more lubrication. These are generally shown in the GYm or commercial use treadmill.

Why Treadmill Lubrication Is So Important

Well, treadmill lubrication is very important because when you are doing your workouts or your cardio, you are running or walking on the treadmill which makes some friction when the belt is moved.

As you know if two surfaces are running or moving at the same time then they generate friction, here the friction is generated between the roller and belt.

Significantly increased friction will slow down the movements of the belt and makes load the motor, so it will generate a loud sound which is very treatable or irritating. Thi snake affected your workouts.

So it is highly recommended you maintain your treadmill regularly by putting in the lubricant or you can use the auto lubrication treadmill. 

These treadmills are modern treadmills where you don’t need to do regular maintenance, you have to put the lubricant oil on the treadmills, the one cycle period will go up to 15-20 days. This will save you more time.

How to Do Lubricate YourTreadmill

Well, these are all the reasons why and when this treadmill lubrication is needed. What about how to do that?

Now we discuss how you can lubricate your treadmill by yourself.

Before driving in, let’s see what are the best lubricants available in the Indian Market that you use on your treadmill.

Which are the Treadmill Lubricants Belt Oil to Use?

Also choosing and using the best lubricant oils on your treadmill is very important.

In the market there are two types of lubricant are available for the treadmill 

Teflon Lubricants:

This is a type of treadmill lubricant that helps to reduce the friction between belt and roller without the need for grease or oils.

Liquid silicone Lubricants:

As the name suggests liquid these types are based on a liquid form. 

Silicone fluids or oils are excellent and very popular in the markets because it has a high viscosity and non-reactive properties which recuse friction.

The PowerMax Fitness Multi-Purpose 100% Pure Silicone and the PowerMax Fitness Silicone Oil Lubricant Spray are the two best lubricants that we are recommended to use on your treadmill.

We recommended using the lubricant which comes with the spray, it will be easy to apply.

Treadmill Lubrication in 8 steps

Gather the Tools That You’ll Need

Best of luck to you lubricating yourself. In our first step, you have to collect all the tools that are required to open the treadmill deck screw.

For example

1. Allen wrench
2. T-wrench 
3. Screwdriver

Unplug the treadmill

Before you are attempting the maintenance process, if highly recommended to look at safety first, so power off of the motorized treadmill and go on.

If you are using a manual treadmill then no need to follow all steps you just follow steps 4-7.

Expose the treadmill deck

The next step is that you have to lose the belt or you can open the deck.

Use the tool kit and open the star screw and lose the belt screw on both left and right sides around 10 rounds. Now your belt is loose.

In some treadmills, you can put the lubricant oils because of the mechanism so you have to open the deck by opening the screw using the Allen wrench tools kit.

Apply lubricant to the treadmill deck

As I told you, treadmill lubrication is a very easy process. Almost 70% of the process is done. Now you just the put apply the lubricant oil to the treadmill deck and go on to the next step.

Move the running belt

After applying the lubricant you just need to move the belt for 2-3 minutes to apply the oils all over the deck.

Wipe Out excess treadmill lubricant

Almost 95% of the lubrication process is done. Now you just tight all the screws to close the deck or tight the running belt.

Make sure your belt stays tight

Before you test the treadmill make sure your belt is properly tightened otherwise you make be injured while you are doing exercise.

Plugin & Test the treadmill

NOw all You have done, you just connected the treadmill to the power source and test the treadmill to check if all is ok or not.

Video: How to Do Lubricate YourTreadmill

Conclusion: Treadmill Lubrication

Treadmill lubrication is important to enhance your treadmill and increase the efficiency for longer usability. These are all about the signs, why they happen, and how you can do and how you can avoid them.

Make sure before the sign alarm rings you apply the lubricant or on the other hand, you do regular based maintenance, If you are so frequently then it may change or cause disease the risk factor or danger.

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