How To Do Treadmill Maintenance: Complete Guide

Treadmill Maintenance, there are a few things that you consider your treadmill is running at its best and have a longer life.

Usually, the treadmill is very expensive where you invest a lot of money to buy, it should not be that the has very less life. Buying a home use treadmill and running on it will not increase the life of the treadmill, you will have to maintain it properly.

Well, if you don’t know how to do treadmill maintenance at your home, here we guide you on how you do it yourself very easily. 

Okay, let’s see here are some top tips to keep your treadmill right and running smoothly for years.

But before we are starting our topic I want to ask something

Why did you need to Treadmill Maiantainence?

It doesn’t matter how much you spent money to buy a treadmill, even if you are buying a best-rated brand treadmill one day it will be damaged or not function properly. That doesn’t mean you are taking care of him. 

Yeah, I knew cleaning and maintaining a treadmill is a very boring and time taking task, which we do not prefer. 

Well if you do not do that then you are responsible for stress on the treadmill and it’s all component means that is not working properly. 

So you have to put some effort and your time for maintain and cleaning your fitness friend partner you save a lot of money.

Let’s break down all the easy tips for the treadmill running a smooth ad for longer life.

5 Important Tasks For Treadmill Maintenance and Clean

To clean and maintain the treadmill as its best you have to follow the 5 broad categories. 

You have to follow all the tasks, where some of them doing are regular which is mandatory for your treadmill working works properly.

Well, we describe each board category in brief. 

1. Lubricating
2. Vacuuming
3. Cleaning
4. Adjusting the belt
5. Install Treadmill Mat

How To Do Treadmill Maintenance?

Read all the following instructions, you will do it by yourself easily.

1. Treadmill Lubrication

Well, treadmill lubrication means putting some lubricant like oils and grease on between the surface of the treadmill deck and the treadmill belt.

However, both the manual treadmill and the motorized treadmill are required lubrication from time to time whereas some are doesn’t require regular that are comes under the semi-lubrication treadmill. 

But how do you know which type is your treadmill?

To check your treadmill lubrication types you have to check your manual or you can ask your trainer.

But why do you need lubrication on your new treadmill?

The motorized treadmill, as the name suggests has a motor that is responsible for moving the treadmill belts. 

You may know that when two moving parts are moved there are generally some energy which is called friction. But in the case of the Treadmill, the running deck and the belt generate friction. That puts stress on the treadmill motor (the motor starts noisily)and the motor is unable to rotate the belts.

To prevent this problem you have to use the lubricant between them is regular basics.

How do I know the treadmill is signing to Lubrication, Well there is 5 sign that knows for lubrication, you can check all of them in our treadmill lubrication guide post.

One of them, if you are a heavy runner and use the treadmill more then you have to lubricant in every 150 miles because you generate more friction. This will keep your treadmill good and running well.

How To Lubricate Your Treadmill Belt

When you are buying a brand new treadmill, you have to read all the manual’s instructions, all the instructions are clearly maintained on the manuals, just you have to follow them.

Where if you are lost the instruction manual, don’t worry you have to follow the instruction 

Step 1: First of all you have to unplug the machine’s electricity if the treadmill is motorized.

Step 2: Ensure you have all the Maintenace tool kit, if you don’t then gather 

Step 3: Now you have to lose the belt using the tool kit.

Step 4: Now you just put your hand under the treadmill belt on the upper side which is closest to the motor.

Step 5: Separate the treadmill belt and deck using your finger and apply or spray the lubricants 

Step 6:To apply lubricant all over the treadmill deck you just move the belt for 1-2 minutes so that all the lubricants are property applying on the deck.

Step 7: Congratulation. Now all is done you just tighten your belt and are all set.

Here is the video instruction for applying lubricant on the treadmill.

2. Vacuuming Treadmill? (Monthly)

Vacuuming the treadmill is a process to clean the treadmill from dust. The time to use the treadmill is accumulated in the duct with them, especially under the deck and treadmill belt area, and the motor. This substance can be a cause of the treadmill tearing and wearing.

Well, don’t worry you can easily remove them use a vacuum cleaning cloth, to clean just see how we do

Cleaning under the Belt

Clean the belts under the area is good for the treadmill which increases your fitness friend life. 

Let’s assume you are not doing then your treadmill belt is running slow because of the dust and dirt. 

So, first of all, 

You take a vacuum cleaner or a cloth, 

After You take your hand and lift off the treadmill belt if the belt is not lost then take the Allen key from the tool kit and lose the belt.

Now you have kept the vacuum under the belt for a few minutes so that it can pull all the dirty and dust. 

If you are not having a vacuum then you take the cloth and lift the belt and clean the dust using your hand.

And congratulations all done. Yu treadmill gets a longer life. This is Important that do this process every month.

Cleaning The Motor

This is normal that your motor and the cabinet are clogged means the duct is blocked into the motor, motherboard, and the across the cabinet.

You have to clean them once a month, yeah I knew this is a repetitious task to do, so you can also do this every 3 months. 

If you are don’t clean the dust, you may responsible for the damage to the motor and the motherboard, Although you may pay some charges.

Just follow the instructions on How you can clean the motor at your home.

First, you have to unplug the power from the treadmill and take a screwdriver from the maintenance tool kit.

After removing the both back and front cabinet, take a vacuum cleaner and remove the dust. If you re don’t have a vacuum then take some clothe and brush all the dust from the motor.


Keep remembering that doesn’t touch the vacuum to any electronics part and don’t use any chemicals or liquids.

Well, if you don’t understand then don’t worry also here is a video instruction that you can follow.

3. Cleaning The Treadmill/ Wipe Down Machine (After Use)

This is the best way to keep your treadmill from corrosion. Not only for corrosion but also it helps the next user a clean area.

If your family use this same treadmill or you are share with other then told them to wipe up the treadmill after they use it.

This is an easy process, it takes a few minutes. Just follow the instruction.

Takes a cloth and started cleaning, cleans the console area, and handlebar, and also cleans the part which is most probably used.

4. Adjusting the belt (Center and Align)

Using the regular treadmill you marked that the is shifted either left or right or lose which make risk you are slip down. So you have to realign the treadmill belt.

This is a common issue that happens every time, don’t worry we are here also guiding you, just empower yourself you can do this by yourself.

This is another common issue that sometimes your belt is folded, in that case, you need to fix them. To fix checkout that post.

Don’t call the services man they will charge a lot of money that you can’t pay.

The best way to do that is to read the manual careful there is instruction on how you can do that. If you are don’t have then don’t worry we helping you how you can do it easily.

Tighten Belt (As Needed) 

If you are belt is feeling lost then you have to tight this otherwise you may fall down.

Take an Allen key from the maintenance tool kit and put them into the adjusting screw and rotate clockwise to tighten the belt. After 5-6 round moves check whether the belt is tight or not if not then do the same things.

Adjust Belt (As Needed)

Now come to the adjusting the belt position. Sometimes the belt is shifted right and left which needs to align for safe running and walking on the treadmill.

To align or adjust the treadmill belt first you have to notice which side the belt is shifted. If the belt is shifted to the left side then you need to shift toward the right side.

Well, take the alien key and put them into the adjusting screw, and move them in a clockwise direction after 10 rounds check whether it is aligned in the center or not. If it is then done or not then do repeat the same things.

If your treadmill belt is shifted to the right then move the adjusting screw in an anti-clockwise direction.

Video Instruction

5. Install Treadmill Mat

Well, a treadmill mat protects the machine as well as you from unwanted damage. If you store the treadmill on a un plain surface then the treadmill is unbalanced, when you are doing your exercise you may fall down. 

I suggest using heavy-duty rubber mats for the treadmill which go long-lasting simultaneous your machine goest longer life.

Addition tIps 

There is some additional tip that you have to follow for your treadmill to walk properly and function well.

Use a stabilizer

Well, this is necessary for a motorized treadmill to be protected from unwanted or overclocked voltages. 

If you re-use a good stabilized then the stabilizer has a mechanism that can replicate the overclocked voltage and supply the power to the treadmill as that needs. In this way, your treadmill gets a longer life.

Unplug Your Treadmill When Not In Use

Well, this is an electric component that will be damaged from a natural disaster like lighting. So make sure when you are using the treadmill remove the plug. Otherwise, it will be destroyed or burn all your electronic parts.

Tighten The Bolts Regularly

When you are doing your exercise on the treadmill, as you know it has a moving component and vibrates, because some screw of the treadmill is loosening over the time you use. Which may hurt you.

This is a natural thing you can only do that regular check all the screws after the cardio is end whether all the screws are tightened or lost.

If you see a screw is lost or loose then take a tool from the maintenance tool kit and do treadmill maintenance by tightening the screw.

Replacing The Belt

Due to the regular use of a treadmill, a time has come when your belt is damaged and belt slipping, that is the time you need to change your belt.

By replacing the treadmill belt you will save yourself from the damage.

If your treadmill belt has a warranty then you claim the warranty and take a new belt otherwise you can buy a belt from your local market and replace them with the new one.

But How can I do that?

Well, don’t worry, you have to follow some instructions that are in the manual otherwise you can follow this video guide.

Video Instruction

When I Call A Professional

There is a time comes when your repair goes wrong or can’t fix that, In this case, you can call an expert to fix that problem easily.

Apart from that if you never do the repair when your treadmill needs then you can call a treadmill professional from your local market or you can claim from the brands.

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