Elliptical vs. Treadmill: Which Is The Better Cardio Machine?

Treadmill vs Elliptical,  which cardio machine you should choose for your fitness? Are you confused here too? Well, no worry just comes with use, here we see the difference between the Elliptical vs. Treadmill and decide which one is much better.

When you are going to the gym and see there are two machines Elliptical and Treadmill available, where both are the fitness machine used for cardio workouts and burning calories. Both fitness machines are important. So many peoples are confused about which will be best for them?

In the market, there is no shortage of fitness equipment, but when it comes to losing weight both treadmills and ellipticals are delivering an effective and efficient effort to the beginner to the advanced level user.

I agree that both the fitness types of equipment are for the same purpose but they have different from each other treadmill offers a flat surface for running and delivers a high impact workout for your lower body whereas are Elliptical are offer two handles and a separate platform to foot and this is basically working on the full-body workout with low impact. Here it doesn’t necessary whether it is electric or manual.

Well, don’t lose the time, with a lot of research and time here we come the treadmill is the best fitness machine that you can use all time for both your cardio and to burn calories. 

Are you waiting very eagerly to know this, then in the following section you will find your answer.

What is a Treadmill?

The treadmill is a piece of fitness equipment that is spatially designed for losing weight and cardio workouts by running and walking on a flat & curved running surface at your home and the GYM

The treadmill has the feature of a running surface where you can run, jog, and walk-in one place to achieve your fitness goal.  

For achieving your goal quickly the treadmill is heavy and features inclines that offer High intensive interval workouts at your home and gym.

Well, there are available in two categories motorized and manual treadmills

As I already told you, this equipment offers a higher-impact cardio workout especially while you are doing a HIIT. Here is much chance you will be injured.

That is enough about the basic knowledge of a treadmill, if you want more about the treadmill then check out the complete guide on the treadmill, now talked about the pros and cons of a treadmill.

Benefits of Treadmills


On the treadmill, you can do two workouts low impact and high impact workouts by both running and walking. When you are walking then it offers a lower impact workout and the running offers a high impact workout.

 In this case, a workout delivers an effective workout that will help to burn more calories.

Variety With Customization

Well, as a means of variety, the treadmill offers a variety of inclines and speeds for different types of workouts. Here the treadmill features a quick run and uphill walk.

The treadmill has the features that you are doing the pre-programmed workout if you are a beginner as well as advanced level user can use.

No outdoor Needed

All the workouts running, jogging, and walking you are doing in indoor conditions in one place.  No need to goes to the outside running

Batter For Runner

If you are a runner or athlete then the treadmill is a good option for you. 

HIIT ready

Thanks to the treadmill they offer a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout which is specially used to quick weight loss and burn more calories.

Easy To use

Treadmill console panels are very easy and user-friendly so that anyone can use them if he/she uses them for the first time. 

Also here the operation is easy: press the switch and start the machine and run or walk over the treadmill surface.

Other Features

Also, treadmills are offered to store water bottles, tablet holders, for entertainment purposes, and speakers with USB and AUX inputs. And if you want to stop the machine suddenly you can do here by the emergency stop button.

Foldable/ Movable Mechanism 

Because the treadmill is heavy and league in size it covers a lot of areas, so you can save the space at your home when your workout is completely simple. You just fold the treadmill by the Hydraulic foldable mechanism and store them in a corner with the help of wheels. 

Treadmill Cons


On the treadmill, you are running in one place continuously and day today, which is literally boring because it has limited options for workouts but while you go outside the running you will enjoy but has some cons. You can check them.

Need Time-to-time Management

This fitness equipment has need proper management on time otherwise the machine and its parts will damage. For example, the belt is curved, and the motor and belt make a loud sound. 

So that the machine needs maintenance on time, which required more time.

Risk of Injuries

As I told you this fitness equipment is offer a high-impact workout which means there is a high chance you injured your joint and knees. 

Respectively when you are doing a HIIT workout there are high chances of you being injured so make sure you use the safety key.


Generally, the motorized treadmill comes with a high cost which is not affordable for everyone but the manual treadmill is cheap and affordable.

Targets fewer muscle groups

As you know the treadmill is not used for a full-body workout so here you can’t take the advantages. Here you can only improve the strength, leg muscle, and hip flexors.

What Is the Elliptical?

The Elliptical is a fitness piece of equipment where you can do full-body exercise by stair climbing, walking, and walking.

Well, the elliptical trainer is also called the cross-trainer machine. It offers to use a low-impact workout. It targets the lower body parts of the glutes and hamstrings, and the upper body l upper back, and arms.

This equipment doesn’t require any electricity these are operated manually so that it delivers highly effective workouts. Although it offers resistance which makes easier your pedal stroke.

Okay now, let’s see what are the pros and cons of cross-trainers.

Benefits of Ellipticals Machine


Here you are doing both lege and arms workout at the same time. So that you can take the advantage of both the lower body and upper body.

Offers Full Body Workout

As I told you this machine is used for full-body workouts where it is a cross-trainer that comes with a pedal and arms level handles that offer a full-body exercise on both the lower body and upper body simultaneously.

Low Impact Exercise

While you are doing your cardio exercise on the cross trainer here you feel safe and here the impact of risk is very low as compared to the treadmill. 

Well, here the cardio exercise is easy for the joints because here you doing the walking running, and hill-climbing using the pedal and handle which does not on the surface. If you look at the treadmill running surface, it is equal to the surface while you are running here hitting feet on the surface is high.

Targets Mutifull Muscles Group

As you know this fitness machine offers a full-body workout so that it targets both lower muscles and the upper muscles but in the case of the treadmill this is not happening that only works on the lower body.

The elliptical trainer is being with a pedal with is operating in both the direction forward and the backward so that it targets multiple muscles on your body. While you are going backward position this target the strengthen your hamstrings and calves. However, the handles are helping to target the upper body muscles.

Effective Variety cardio training

This fitness equipment is a great option for your cardio exercise because it offers you a variety of training exercises such as low-intensity, Middle-intensity, and high-intensity workouts. You can choose the workout as your health required.

Feels easier

Based on the research paper which is released in 2010, the cross trainer is burn the same amount of calories as you burn using a treadmill but on the Elliptical trainer, it feels very easier compared to the treadmill.


At a very cheap price, you can get a good quality which delivers a high and effective workout elliptical machines.

Elliptical / Cross Trainer Cons

The cross trainer has some cons which make a difference 

Low Impact

The elliptical trainer offers a low-impact workout but sometimes it doesn’t prevent your knee and joint.

Less Muscle development

Well, the Ellipticals are is a great option for choosing for cardio workouts but the machine doesn’t develop the same amount of muscle as on the treadmill running. 

To develop more muscle you need sone to add weight training workouts and add more strength to the Elliptical machine.

Require Some Training

While you are on your first time using this machine you can’t operate inefficiently way and feels awkward because this machine doesn’t have a natural movement while in the case of the treadmill the exercise is very simple.

To operate this machine effectively you have to need some training or consultation from a personal certified trainer. So that you can engage more muscle in your body.

Ellipticals vs. Treadmills

Both treadmills and Ellipticals offer great advantages and also have disadvantages. 

Well, speaking about the elliptical it is used for low-impact workouts with full-body workouts but in the case of a treadmill it is only used for lower body workouts, build more muscles with very customizable workouts as compared to the Ellipticals but the treadmill has high impact ratio.

But which is better for you, cardio exercise or Weight loss?

However, the best depends on your goals requirements, and what your body needs. 

Okay let’s see some comparison

Average Bunning Calories

Well, if you are doing your cardio exercise in both fitness exercises for 60 minutes then you will see the treadmill is the winner because the treadmill is burning 706-866 calories while comes to the Elliptical is only burning 773 calories.

Operation Mechanism

The next thing is that the operation mechanism, the treadmill running process is very easy just ON the machine and run, while the platform is flat and inclined. However, in the case of Ellipticals, the running is done by a suspension pedal and a handle.


In the case of safety, the Elliptical is the winner because it is a low impact on your body but in some time it also is the main cause of joint and knee pain issues.

But while comes to the treadmill these are dangerous especially while you are in the high-intensity setting, but to prevent the danger it has a feature a safety key and an Emergency Stop button.


On the treadmill, there are a variety of options in speed and incline to achieve a goal quickly but in the case of Elliptical there is only offers low, middle, and high-end intensive workout for full-body workouts 


Motorized treadmills are costly as compared to ellipticals. But with a high price also the treadmill offers various options.


As you are shown the pros of both exercise equipment, so I choose the Treadmill. It offers Weight-bearing, customize workouts, burns more calories, is effective for strengthening bones and muscles, and is easy to use. 

However the elliptical is offer a lower impact on joints, a full-body workout, less noise, and pedal move backward.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Machine Treadmill vs Elliptical?

However both fitness equipment is the best in their use case, but there are some factors that you have to decide before choosing one, Such as the budget, Impact on health, and the goals.

Well choosing the best exercise machine depends on the use case or goal means why you are using this treadmill.

But if you are considering weight loss training then you should buy Treadmill because it is burning more calories compared to the Elliptical.

For instance, if your goal is running then also the treadmill is a good option. Whereas if you are doing a full-body workout then you consider the Ellipticals.

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