Wired vs Wireless Headphones: Which Should You Choose?

Are you confused while buying headphones? Which should I take wired vs wireless headphones? Which gives you a better comfort with the best music experience?

Here you are in the right place, where you have the right direction to choose wired headphones or Bluetooth headphones for your music or gaming. 

Let’s find out!

A good pair of headphones can deliver the best music experience and make you happy, while if you take a bad combination, it can happen the opposite.

Now the biggest question is that 

What is the difference between wireless headphones and wired headphones?

In simply wired headphones it is delivering the best quality audio because it has run over analog signal technology, a good choice for music & gaming lovers.

Where in the case of wireless headphones these are connected with other devices via Bluetooth technology, So they can’t deliver the same data as the wired ones and the biggest issue is charging.

But but but… in the modern wireless headphones comes with a lightweight, portable, smart connectivity and much more technology included.

Wireless vs Wired Headphones have their own advantages & disadvantages, and it all depends on the user’s uses or requirements. We will discuss it later.

Except this, there is also some other factor which defines the difference between wired and Bluetooth headphones.

After you see the different factors difference you can understand which is better for you ( both gaming and music)

Before describing the factors you must know how wired and wireless headphones are works.

So let’s start with how they did?

How do wired headphones work?

As you know wired headset means connecting the headphones with the other devices and conducting the audio signals via wire.

Here the signals are in the form of analog electrical signals, the headphones transceiver covers this signal to digital ( Sound) so that you enjoy the music. 

As I said it uses an analog electrical signal via a wire, which means no signal dropout, Which means there is no defying issue. It offers you the best and strong audio signal.

As such, gamers are always using wired headphones because, in gaming, audio is important, if the audio has a delay then you may lose your game.

Not only gamers but also music lovers, travellers (Check the travel accessories) prefer to use wired headphones because it less drains your bratty power (taking power from laptops, tablets, phones device) over the best quality sound. And also no worry about charging.

Generally, the wired headphones are connected to the other smart devices via an AUX cable which is known as a 3.5mm audio socket, available in all devices.

Typically, a wired headphone connects through ‘AUX in’ that is the 3.5mm headphone socket. Some come in larger sizes, some are not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wired Headphones


  • Better sound quality
  • Low Latency
  • Costs less and easy to repair
  • Use anywhere any time
  • Unlimited playtime
  • Comfort of wearing
  • Easy to use
  • Compatibility


  • Messy Cable

How do Wireless/Bluetooth headphones work?

Here the principle is the same as the wired headphones except for the connectivity, here headphones are connected via Bluetooth technology (devices such as phones, gaming consoles, television, or electronic devices).

Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication technology that uses IR infrared or radio signals (used in the radio) to transmit electrical signals.

This technology exchanges data and is connected to devices over a short distance. In this technology one biggest problem is that if once the powered supply ends then all communication will be stopped.

Nowadays earbuds, neckbands, and headphones have used this technology with interesting technology.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Headphones


  • Freedom of movement
  • Universal compatibility 
  • Comfort of wearing
  • Portable
  • No wires
  • Added lot of new  features which make you crazy
  • Sound Quality


  • Requires Charging After a few Time Use
  • High Price
  • Repair is harder 
  • May see Connectivity and pairing issues

Why can’t you buy Bluetooth headphones?

Okay, let us talk about the reason why you can’t buy Bluetooth headphones?

Now you have an idea about which should be taken, But here I explain some points why I recommend you buy wired headphones while wireless headphones are more convenient and have extra features.

Okay, let’s find out the reason behind it!

1. Wired headphones perform better than Bluetooth headphones( Sound quality, Battery Life)

In the wireless headphones, you can’t find any big difference in the sound quality, almost the same. But in gaming you see the audio delay issue, you will not see any delay or latency at the wired headphones.

Even the Bluetooth 5.0 version has launched, but still, this problem is happening.

Bluetooth headphones always need the power to run themselves, so there is a limitation. But in the case of wired headphones, there is nothing, so you can use them anytime anywhere.

2. You’re paying extra when you don’t need to

As you already see in the con, wireless headphones come at a high price. Yeah, yes the modern headset gives you some extra features such as Noise cancellation( Best buds Realme Q2), Fast charging, Convenience of use, Switch device, etc.

Yes, they give a lot of extra features which will help us use our daily lifestyle. But the overrated price, if you are a simple user.

It depends on which features you have to love.

3. “Wireless” isn’t always a durability feature

Yes, wireless gives you Freedom of movement but not always, there are limitations. You had freedom of movement with some areas like 5 meters or 10 meters.

4. May see Connectivity and pairing issues(Compatibility)

Had you ever connected a Bluetooth audio device to another electronic device, if you had done, then you would see some pairing issues like devices not found if found not sync the audio, etc.

This problem is happening all over Bluetooth technology. Here you lost a lot of your important time. In the case of wire, there is a simple plug-in & use. There is no issue.

Wireless vs wired headphones which are better for gaming?

Wired headphones are better for you. As I already told you, Wireless headphones transmit the data wirelessly, so there is much more chance to lose the data and may get low sound quality and higher latency.

So in gaming, you have to use a wired headset so that you get a strong audio quality without any delay of gaming sound ( Footstep, Enemy coming).

Here are some best gaming headphones that you loved Under 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 10k and 20k.

Who are used wired headphones for?

The following list is can be used the wired headphones

1. Gamer 

Gamers want to listen to the inner sound of the games such as an enemy is coming or enemy footsteps. In simple words, they don’t want any latency or audio delay.

In that case, the wired headset will help you give the best quality audio as a gamer look design headphones with ANC (Active noise control) activated.

If you are interested in the best gaming headphones then you check out. 

2. Listener Music 

Normally people are buying headphones for use in daily life such as listening to music and watching movies.

In this case, they need the best quantity of sound produced by music headphones and gives Comfort of wearing for use of long hours.

Here we listed some best over-ear headphones that will fulfil your requirement.

3. Office employees

In this category, people are who supply the customer service. They need a decent audio quality, Rather than prefer a high-cost wireless headset they take wired headphones.

4. People who are on a budget

As I already told you about, wired headphones are much cheaper, if you don’t have enough money for costly headphones or wireless headphones you can take best-wired headsets or the best earphones.

5. Traveler

If you are a traveller, travelling long distances most of the time then you should have to use wired headphones because of no worry about changing after use for a few hours. 

6. People who favor the plug-and-play setup

In this category people are very simple, they don’t want any advanced technology, they only use it for the audio. They don’t want any pairing issues. So they simply prefer a plug-and-play setup.

Who are used wireless headphones for?

1. People who love Tech and Freedom

If you are a tech lover, then you can use wireless headphones, you know wireless headphones use the latest technology to deliver the best and high-quality sound along with other technology such as ANC, double-tap to play, super-fast charging, etc.

Along with this technology they give a beautiful lightweight design. Which can attract you.

2. Athletic people

People who use headphones in the gym and for running. They don’t like messy wires, they need focus.

They want lightweight and simple wireless headphones, not heavy, mighty cable headphones, which can be fulfilled by earbuds or neckbands or headphones.

Here we have the best running headphones that you can use with your freedom.

2. Short Travellers

If a short traveller travels a short distance which takes 2-4 horses in that case you can use wireless headphones which can give a happy journey.

The Right Choice for Your Audio Needs

Finally, we are at the conclusion point. Here we decide Which is better.

Both wirelesses vs wired headphones deliver the best audio experience except gaming. 

If you look at all the points and factors, then I would recommend you take the wireless headphones, if you want freedom, a stylish look, and advanced technology. Otherwise, there is another option for you.

If you are a gamer then strictly use wired headphones, if you don’t want to lose your match.

It depends upon your requirement and choice. Why you should take it and what you love.

In the market there are a lot of different headphones available, you can take what you love.

After your confusion How do you choose the best headphones? 

You can check out our post. We listed the best of the best headphones according to your requirements and budgets.

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