Best Air Cooler For Humid Climate In India

Are you living in a humid climate area and searching lots of web pages for suitable air coolers which fit in your climate? Then you are now at the right article which helps you to find out Best Air Cooler For Humid Climate.

Especially in humidity areas, fans are useless and people like me can’t afford AC, our one and the only hope is to Buy a good quality cooler which gives us a high cooling air to save our life and Comes under our budget.

In this article, we listed some of the best air coolers for the humid climate in India based on their product quality and performance, and price segment.

Which are the best air cooler for humid climates in India?

Best Air CoolerPrice
1. Symphony Storm 100i Check Price
2. Hindware 190 Snowcrest 60 HSE Check Price
3. Symphony Touch 110 Air Cooler – 110-litresCheck Price
4. Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70E 70LCheck Price
5. Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Check Price

1. Symphony Storm 100i Desert Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Storm 100i

Symphony Storm 100i Desert Tower Air Cooler 100-litres

  • Air Purification(i-pure tech.)
  • Suitable for Large home/office
  • SMPS Technology
  • Remote
  • Low power consumption


  • LCD Control Panel
  • Ice Chamber
  • Powerful Pump
  • Air Purification(i-pure tech.)
  • Suitable for Large home/office
  • SMPS Technology
  • Remote
  • Low power consumption


  • Service Cost High
  • A little bit of noise produces.

If you really need a cooler which gives you excellent cooling with all loaded features under your budget, then you must go with Symphony Storm 100i. The desert air cooler has a large water tank(100 ltr), powerful motor, and blower which can cool your large home, office, halls, and showroom easily, it is one of the best coolers which can fulfill all kinds of cooling needs.

Build & Design

If you talk about its build quality it is completely made with high-quality plastic materials and comes in two colors White and Grey which looks very good in both colors, I personally like the white which is suitable for everyone and every corner of the room and it doesn’t affect your room interior.

There are hidden casters, wheels are present on the bottom part, the cooler and the LED Display present in the front side and honeycomb represent the other three sides for better cooling purpose. There is one ice chamber present on one side.


The Symphony Desert air cooler comes with a large 100 Liter tank with water level check indicators. You can enjoy a cooling Experience all day without any worry about water shortage.

Power consumption

It only consumes 270 watts which is very low if you compare it to its cooling area. It is cool in this 270 watt, it can easily cool a large office, hall, and shop. If you install an Air conditioner it consumes more power than this cooler.


The cooling technology is far better than others; you can easily cool a room up to 142 cubic meters. For a better and cooling experience, you must open your window and doors. You can add an ice cube and cold water for AC like cooling. 

Can I put ice in the cooler?

Yes, you can add ice cubes and cold water in the cooler for a better cooling experience.


Symphony Storm 100i Comes with SMPS technology which protects your cooler from power fluctuation that’s why your motor and pumps are safe for long life, but you just change the honeycomb pad which is a little bit costly around 1500 Indian rupees. The company provides service on your doorstep, so don’t worry about going anywhere for service.

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4. Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70E 70L

Voltas Mega 70E

Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70E 70L

  • Empty tank Alarm
  • Remote controller 
  • Sleek Design
  • Powerful Turbo Air throw


  • Remote controller 
  • Multi-colored Frame
  • Sleek And legend Design
  • Trolley with Caster wheels
  • Turbo Air throw
  • Empty tank Alarm


  • No Inverter support
  • No Ice chamber
  • No Mosquito mesh

Voltas Mega is a desert air cooler powered by Voltas, a well-known Indian brand.  Let us see what inside It

This has come with a 70-liter water tank capacity. It gives an empty tank alarm unit, while the water is getting empty, within the 10 sec the alarm will be ON. And all the body is made with plastics so that this is a very lightweight air cooler.

This mega 70E comes with a trolley and 4 caster wheels in the box packaging content, which means you can easily move indoors as well as outdoors.

For better cooling, it comes with 3 side honeycomb pads. The honeycomb is easily removable and cleanable. It can give cooling up to 44.44 sq ft area and the turbofan mode is 1440 RPM. Sorry guys, this air cooler doesn’t have an ice chamber.

This has come with a touchable button as well as a remote controller. Where in the button section has a water level indicator, help to check how much water the tanker has?

While talking about the upper side it has a sensor, timer, power, swings, cool, fan speed, and display screen.

While you use the cooling mode it is necessary that you must have minimum water to operate the pump otherwise the pump may be damaged.

It has come with 3 fan speeds, low, medium, and high. 

It has consumed low power ie. 175 watt and there is no inverter support. It comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty.

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5. Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Inverter Compatible

Crompton Optimus 65-Litre

Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Inverter Compatible and Portable Desert Air Cooler with Wide Angle Air Throw (White)

  • New Classy Design
  • Auto Drain & Auto Fill Function
  • Large Ice Chamber
  • SMPS technology


  • Humidity Controller To Suit Your Cooling Need
  • Auto Drain & Auto Fill Function
  • Large Ice Chamber
  • SMPS technology
  • Air Filtration technology
  • Inverter capable


  • A little bit of Noise

After reviewing lots of air coolers, I finally found this and fell in love with this model of Crompton, its looks, features and designed in this way everything present in the exact place where it’s to be.

The Crompton Optimus comes with three variants 100- liter, 65- liter, and 65i- smart all models are the same design but a little bit different in capacity and technology. The purple and white designs really look very premium and look classy.

If you previously used a Crompton product you know the value and features provided by the Crompton always in its product. All products are durable and easy to use.

This Crompton Optimus 65 desert air cooler is the 2020 model which comes with 65 liters of a water tank.

This air cooler is easy to handle and it comes with much more features one of the best features is Humid control, and also has an ice chamber, Auto drain water, Water level indicator on the front side, Autofill, Multi-stage air filter, and so on.


This air cooler has an aerodynamic shape that is 13 % bigger than other desert air coolers and suitable for the 650 square feet area.

Basically, this is designed for the high-performance use of low resources.

And also it has a powerful, very fast blower which delivers a wide range of air of 5500m3 per hour, This gives an amazing cooling, while even if you are on the Conor you will take this advantage.


This Crompton Optimus 65 has the best Everlast pump, which is durable and long-lasting. This special design for ice-cooling. Its TDS function will help to get cooling air from the hard water. 


Power is the most important, this is consuming low power and also this supports the power of the inverter.


It uses 4way auto swings louvers to give an enhanced airflow and cooling to us.

Built & Design Quality

This Crompton optimum 65 air cooler is made up of Rust-free ABS thermoplastic so this is very lightweight with a smooth and modern minimalistic design look on the white cooler.

Which is the best cooling Crompton ozone 75 and Optimus 65?

Where both models use the same features and technology but in the case of design and capacity, the Crompton ozone 75 is best but in the case of humid control the Crompton Optimus 65 is the best humid control air cooler.

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Frequently Ask Question 

Is an air cooler effective in a humid climate?

Yes, Air coolers are most effective in a humid climate with humid levels under 60%.

How do you use a cooler in humid weather?

To use the air cooler in this humid weather is the best place to keep it in the front of the window of your home. For good cooling air, it is important to give good ventilation so that the air cooler can help to push the humidity out. 

What humidity is too high for a swamp cooler?

However, Swamp coolers are work in70%  humidity level. So before it happens you have to do otherwise you will feel muggy.

What are the disadvantages of an air cooler for humid climates?

Following are the air cooler’s side effects…

During the running period of the air cooler, so in this time period the water will be vaporized and the air humidity will be increased. This will happen because the presence of bacteria in the air will be increasing rapidly. 

So it may be harmful to your skin and eyes and the Asthma patients.

Are air coolers effective in humid environments?

Yes, the air cooler is effective in humid environments. For better cooling you have kept the air cooler in the front of the windows.

Is there any air cooler that works best in humid conditions?

Hindware 190 Snowcrest 60 HSE Desert CS-176002HPP 60-Litre Air Cooler is the best air cooler for humid conditions.

Which is the best desert air cooler under 10000 for humid conditions?

Following are the best desert air coolers for the humid conditions under 10000.
1. Symphony Storm 100i Desert Tower Air Cooler
2. Hindware 190 Snowcrest 60 HSE Desert CS-176002HPP 60-Litre Air Cooler
3. Symphony Touch 110 Air Cooler – 110-litres
4. Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Inverter Compatible and Portable Desert Air Cooler
5.Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70E 70L

What climate is right to buy an air cooler for your home?

To buy an air cooler at the right time is very important, at that time you have to choose an air cooler according to your weather condition. (according to the amazon buying guide)

If the dry air weather is dry, and the temperature is 35-50degree, then you should buy a desert air cooler. Otherwise, if you have humid weather, where the temperature is 30-40 degrees, then buy a personal air cooler.

Final Word About The Best Air Cooler For Humid Climate India

Finally here are the top 5 best air coolers for the humid climate for you, if you decide to buy before you buy you should check the reviews and the product description.

In the market, there are a lot of air coolers for humid climates available, it’s your choice to decide which air cooler you love according to your requirements.

In my opinion, Hindware 190 Snowcrest 60 is best for your humid climate. This air cooler has fulfilled all my requirements. 

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