Best Commercial Treadmill In India 2022

Nowadays weight loss is the main goal for every adult and gets a full-shaped fitness body at the gym. To achieve your weight loss and fitness goal you need the best commercial treadmill in India.

as you know in these current days treadmill is one of the most papular fitness equipment in India that gives high-quality cardio exercise to your body and get fit with their smart workout features.

You are here, it means anywhere you want to lose your body weight very fast. Yeah I know in the Indian market there is a lot of manual and motorized treadmill are available which are gives you weight loss workout, but these are only for personal use and limited, you can’t use for long times.

The commercial-grade treadmills are very durable and designed for high-end workouts and also use for long-lasting purposes and more than one person can use this treadmill. Lets’s take a look at what are great features and why we use these treadmills.

Here we have listed the top 10  best commercial treadmills in India that fulfilled your intention. These all 10 listed treadmills are taken by our experts. 

In the Indian market choosing the various models of commercial treadmills, the brand is very difficult. So here we provide Buying guides along with their FAQ so that you can get in-depth information and expertise to choosing commercial grade treadmills.

Before we jump to our main section let’s check what are benefits to buy a commercial treadmill.

Benefits of Buy a commercial treadmill in India

Following are the advantages of the use of commercial treadmills 

  • You can set up a gym
  • Take High-End Workouts
  • Do you weight loss work out for long periods
  • Less Maintainance with MAX performance
  • It can hold high wight people
  • Suitable for all types of cardio workouts
  • Gets Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Well if you are a heavyweight person and looking for personal use treadmill then you can take a look at the best treadmill for 120kg person.

List of Best Commercial Treadmill In India For Gyms

ProductsMotor PowerPrice
1.Viva Fitness T-12008HP PeakCheck Price
2.PowerMax Fitness TA-C56HP PeakCheck Price
3.Jordan Fitness JF-600010HP PeakCheck Price
4.Viva Fitness T 22008HP PeakCheck Price
5.PowerMax Fitness TAC-15006HP PeakCheck Price
6.Monex ECT-300 Curve Treadmill———Check Price
7.PowerMax Fitness TA-C46HP PeakCheck Price
8.Aerofit AF 112 Commercial Treadmill8HP PeakCheck Price
9.PowerMax Fitness TAC-20006HP PeakCheck Price
10.Sole SF85T Treadmill12HP PeakCheck Price

Best Commercial Treadmill India Reviews

1.Viva Fitness T-1200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill

Viva Fitness T-1200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill

The Viva Fitness T-1200 Always provides the best of best quality product to the commercial fitness industries. if you are looking for the best commercial treadmill we are sure that this is the best choice for you. The viva T-1200 Comes with an adjustable variable frequency 4.0 HP AC motor(8HP Peak). The weight of the treadmill is 180kg and it is suitable for below 150 KG weight users. it is one of the best commercial treadmills now in the market.


  • Sweat Proof Design
  • Mobile And Bottle Holders Are There
  • Made For Heavy Uses(Commercial Use)
  • Long-lasting Belts for 4-5 Year Use
  • Built-In Music System
  • Emergency Stop
  • After-Sale Service Is Awesome
  • Ipad holder


  • We Found Only One Con Price

All the features like seat proof, emergency stop, heart rate measure, and others are available in this treadmill. The maximum speed of the treadmill is around 20 km/per hour and running area is around 21inch and the wide is 63 inches.

The treadmill comes with a 6 LED display with a very large board that shows Time, Distance, Speed, Incline, Calories You have burned today and many others. The speed Can Control By the Display device.

Every gym has its own music system for all members but in case the music system, members can easily enjoy the music while running because it has in-built speakers for both iSO and Android users can use Easily, for ISO users various programs for different workouts.

Whole-body is sweat proof and According to the commercial purpose, it has a double phenolic heavy cushioned desk for suck observation and reduces injury.

2.PowerMax Fitness TA-C5 4HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness TA-C5 4HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill
PowerMax Fitness TA-C5 4HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

This is the premium treadmill made for commercial use with a 5-year warranty, the operation is so smooth so the joggers can feel the steady belt motion underfoot. The speed of the treadmill is easily adjustable from 1.0 kilometers to 18km per hour, 6.0 HP Ac motor is used in this treadmill and it has 99 pre-set programs and three more custom programs.


  • Premium Materials used.
  • 5 Year Warranty on motor.



3.Jordan Fitness JF-6000 (10 Hp AC Motor) Commercial Treadmill (5 Year Motor Warranty)

Jordan Fitness JF-6000 (10 Hp AC Motor) Commercial Treadmill (5 Year Motor Warranty)
Jordan Fitness JF-6000

Jordan Fitness JF-6000 is our 3rd best commercial treadmill for running in India 2022. This is a heavy-duty automatic fitness machine that gives reliable comfortable workouts for up to 180kg weight capacity runners. 


  • Heavy-duty treadmill
  • Clean and Premium Stylish design
  • Durable
  • Wide running area
  • Noiseless 10HP motor
  • User-Friendly console


  • Not yet

Because it is a heavy-duty machine and it comes with a higher torque  AC motor for heavy loading supports and giving top speed. If you come to the motor power it is powered with a 5HP AC motor and it goes up to 10HP power, so it gives 25km per hour of max speed.

The running deck is 65 inches in length and 24 inches in width, which is enough for any runner or jogger. They can be running or jogging very comfortably with this wide running surface.

For effective workouts, it comes with 12 preset programs and 1-18% of incline features.


  • It has a higher torque 10HP Motor
  • 180kg user weight treadmill
  • 25km top speed
  • 18% of incline features
  • Double phenolic heavy cushioned eight elastomer shock absorption
  • Wide 24″x 65″running surface
  • Inbuilt Speaker
  • Tablets and bottle holder
  • 10  inches of LED display
  • Sweatproof console design
  • 5 years of motor and lifetime frame warranty

To keeping your knees & joints safe, there is having a Double phenolic heavy cushioned eight elastomer shock absorbing. 

These Jordan Fitness JF-6000 heavy-duty commercial treadmills come with a clear and luxurious design of a Sweatproof  RED BLACK Display console and outlook body. This comes with 10 inches of screen touch display that helps to display the matrix running, heart rate, time, speed, distance, incline, and calories.

It comes with an inbuilt speaker, MP3, USB connector for charging, two bottles, and a tablet holder.

The Jordan brand will provide free installation services with a demo video to quickly construct the treadmill. And also they a considerable period warranty, it gives a lifetime of body parts warranty and 5 years of motor warranty. 

Should I buy It?

If you are looking for the best commercial treadmill India heavy person, then this is an excellent choice for you. This has come with a durable 10HP heavy-duty AC motor, and it gives an efficient workout for every runner where the runner must be under 180kg.

4.Viva Fitness T 2200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill

 Viva Fitness T 2200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill
Viva Fitness T 2200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill

This Viva Fitness T 2200 is a 160kg user weight commercial treadmill in India.  It is an extra heavy-duty motorized treadmill. It comes with a well-known Indian brand Viva. 

This treadmill uses a powerful torque AC motor that takes 8HP of power and 4HP of lower power and gives a top speed of around 20km per hour. If you are heavyweight, this Viva Fitness T 2200 is the best choice for losing your body weight.


  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Extra heavy-duty commercial treadmill with great intelligent features
  • Powerful, noiseless motor
  • Great Workout performance


  • Expensive

With 63 inches of length and 21 inches of width, wide-running surface runners are done with their workouts very comfortably. This treadmill is more comfortable than other Viva commercial treadmills.

Where it’s running deck is 1 inch thick and 4mm of reliable heavy-duty German Siegling running belt.

Forgiving a more efficient workout, it has 0-20% of incline control so that the runner can take advantage of it. Also, there are different types of workout programs.

If you look at it all over-designed, it seems like an athletic runner position shape, and then the 6 inches LED display is very user-friendly. It helps display the runner’s speed, distance, calories, incline, heart rate, and time with a  dot matrix.  Also, there is a speed controller and incline controller keys.

As well as here, you can hold 2 bottles and a tablet for your workout entertainment.  The  MP3 and built-in speakers make this treadmill cool.

One important feature is the Emergency stop button to stop the treadmill at any time interval.

Don’t worry, guys. The Viva brands provide free installation services and 5 years of motor warranty and a lifetime of body frame warranty. Yeah, in this price range, the motor warranty services are perfect.


  • Sweatproof & easy to use console design
  • Emergency stop button
  • 0-20% of incline controller
  • The maximum user weight capacity  is 160Kg
  • With 8 Hp of power gives a top speed of 20km/h
  • You can hold 2 water bottles and 1 tablet
  • Built-in speaker
  • 4mm of reliable heavy-duty German Siegling running belt
  • Double cell neoprene rubber system for excellent suspension
  • 5-year motor warranty with free installation services
  • Direct speed & incline controller keys on the console

Should I buy it?

Of course, it is best for you if you are looking for the best treadmill for commercial use in India. This treadmill has all the features which you need, where its powerful AC motor, incline controller, top speed and 4mm of noiseless running belt, and many more. Yeah, I know you are asking me. It is an expensive treadmill. Guys, this has an extra heavy-duty treadmill in India, then you much have that.

5.PowerMax Fitness TAC-1500 4HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

 PowerMax Fitness TAC-1500 4HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill
PowerMax Fitness TAC-1500 4HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness TAC-1500 is another best commercial treadmill in India for a heavyweight person. It is a very durable, simple, modern designed treadmill.

Let’s see what are the other inside innovative features for a runner.

With a large, powerful AC  motor that takes 8HP peaked power and delivers 22km per hour of top speed. At this speed, the runner can achieve their weight loss workout goal. It gives a smooth running experience.


  • Very durable 
  • Noiseless powerful motor
  • Simplicity modern design
  • Smart connectivity with FitShow app
  • Low maintenance fees
  • 90% of pre-assembled treadmill
  • Easily track your daily workout goals


  • Not yet noticed

Itis comes with 57 inches of length and 15.5 inches of width wide running surface. So runners can get more stable and comfortable effective workouts.

This treadmill has given a maximum user weight of 180kg with a 25kg buffer for running. It means if you are 155kg or less then, it is perfect for your running.

The 12 preset workouts and 3 target-based workouts programs give more practical exercises to the runner. The double-layer pro cushion shock absorption helps reduce the joint and stress Problem.

Here the 20 % auto incline mode gives you a better workout, Hill climbing, running, stamina, mountain climbing, and boost your daily performance.

It has a 7.1 LCD display instead of an LED display. So you can easily measure your Fat, time, speed, distance, BMI, calories, and heart pulse.

It has intelligent connectivity features such as the FitShow app (Which helps to sync the real-time data,  available both android and iSO) and an inbuilt Hi-Fi speaker with AUX and USB inputs.

Here the PowerMax brand gives 90% of the pre-installation service, so you can quickly assemble this treadmill. If you don’t know, watch complete assemble videos. Also, the brand gives a lifetime frame and 5 years of motor warranty.


  • Powerful Noiseless 8HP AC motor
  • 22km/h top speed
  • 12 preset and 3 target based workout programs
  • 1550 x 570mm wide running surface
  • 18cm widescreen touch LCD display
  • Heart rate sensor on the handlebar
  • Fit Show real-time data sync Smart connectivity
  • Built-In Hi-Fi speaker
  • Wheels for transportation
  • 2 bottle and tablet holder on the console
  • Dubble layered Running board with pro cushion shock absorption
  • 20 level of auto incline features
  • Multi-ply polyester  running belt
  • Lifetime frame and 5 years of motor warrant

Should I buy it?

This is a heavy, durable treadmill powered by a powerful, noiseless motor.  It is the perfect weight loss treadmill. Here you get high-quality features at a low cost. Also, it supports transportation features, and If you buy it, it is your great choice.

6.Monex ECT-300 Curve Treadmill (Eco Model)

Monex ECT-300 Curve Treadmill (Eco Model)

Monex ECT-300 Curve Treadmill (Eco Model)


This Monex ECT-300 is the best commercial treadmill for the gym in India. Where this comes with a U shaved curved shape modern look design.

It is one of the best heavy user weight treadmills. It can hold up to 200kg. So this treadmill is the best choice for a heavyweight person who is above 150kg.

Here is a mini LCD display that helps to display your heart rate, speed, time, distance, calories, and FAT percentage of your body. You can find the pulse sensor in the middle of the handlebar.


  • Minimalistic Modern design
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Durable construction
  • Large comfortable belt and running surface
  • Heavy-duty treadmill
  • 200kg of maximum user weight capacity


  • No smart features
  • No bottle and tablet tray

With a wide range of running surface areas, the runner can achieve their weight loss goal very fast.

The body construction is very high quality, use alloy steel on the body frame. The minimalistic modern look design gives this treadmill a unique look in the Indian fitness market. 

It uses a powerful motor that runs very smoothly to work out any crips sound. There is 20 auto incline mode available, so runners get a more effective workout and boost their daily performance.

Sorry guys, there is no inbuilt speaker or any king of smart features and not a tablet tray and a bottle holder.

Also, the brand gives 90% of the pre-assemble treadmill so that users can assemble quickly with few screws. This treadmill has a 5 year of motor warranty and a lifetime body frame warranty.


  • Heavy-duty treadmills
  • Mini LCD display
  • 20 level of auto incline Mode
  • Maximum weight capacity 200kg
  • Electrical insulation Level II
  • Product net weight 195 kg
  • Wide running surface.
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Shock Absorption
  • 5 years of motor and lifetime frame warranty

Should I buy it?

If you are looking for the best heavyweight treadmill in India, this is the right choice.

7.PowerMax Fitness TA-C4 3HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness TA-C4 3HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness TA-C4 3HP /AB

This PowerMax Fitness TA-C4 best treadmill for commercial use in India’s foldable mechanism. These treadmills can support 140of maximum user weight capacity. As well as you can use it in your home.

It has a tremendously powerful Ac motor where it consumes 6 HP of peak power and delivers 22kn per hour of top max speed, which is perfect for running and jogging. Thi treadmill runs quietly and smoothly at the maximum speed.


  • Well minimalistic modern design
  • Hydraulic foldable supports
  • Wheel for easy transportation
  • Durable steel frame for stability
  • Use both gym and home 
  • Noiseless and powerful motor
  • 99% of pre-installation


  • Speaker quality needs to improve.

With a comprehensive running surface, the runner can get a comfortable and reliable effective workout. The running surface is 1500 x 520mm with a 3.5mm non-slip Multi-ply polyester satin weave running belt.

The roller is solid made with alloy steel helps to reduce maintenance and noise level. Also, this has helped to reduce your joint and stress with the help of a double-layer running board and pro cushion shock absorption.

It has 22 levels of auto incline mode so that runners can boost their performance and get a more effective workout for their weight loss goal. Also, this 99 preset and 3 custom workout program helps to motivate the running to achieve their weight loss goal and a fitness body.

It has a 5 inches LED display screen. Easy to use for any user. It will display your daily workout programs such as time, calories, fat, distance, heart rate, BMI, and incline in matrix form.

Also, this has a safety key in the middle of the console and bootle and tablet tray. You can quickly increase and decrease your workout speed, and the keys are available on the hand grill.

This treadmill is supported by both foldable and moveable mechanisms, so you can easily use this at the gym and home.


The Powermax brand gives 99% of pre-assembled, so you can quickly assemble. Here you get a lifetime frame warranty and 5 years of motor warranty.

Also, you can get smart connectivity such as  USB Pen-drive, AUX cable To Play Music Directly on the Inbuilt Console Speaker.


  • 6 HP of Powerful noiseless AC motor
  • It Gives Top speed of 22km/h
  • Maximum user weight 140kg
  • 22 level of auto incline mode
  • 28mm non-slip PVC running belt with Shock absorption 
  • 5 inch Touch LED screen
  • 99 preset and 3 targets custom workout programs
  • But in Hi-Fi speak with AUX and Pendrive
  • 99 of pre-assemble
  • Support Hydraulic Soft Drop System for foldable and wheels for a movable mechanism
  • lifetime frame and 5 years of motor warranty.

Should I buy it?

If you are looking for a home gym commercial treadmill in India 2022, this is the best treadmill for your weight loss workout. It has many great and powerful weight loss programs so you can quickly lose your body weight.

8.Aerofit AF 112 Commercial Motorized Treadmill

This Aerofit AF 112 is the best commercial-grade treadmill for both home and gym use. It is very durable, wide running area, premium quality, and has good weight support. Let’s talk about it in detail.

When you look at the design of this treadmill, you will be impressed the first time, and this is a very compact minimalistic modern design. The button-based LED display is very attractive and user-friendly. 

On the lower side of the console, you will find the start and stop button, emergency stop button, incline control key, and speed controller key are available. 


  • Stylish Minimalistic Design
  • Safe use
  • For both commercial and home use
  • Large comfortable belt and running area
  • You can stop any period
  • Noiseless treadmill


  • Not yet

It is powered with a noiseless high torque AC motor that takes 4HP of lower and 8HP of peak power and delivers 22km per hour of top speed, which is enough for running and jogging for a person. It has a maximum user weight capacity which is 180kg. So it supports more than 150 user weights.

There are available 18 levels of incline and -3 level of decline mode, so you can take these features advantages to reduce your body weight. To empower the runner’s efficiency, it includes 12 preset programs.

The runner does their workout very comfortably with a wide running surface of 64 inches of length & 24 inches of width, and a 3mm running belt. This treadmill is a very workout machine. It uses shock absorption to save your knee and joint damage.

It has 6 windows LED displays to display the incline, time, speed, calories, FAT, and pulse.

In addition, this has a built cooling fan, Hi-Fi speaker, tablet, and bottle tray.

There are lifetime frames & 5 years of motor warranty available, and you can get a free installation service on their official site.


  • 8 HP Noise less powerful AC motor
  • It gives a top speed of 22Km per Hours
  • 12 Preset workout programs
  • 6 Windows LED display
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Running Surface: 64″ (L) X 24″ (W)
  • Inclination range -3 to 18%
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Inbuilt Cooling FAN and Hi-Fi speaker
  • Power Requirements  220V AC
  • Lifetime frame warranty and 5 years of motor warranty

Should I buy it?

If you are looking for the best heavyweight treadmill in India 2022, then this is perfect. It comes with great and smart features which help to lose your body weight in 2022. You can use it both gym and home.

9.PowerMax Fitness TAC-2000 4HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

Coming to the next commercial treadmill is PowerMax Fitness TAC-2000. Powermax is the best commercial treadmill brand in India. If you buy it, you will get many smart and great features. One of them is live tracking your workout progress through a fit show app.


  • Smart real-time tracking workout progress
  • Stylish modern design
  • Durable construction
  • Awesome safety features
  • For both commercial and home use


  • Nothing

With an 8HP of AC motor, it delivers around 22km per hours top speed. This speed is much enough for running and jogging. This treadmill is one of our best maximum user capacity treadmills, around 220KG. If you are a much more heavily weighted person, you should take this treadmill, making the best choice for your body.

Here you will get a wide reliable, comfortable running surface, and the running belt runs quiet and smooth.

This treadmill comes with a 22 level of auto incline mode and 12 preset, and 3 target-based workout programs.

Coming to the next feature is the Display console. It comes with an 8-inch white LED screen where you can see the time, speed, distance, heart rate, inclines, BMI, and carries.

Here the brands give a lifetime frame and 5 years of motor and the part replacement warranty.


  • Noiseless Powerful 8HP AC motor
  • 22 level of incline Mode
  • 1550 X 570mm running surface
  • 22km/h top speed
  • 220km of maximum user weight capacity
  • 12 prest and 3 target-based workout programs.
  • Double Layer Running Board with Pro Cushion  shock absorption
  • Real-time tracking system
  • inbuilt speaker and AUX & USB support
  • Water bottle and tablet holder
  • 90% of pre-assembled
  • Safety key
  • Cooling Fan & Wheel for transportation

Should I buy this?

If you are looking for a heavyweight commercial treadmill, then this is the right choice for you. It comes with a lot of smart features with preset workout programs, which will help lose weight fastly.

10.Sole SF85T Treadmill

Sole SF85T Treadmill
Sole SF85T Treadmill

This Sole SF85T is our last heavy-duty commercial  Treadmill. You can use it for your gym or fitness center as well at home if you want. It has come with highly durable and great features, let’s talk about what it is that?

It has a powerful AC motor with 4.0 HP, and 12HP max gives 18 km per hour. Where it can hold around 180kg has 15 levels of manual incline mode.


  • Built-In cooling fan
  • Foldable with wheels features for saves space
  • Real-time tracing APP
  • Cushion flex shock absorption system
  • Wider Running surface
  • Clean & premium design


  • Manual Incline mode

It has an excellent 10.1 inches TFT LED display. It helps to monitor and store your daily workout progress such as time, calories, distance, speed, incline, Pulse, and Pace. You can see your real-time workout data with the Sole Fitness App.

This treadmill is a space-saving treadmill, and this has integrated hassle-free folding mechanisms design.

It has a unique design in the Indian market, a 40% cushion flex suspension system. the running desk proves a quite comfortable workout.

The brand gives life time frame, 5 years of motor, and 1 year of other part warranty. For Installation services, you have to contact them if you have trouble.


  • 4.0 HP Continuous AC motor
  • 1 to 18 kmph top speed range
  • 0 to 15 levels incline modes
  • 60 inches long x 22 inches wide running surface with 2.75″ rollers 
  • 10.1 inch TFT LCD Display
  • 6 preset and 2 customized workout programs
  • Built-in speaker and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Real-time tracing APP
  • Foldable Mechanism
  • Water bottle holder and tablet tray
  • Max user capacity 180kg
  • 40% of cushion flex shock absorption
  • It comes in a Life time frame, 5 years on the motor, 1 year on other parts warranty.

Should I buy this Sole SF85T treadmill?

If you are looking for a premium heavy-duty commercial treadmill, you must take this treadmill.

Commercial Treadmills Buying Guide In India 2022

In the Indian market 2022, many commercial treadmills are available with different categories of brands and models. Maybe you can’t pick the best one for one. So, here we are giving you detailed information about the buying factor of commercial treadmills. 

Following 11 factors that you have to consider before you purchase a treadmill for commercial use in India.

User Weight Capacity

In India, most people are the weighted body. So, we must choose a treadmill that has maximum weight capacity. Generally, commercial treadmills have a vast amount of weighting capacity of under 250kg and 25kg of buffer for running. Before you buy, make sure you have picked a commercial treadmill above 160kg user weight.

High-Quality Motor

Due to having the maximum amount of weight capacity, the commercial treadmill is used 6-12 HP of power. So, that treadmill delivers good performance. And also, check where the treadmill is having at least 5 years of motor warranty.


The next thing is speed, and It is essential to factor for a runner for weight loss or fitness workout. Always choose an easy speed adjustment with a max speed of 15-25KM per hour Treadmill. Speed adjustment is needed for walking. 

For running speed around 15-25 km/h
For light jogging speed 8-10 km/h
For Brisk walking 2-7km/h
For walking 1-2 km/h

Running Platform

The commercial treadmill has must have a wider length and width & a comfortable running belt. So treadmills can give more effective workouts. If you look at the Indian treadmill market, all the commercial treadmills are specious.

And also, the treadmill has an excellent cushioning and shock absorption system so that you can avoid injuries during workouts.

Look at the following size of the commercial treadmill for a different purpose.

Running: 60 x 22 L xB
Walking: 55 x 20 L x B
Jogging or speed walking: 60 x 20L x B

Size and Portability

Home use treadmills are smaller and less in size as compared to the commercial treadmill. 

These are heavy-duty treadmills, so they don’t have a foldable support mechanism, making sure you have proper storage space to store in the gym or fitness center.

The heavy-duty treadmill comes with transport wheels for easy movement from one area to another, like a home-use treadmill.


These features help to increase the runner’s workout efficiency. This feature feels you are hiking, hill climbing, etc.

Also, it helps to put extra stress on your joints so you can increase your stamina and burn more calories.

Nowadays, most gyms use treadmill comes with auto adjustments incline mode, so that they can save their time to adjust the incline level, and put that time for more workout. 

Make sure you have taken a 13-25 % of auto incline.

The Body of the treadmill

Make sure your heavy-duty treadmill has durable and high-quality material on the frame, and the roller, belt material uses high-quality material.

At part from that, you check where that treadmill has a good frame and other part warranty.

Workout Programs

They must have preset workout programs so beginners can use this treadmill easily by single-clicking.

The Digital smart features

Can you imagine a treadmill without any smart features?

These high-end fitness pieces of equipment come with so many smart features, such as:

Safety key on the console: This provides you safety with any damage by stopping it automatically.

App tracking: You can track all your workout activities via an app

Tracking system: A wider LED screen will display all the daily workout progress like your speed, time, distance, calories, inline-level, FAT, BMI, and heart pulse

Built-in Sound system: All the commercial treadmill comes with a built-in speaker so you can connect your smartphone or iPad from entertaining while you are running or walking on with your budgets treadmills.

Cooling Fan: you can cool without stopping the treadmill.

Bottle holder and tablet holder

Quick Speed controller key: it helps to control your speed

Warranty & Support

Most of the treadmills come with a 90% pre-assemble, and also the brand gives free installation service support.

In addition, at least they have a minimum of 4 years of motor warranty and a lifetime on the body frame warranty.


Last but not on the list, this faction is unnecessary because the commercial treadmill is expensive, and it depends on the treadmill brand and their type of features.

Usually, this heavyweight capacity fitness machine’s price is starting from 1lac to 3 lacs in India 2022.

Commercial Treadmill Vs Home Treadmill: Which is best?

Suppose you are looking for a commercial treadmill. In that case, they come with a powerful high-quality motor, quality belt, and high-quality body and with the highest user weight capacity. where Home treadmills as used to save electricity means low power DC motor and save space. So most f home use treadmill comes with foldable and moveable features.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Commercial Treadmill In India

1. Which treadmill is best for commercial use?

All the above 10 listed treadmills are the best treadmills for commercial use. These all are having maximum user weighting capacity as well as having a heavy-duty noiseless motor to operate them. But the Viva Fitness T-1200  is the treadmill for commercial use.

2. How long do commercial treadmills last?

These commercial treadmills are heavy-duty fitness equipment,  If you are regularly using them with the proper Maintainance then the treadmills have an average of 10-12 years of life.  However, most of the commercial treadmills run up approximately 20K miles per year.

3. What is a commercial-grade treadmill?

The commercial-grade treadmill is not only very high premium quality but also these are having good weight capacity, efficient tracker, and wide running surface. These are used to have long hours of running capability. Normally these are available at the gym and the fitness center. And also these are very expensive treadmills in India.

4. What are the best commercial treadmill brands in India?

Following are the 7 best commercial treadmill brands in India.

1. PowerMax Fitness
2.Viva Fitness
4. Jordan
6. Sole

5. Can I use a commercial treadmill at home?

Of course, you use. Semi-commercial treadmills are specially designed for both home and gym use. These are having a foldable system and wheels for saving space. You have to choose your performance.

6. How much do commercial treadmills cost in India?

These fitness pieces of equipment are very expensive, these are starting from 1lac to 3lac. The price is depending on their brand reputation and features.

7. Should I buy a commercial treadmill for home use?

Yes, you can buy the semi-commercial treadmill for home use purposes. These have come with a compact design that’s perfect for home use.

8. Why are commercial treadmills so expensive?

The price of the treadmill is depended upon their brand reputation and their features weight capacity is one of them. 

9. Does commercial treadmills consume a lot of electricity?

Yes, due to its heavy-duty AC motor. Where commercial treadmills are use 8-12HP of power. Where these are consumed 7680 watts per hour running. So you have to pay much more money.


Finally, we have reached our conclusion of the best commercial treadmill for a gym in India.

I hope you will get your best ideal heavy-duty commercial treadmill from the above listed. These all fitness equipment has smart features and the best workout experience with maximum user weight capacity and supports multiple people’s uses as seen in above.

In my opinion, Viva Fitness T-1200 & Jordan Fitness JF-6000 are the two best heavy-duty and max user weight commercial treadmills in India 2022.

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